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BB6 Auditions
Has anyone auditioned for BB? I'm going on Sunday in LA, and I'm curious what the actual audition process is? I know what to bri
2 messages
04-14-05 03:05 PM
Big Brother winner commits suicide
I just saw a new music video in which Eddie McGee (winnner of Big Brother 1) plays a guy in a wheelchair who comes across elevators out of service
1 messages
04-23-05 04:51 PM
Season 1
Has anyone found a place to buy a complete season 1 in VHS or DVD? I would love to find it...thanks for any help
0 messages
04-30-05 02:07 PM
Why is US BB so different?
Feel free to lock this if it is a duplicate. I just wanted to know - has there ever been a series of American Big Brother where the audience votes to
12 messages
05-15-05 01:57 AM
Big Brother 6
When is the new season of Big Brother going to begin, I can't wait
14 messages
05-17-05 09:55 AM
Haven't seen anything written about this........
Last year there was so much hype about Julie Chen being pregnant....guess that wasn't true!!!
0 messages
05-20-05 02:07 PM
Big Brother 6 callbacks
Does anybody know the time frame for people to be called for the semi finals in the 12 cities around the country. I am anxiously awaiting but do not
9 messages
05-22-05 06:54 PM
Big Brother 5
When does Big Brother Five start? One TV schedule has Big Brother starting in June with a Question mark under Rock Star. Big Brother starts in July
5 messages
06-03-05 12:50 PM
hi hello to all of! i am from the Philippines and they dont air big brother here so i was very curious and very intersted to know what the show is a
2 messages
06-04-05 01:19 AM
Final Twist in Project DNA????
I was thinking about Big Brother last night and I thought of the ultimate twist in this "Project DNA." Since DNA stands for "Do Not Assume"
2 messages
06-05-05 02:38 PM
Big brotehr Australia BB05 starts
Big Brother 05 BB05 Australia starts today,and they have a they have a neat Big brother Challenge Game in Flash its a bit of fun :) [a hr
5 messages
06-09-05 12:15 PM
Big Brother - Any one want to play.....
I would be willing to do a LOD game for BB am not sure how it would work. Is anyone interested? Also if no one else does a PTTE I could do it.%
19 messages
06-29-05 07:57 PM
It's time to dig in the closet
and pull out my "championship" siggie from last year. Someone is going to host another one this year aren't they? I won't be able to start
2 messages
07-01-05 01:36 PM
Tv Ads
Is it just that I'm missing them or what? I have yet to see an advertisement on tv for this. It's getting me a bit worried as I now have satel
12 messages
07-02-05 12:02 PM
big brother starts
Just 6 more days..It starts on July 7.Can't Wait!!!
0 messages
07-02-05 10:59 PM
Announcing BB6 - LOD Rules and sign-up
I was getting lots of red flags asking questions so I will post as many rules as possible and continue the sign up thread here. I have the
19 messages
07-06-05 12:35 PM
BigBrotherRealityAptitudeTest2. Wk 1 entry.
[center] Brat/bbrattitle1.gif [font size = +1]Hello and Welcome to the [font color = d
19 messages
07-07-05 07:02 PM
LOD - BB6 - Week 1 Picks
[center] [b][font size=5][font color=blue]A FEW MORE RU
32 messages
07-07-05 08:19 PM
Rachel -- racist?
I can't figure out why Rachel would put the Arab up in the first week. She says 'I don't know him that well', but why is that? Did she t
3 messages
07-08-05 07:23 AM
Who else is happy to see "House Calls" returning?
I'm just asking if you are happy that Marcellas and Gretchen's show is on for another year? I'm actually quite happy. It was this show that
0 messages
07-10-05 11:37 AM
LOD - BB Week 1 Draws
[center] [b][font size=5]RECAP OF THIS WEEKS HAPPENINGS[/
21 messages
07-14-05 03:12 PM
BB6 PTTE: Game On!
Get ready for another season full of backstabbing, flirting and fighting. Which houseguest will be this year's beeotch, loser or dimwit?
38 messages
07-14-05 04:00 PM
BBRAT2: Week 2 entry
[center] Brat/bbrattitle1.gif[/center] [font size = +1]Hello and Welcome to the BigB
22 messages
07-14-05 04:19 PM
Rate the Best BB Season in Order from 1-5 and Why (might be duplicate)
Which one was your favorite Big Brother 1. BB3 (Really fun to watch everybody form alliances) 2. BB5 (we got to see the 4 Horsem
9 messages
07-15-05 01:29 PM
BB6-LOD Week 1 Totals/Week 2 Happenings
[center][/center] I have decided that due to the speed in w
31 messages
07-16-05 02:25 PM
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