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Eric vs. Kaysar in the Battle of the Worst Liar
Although this may be "splitting hairs" I believe there is a BIG difference between INITIATING a lie and being FORCED to tell a lie. C
1 messages
08-08-05 09:27 PM
Beau is a Personal Shopper
Actually I think Beau really is a personal shopper because I was looking at MTV and saw him on Made. He was dressing a girl on the show. It was recen
0 messages
08-09-05 11:58 PM
A Vote for Kayser
Kaysar's got my vote to go back into the house. I liked the way he played the game and how he shook up the whole house. I also think he'll be need
23 messages
08-10-05 07:25 AM
The vote
I think maybe the vote to see who comes back that were previously evicted might be fixed. I voted for Kaysar and submitted it. Then I pushed the back
16 messages
08-10-05 01:15 PM
Ok, is it just me or is Michael getting the royal shaft here? Did I miss something or are April and Ivett totally exagerating everything and anyt
16 messages
08-10-05 01:41 PM
Only 45 minutes of voting time left!
The server seems to be groggy as well. I'm sure people are power voting out there. Bring back King Kayser!
0 messages
08-10-05 02:00 PM
"BigBrotherBites Guests, It's Time to Vote!"
Here is your chance. Make your vote heard and counted. [center][font size = +5]Who do you want America to Choose?[/
35 messages
08-10-05 11:10 PM
Summary is up
Hope you like it. ds/DCForumID9/730.shtml http://community.realitytvwo
0 messages
08-11-05 00:15 AM
"Secret" professions?
I'm thinking one of the "secrets" may be that the houseguest's professions are different than what we've been told...Wondering you
12 messages
08-11-05 00:21 AM
"Friendship" Alliance killing themselves
First of all, I thought it was a bad move on Howie's part to put James and Sarah up, but the stupidest move yet would have to be that of the "
15 messages
08-11-05 01:54 PM
What did Eric Actually Lie about?
When I first came to this board to post, I was VERY surprised to see so many people disliking Eric. Why is that? I see so many posted about E
19 messages
08-11-05 06:21 PM
Janelle and the Food Competition
Sorry, the existing thread about this was accidentally removed - feel free to discuss your opinions of how Janelle handled the food competition here
1 messages
08-11-05 06:23 PM
BBRAT: Wk 4 results / Wk 6 entry
[center] Brat/bbrattitle.gif[/center] Welcome back to the BigBrother Reality Aptitude Test .
20 messages
08-11-05 07:55 PM
I am sorry for posting my thoughts early! I was so mad that I did not even read the posts below the thread I responded too. My bad!
0 messages
08-11-05 09:38 PM
If Howie was Related to housemates
I was just thinking wouldn't it be a really funny summer of secrets if sex drived Howie was related to one of the chicks in the house and didn't k
0 messages
08-12-05 09:13 AM
Eric Can Now Return To His Family
I sympathize with Eric's family. They had several weeks of peace and quiet. Now with Eric's return, will come accusations, etc. He will want t
0 messages
08-12-05 09:26 AM
When Kaysar Walked-In !
Did you see the faces of Maggie and Ivette when Kaysar walked in? I wished the camera had zoomed-in. It made my day. They were really expecting Eric
0 messages
08-12-05 09:30 AM
Kaysar Rules ... Cappy Drools
The distinguished King Kaysar re-enters the Big Brother House while Neanderthal Cappy slinks away with hairy knuckles scraping the ground. Welcome ba
3 messages
08-12-05 10:13 AM
The Friendship's facial expressions when Kaysar walked in - what we could see of them - were great. The hang-dog look on Eric's face when Kaysar
5 messages
08-12-05 03:49 PM
Eric is a for HIM!
Hello All, One of America hero’s needs your help. He is a firefighter from Las Vegas. No, he does not need a
95 messages
08-12-05 11:41 PM
A question re: postings
I'm sorry if I broke the rule about posting on two boards - didn't read the rules well enough to catch that one (and I thought I saw the message
3 messages
08-13-05 08:45 AM
What Pleasure! Canceling out Kaysar!
LOL...I feel great knowing for every vote I gave Eric, it canceled out one for Kaysar’s Plus for the last hour of voting
25 messages
08-13-05 02:05 PM
Does April seem Fake to You?
I don't know but lately I have been sitting and watching April and she seems very fake. I don't mean fake in the sense of putting on a personality
11 messages
08-13-05 07:18 PM
Is subscribing to the Live Feed worth it?
I've watched every season of BB and have never subscribed. Not sure I'd watch enough to make it worth while. Those of you who have the live feed
0 messages
08-13-05 07:22 PM
CBS keeps changing the rules to manipulate the outcome of game.
In the first episode of Big Brother Julie Chenbot said that CBS would not reveal the fact to the players that everyone was playing with a partner. She
17 messages
08-13-05 11:28 PM
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