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Thursday Night's show
Well, the expected happened and Rachel was voted out last night, anyone surprised? I know that Rachel wanted to go over Howie because she felt i
14 messages
08-29-05 05:41 AM
Make your own BB6 park characters
I saw this on jokers and thought it was pretty neat. If you go to /create/sp_game.swf, you can c
3 messages
08-30-05 08:57 AM
HGs and Current Events
I can't remember (and am actually at work so can't look it up) are any of the HG's from any of the areas that suffered from Hurricane Katrin
1 messages
08-30-05 07:57 PM
This is a spoiler-free zone
Please do not post any information pertaining to tonight's show until after 11 pm EDT, out of consideration to your fellow posters in other time z
3 messages
08-30-05 08:23 PM
Janelle Mug Shot
On the Smoking Gun website there is Janelle's mug shot. Apparently she was arrested for shoplifting at Macy's and drunk driving (2 separate arre
5 messages
08-31-05 01:08 AM
America Voted
Americans who voted for Janelle to get a phone call must be the same "geniuses" who voted for the man who now resides in the White House. Nice goi
8 messages
08-31-05 10:52 AM
Why Did America Shun Ivette ?
Ivette, the only HG who never heard from home, was shunned by America's voting. Why do they dislike her? She is not a phony like some others a
6 messages
08-31-05 10:53 AM
Can't See Tomorrow's Eviction
I would have to stay up until 3AM to see Thursday's eviction. Since I am 99% certain of who it will be, I'll find-out from you guys Friday mor
1 messages
08-31-05 10:55 AM
CBS lets the F-word slip
Did anyone else hear April drop the f-word in Tuesday's show? It was when she was talking with Janelle after the phone call fiasco and breakdown.
3 messages
08-31-05 12:02 PM
Jealous girlfriends/boyfriends at home?
Hey guys, when I watch the show I wonder if Sarah and Michael are getting jealous. I mean, Howie obviously has a fondness for Janie, who wouldn%
0 messages
08-31-05 01:13 PM
Kaysar is doing Blogs for
Kaysar is doing blogs on the "Revenge of the Houseguests" on! YEAH! /_s
4 messages
08-31-05 02:04 PM
Last Night Nominations and Veto Ceremony
I was trying to find out what happen last night with the nominations and veto ceremony. I pay attention to the show because I got a telephone call and
2 messages
08-31-05 04:56 PM
Phone call a waste
Who voted for Janelle to receive the phone call? Everyone knew that is would be Michael. Why didn't people vote for somebody who wanted to hear
1 messages
08-31-05 06:48 PM
Go Janelle!--April is a poor sport
I am soooo happy that Janie got the call from her man! It was kinda stupid for April to say that America was sh** if we really did vote for Jan
22 messages
09-01-05 10:43 AM
America Votes HOH
Wouldn't it be so cool if BB let America vote for HOH. It would be hillarious to see the fiendship. They would be stunned!! I'm just dying for
11 messages
09-01-05 03:57 PM
Refresh my memory... why does everyone hate James?
I can't remember anything he did that was so horrendous that he be shunned (until recently) by other members of the house. He swore on the bibl
25 messages
09-01-05 05:05 PM
BBRAT2: Wk 8 Results / Wk 10 Entry:
[center] Brat/bbrattitle.gif[/center] Welcome back to the BigBrother Reality Aptitude Test .
17 messages
09-01-05 06:28 PM
Maggie, May I?
I cannot believe I am about to do this. "We who are about to die, salute you." At first, when Maggie was Cappy's appendage, I
65 messages
09-02-05 12:48 PM
Update Please?
Could someone please give me a quick update on what's been happening lately? I'm in southern Louisiana (about 50 miles from New Orleans) an
4 messages
09-02-05 04:47 PM
BBRAT2: Pop Quiz Redux
Wk 9 Results / Wk 11 Entry [center] Brat/bbrattitle.gif[/center] Welcome back to the
11 messages
09-02-05 06:19 PM
Question about sequester of jury
Am I not remembering correctly that in BB5, we viewers were shown the HG arriving at the sequester house, beginning with the first member of the j
8 messages
09-02-05 08:52 PM
April and Jennifer's relationship?
Can someone clarify: do April and Jennifer really know each other outside of the house? Someone on Spoilers mentioed that BB put them together at
9 messages
09-03-05 03:05 PM
i think jennifer is the most awful person i have seen on bb!! she is a liar,conceited and an awful person with no morals or heart.
3 messages
09-03-05 12:55 PM
Hurricane Howie Strikes Again!
How great was it that Howie won HOH!!!!!!!! I wanted Janelle to win it, but I was definately ok with Howie getting it too as long as
12 messages
09-04-05 11:31 PM
Big Brother DVD
Does anyone know how I can purchase the Season 2 DVD? Thanks! Eddie
3 messages
09-06-05 02:27 PM
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