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Thur Sept 2 Summary is up
It is called, "House Calls with Gretchen and Marcellas." ds/DCForumID9/589.shtml%
0 messages
09-03-04 01:46 AM
BBRAT Wk 9 entry / Wk 7 results
[b]Hello and welcome back to BBRAT![/b] [font size = 0]Vol. 1.9[/font] This game is all about points. Whether
9 messages
09-03-04 08:22 AM
What is up with Karen. She seems like she is really chicken. She seems afraid to do anything. And Cowboy cries to much. But I was glad to see him
6 messages
09-03-04 01:07 PM
How does it work?
I have not watched Big Brother since Season one, however, I have watched EVERY episode this season. I've caught on to all the new rules, but
4 messages
09-04-04 03:33 PM
BBRAT "POP QUIZ": Wk 10 entry / Wk 8 results.
[b]Hello and welcome back to BBRAT![/b] [font size = 0]Vol. 1.10[/font] This game is all about points. Whether
8 messages
09-04-04 07:34 PM
about the jury and eviction night
does anybody the reason the the jury that will decide who the winner of BB5 will be will only consist of Will and Natalie and the houseguests evicted
16 messages
09-06-04 01:16 AM
Get OUT of my house!
Hey all, I wanted to get your opinions on Adria's behavior tonight on the live show. Didn't want to throw this into the "true colours" threa
28 messages
09-06-04 01:44 AM
Who is LEAST deserving to win Big Brother 5?
I need you to go back to week one and remember all the cast members on this question. Does it matter how long they stayed in the house?%0
27 messages
09-06-04 08:14 AM
sequester house to get interesting
Well, well, well. If the sequester house isn't going to be the most interesting thing then i don't know what is! First you have Will in ther
6 messages
09-06-04 10:47 AM
BB-- Over the Years
I've been itching to start this new thread for a bit, and I figure that now that we're into the last leg of this season it may be the perfect ti
14 messages
09-06-04 02:36 PM
Any fan sites
Anybody know of fan websites that have been set up for the BB5 players by friends, family, or just big fanatics like us? appreciate if anyone k
2 messages
09-08-04 11:07 AM
Diane Explains the Veto Comp
I don't like Diane, but have to give her credit for her quick explanation to Nak about why CB gave them the putter. She is such a good liar...and
4 messages
09-09-04 11:39 AM
That move just Rocked!
I am starting to think, I just like those players that keep the game interesting... YOU know the ones you just LOVE to hate... Diane ROCKED on her l
8 messages
09-09-04 09:15 PM
Drew makes great mistakes
I think Drew is a really bad player. When he is HOH, he makes the dumbest decisions I've ever seen. Most HOH nominations are pretty predicatabl
31 messages
09-09-04 11:07 PM
BBRAT Wk 11 Entry / Wk 9 Results
[b]Hello and welcome back to BBRAT![/b] [font size = 0]Vol. 1.11[/font] This game is all about points. Whether
7 messages
09-10-04 09:53 AM
OK BB fans... who do you WANT to win??
OK, you guys, I am dying to share my opinion on this subject, but who do you WANT to win?? I would love to share who I want to win, but yo
45 messages
09-10-04 11:23 AM
Thur Big Brother summary is up
I cordially invite you to read, "A Faery Tale." ds/DCForumID9/609.shtml %
0 messages
09-11-04 00:27 AM
Season 5 Finale
Does anyone know the date of the season Finale of Big Brother 5?
1 messages
09-11-04 04:22 PM
Horsemen, Still In The Game?
After Scott left, I thought it was only a matter of time until the rest of THE HORSEMEN were gone. Then Drew stabbed Jase in the back and Jase was e
0 messages
09-11-04 07:16 PM
Karen Biggest Fan
Dear Karen, I am one of your biggest fans. So sorry you got evicted from the house. I was really pulling for you. Whats it like living in that
2 messages
09-11-04 09:33 PM
I just want to start a thread for all the Will fans out there. I was watching big bro the other day and they showed some of the sequester house and OM
1 messages
09-11-04 11:34 PM
2 messages
09-12-04 11:39 AM
Open Letter to True and Zazzy
Dear True and Zazzy, About a week and a half ago, Marvin won HOH and decided he would nominate Adria and Michael together. Many, man
16 messages
09-12-04 08:39 PM
The worst from Oklahoma
Cowboy is pretty stupid and if he wins the $$$ I will cry. I would rather see Drew win then "Cowboy" (I use the term "Cowboy" very loo
6 messages
09-13-04 10:50 AM
latest eviction
just like in the first survivor, there are rats and snakes in the big brother house the rat better remember that snakes eat rats !!!
14 messages
09-13-04 11:35 AM
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