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Any Predictions:Besides who gets Nominated
I think that the obvious will be that Janelle and Howie will get nominated but just as a personal blow to Howie they might backdoor Rachel and it will
9 messages
08-23-05 09:46 AM
No duplicate HoH yet
Does anyone think it unusual that nobody has yet had HoH twice? Ivette, April, and James, I think are the only ones who haven't had it%
4 messages
08-23-05 12:23 PM
James Rules
I can't stand the CappyFreaks. I mean, THE FRIENDSHIP - so sappy it makes me want to hurl. IMO, deserving players have INTELLIGENCE, wit,
7 messages
08-23-05 12:24 PM
whats with James
I use to love the way James played even though I didnt like him. It was fun to watch. But whats with him, he is dull, and now he is with the caddy
8 messages
08-23-05 12:29 PM
US Open Finals on CBS
I forgot that the US Open Women's Final will be telecast by CBS on a Saturday night in just over 2 weeks.This will be coming in September. If memory
0 messages
08-23-05 12:55 PM
What's the deal with Ivette?
I think I've seen almost every episode of the show so far.. what's the deal with Ivette putting Eric on a pedestal? I feel like somew
9 messages
08-23-05 01:02 PM
BB6 Hypocrisy
The Lying Just thought I'd point out a couple hypocritical things amongst some BB6 fans, and the players themselves. First off, the obvious
25 messages
08-23-05 04:22 PM
Ivette Ever Come Clean About Knowing Beau?
This is something that I have always wondered and for some reason have never brought it up on message boards. To remind people of Ivette's explanati
2 messages
08-23-05 04:26 PM
Not to spoil, but did you notice...
That the big table was back in the kitchen "after" the veto competition? Whats up with that?
1 messages
08-24-05 07:01 AM
I love Kaysar!
I wish the houseguests knew that America voted Kaysar back in with 82% of the vote instead of their precious "Cappy". I really wanted Kaysar to
1 messages
08-24-05 03:25 PM
On September 15
Survivor is returning soon, on Thursday Sept. 15 at 8 PM. How will this affect BB 6 on CBS? BB6 is usually aired live on Thursdays at 8 PM. Unles
6 messages
08-24-05 06:39 PM
Tomorrow Nights Show
Can someone please confirm that tomorrows show is going to air actually Friday morning around 1:30am? Is it going to be live?
3 messages
08-24-05 07:19 PM
A Census for the Secrets?
At the beginning of the summer, the ChenBot told us that each houseguest had a secret. Have the secrets been revealed? If they have, I guess t
9 messages
08-25-05 10:13 AM
I record the show because I work most evenings. The night that Janelle won HOH was DEFINATELY put on. It was down to Beau, April, and Janelle and
2 messages
08-25-05 02:21 PM
Last Night's Show
I didn't know that April was such a comedian, she had me going so much I almost peed myself! I thought it was absolutely funny when she got all
18 messages
08-25-05 02:21 PM
BBRAT2: Wk 7 Results / Wk 9 Entry
[center] Brat/bbrattitle.gif[/center] Welcome back to the BigBrother Reality Aptitude Test .
20 messages
08-25-05 06:19 PM
Why the instruction to NOT tell who you're voting for it Julie announces it herself?
Julie tells everyone "do not tell ANYone who you're voting for...", but then goes on to say "by UNANIMOUS vote...", which DOES tell who
1 messages
08-26-05 10:48 AM
No BB Telecast Thursday Here in NY
Viewers in the New York area will not see the live eviction this Thursday, Sept 1, thanks to CBS' airing of a practice NFL game. It probably wil
4 messages
08-27-05 12:21 PM
Who is your choice for the most....
1. Devious? April gets my vote. She's really playing ALL sides! 2. Honest? I'm tending toward Rachel here, but it's stil
18 messages
08-27-05 03:19 PM
Who Will April Nominate?
If she had half a brain, she would nominate Beau and Yellvette. They are too far in the game to stick with alliances now. She needs to break up the
2 messages
08-27-05 05:32 PM
IS BB on tonight? Sat, Aug 27th?
My tv guide does not list the show tonight, there is football and after football is 60 mins II. :(
2 messages
08-27-05 09:36 PM
America's Choice for phone call up on
If you have recovered enough from Thursday's episode to care enough to vote, the poll is up on
12 messages
08-28-05 12:37 PM
casting for fans of Big Brother
The same production company that produces Big Brother is currently casting for a brand new reality show called "what if..." Check out t
1 messages
08-28-05 01:16 PM
S4 Fan site gn4/
0 messages
08-29-05 01:47 AM
Already preparing myself for BB withdrawal. Anybody know much about UK editions of BB? I know some, if not all, are available on DVD so I was
3 messages
08-28-05 10:22 PM
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