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BBO: Sydney
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-21-02 AT 09:58 PM (EST)[/font] Hey everyone, I have a gaming company named Reality Odyssey.
1 messages
09-23-02 03:24 PM
BB3 Quiz
Try not to cheat. I will post the answers below for reference after you take the quiz. Try not to use the website! 1. Name the four house
1 messages
09-23-02 07:51 PM
Goodbye Sweet Virgin Prince
I haven't been around the BB boards for a while, but stuck my head in to add my sadness to see Jason go. In my opinion, he left that
Canada Girl
3 messages
09-24-02 02:52 PM
Has Danielle's candor in the D.R. hurt her chances to win,
since the evicted houseguests impression of Dani outside of the house changed from when they were in the house? If Dani were as dishone
9 messages
09-24-02 02:56 PM
Yea Lisa!!!!!
9-1 Baby!!!!! I am so glad Lisa won, it was nice to see all the evicted Houseguests and see some fences have been mended (Amy and Chiar
13 messages
09-30-02 06:05 PM
Big Brother 2003
If you're looking for a way to continue the nonstop action of Big Brother after the series is over, look no further than Big Brother 2003. %0
0 messages
09-30-02 10:38 PM
Celebrity Big Brother
I just read on that they are looking to do a celebrity big brother and, they could begin this October. Check it out.
4 messages
10-11-02 01:12 AM
Help with Applying
Okay I need some video ideas for big brother! Lol Im going to apply but i need help! Please people either post on here or email me%
0 messages
10-19-02 05:48 PM
Any word on Lisa and Eric
Was thinking about BB3 the other day and wondered if Lisa and Eric had decided to continue to date. They seemed so happy together in the final episode
Canada Girl
4 messages
11-02-02 03:25 PM
Fantasy game results
Well, Team Princess came in at #36 with 3803 pts. I wish they'd give the top 100 a tee shirt or something. How did you all do?
Nature Lover
2 messages
12-05-02 02:21 PM
Big Brother's Sweetest Couple Calls it Quits
No, i am not talking about Mike and Chiara here, it has been confirmed that Big Brother 3 sweethearts Eric and Lisa have broken up. This is accord
6 messages
12-17-02 09:20 PM
Dani's Website!!
Hey guys go and visit Dani's website..she frequently posts on the Message Board and answers people's questions...Her opinions on certain things th
3 messages
01-03-03 04:41 PM
Is this BB3's Lisa?!?!
I am posting this here instead of the BB areas BECAUSE the BB3 areas are buried below right now, and I wanted people to see this. As you know, I%
7 messages
02-04-03 02:50 PM
Lisa Appeared in Ramp Magazine
I found 8 great pictures of lisa she posed for Ramp Magazine check it out: 1.html
2 messages
03-19-03 02:56 PM
Big Brother 4
I might be wrong (most likely am) but I heard from a friend that Big Brother 4 will be this Jan/Feb in NYC. This makes sense, because I don'
5 messages
04-11-03 09:43 PM
No more applications
Looks like they are done taking applications for Big Brother4. Hope you sent yours in what with a year to do so. http://community.rea
0 messages
05-20-03 11:16 PM
Big Brother and the War
Looks like if the war goes awhile, we may miss out on the "[i]best[/i]" part of the show fo BB4. Julie Chin is in Qatar cov
10 messages
05-09-03 00:53 AM
Big Brother 4 Premiere
Found this article over at Reality Fan Forum about the start date of Big Brother, the beginning of July. More details at: http://forum.
4 messages
06-03-03 06:02 AM
13 New Houseguests
I just seen at a commercial they have it there in real one player that there will be 13 New Houseguests. (usu
0 messages
06-19-03 01:31 AM
Houseguests Will Be Revealed
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-19-03 AT 01:40 AM (EST)[/font] I read at l#m
2 messages
06-19-03 01:41 AM
New Website I need HELP
I am startign a new web site, i woudl like to add like 3 more people that are truly dedicated to the site. i woudl liek to have each of their own o
0 messages
06-24-03 10:06 PM
changing the schedule
Why are they changing it on us again? This time it's going to be tuesday, wednesday, and friday. I liked it better the other w
1 messages
06-26-03 05:47 PM
Reality Adventure Game Leg Two
This is the second leg of the Reality Adventure Game(RAG). It started with The Amazing Race 4 and will also go through seasons of Big Brother 4,
5 messages
07-03-03 05:08 PM
RAG BB Leg: Entry Week One
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-07-03 AT 04:42 PM (EST)[/font] Welcome to the Reality Adventure Game Big Brother 4 portion of
21 messages
07-08-03 07:33 PM
First Show
What do you think. Poor Alison has somethign to cover up, She climb the roof to get to his room at 3 in the am. I coudl care less with the daid th
0 messages
07-08-03 08:56 PM
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