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Twists I'd like to see
Here are some twists I'd like to see: 1) Julie Chen is not getting paid this time and is going to have to go into the house and compe
7 messages
08-12-04 08:19 AM
The BB that would REALLY be good TV
The house was joking last night that the real DNA twist is that "the Don" won the $500K by being voted out first. That started me a-t
6 messages
08-12-04 10:38 AM
So you want Jase out huh?
It seems that the majority around here can't wait to see Jase outta then who would you like to see win? Personally, I think I would l
43 messages
08-12-04 01:23 PM
BBRAT Wk6 entry / Wk4 results
[b]Hello and welcome back to BBRAT![/b] [font size = 0]Vol. 1.6[/font] This game is all about points. Whether
10 messages
08-12-04 06:55 PM
Dianne's Payback
I got to give Dianne credit. She effectively gave Jase some payback the other night. That was mean of Dianne to mention something nice about everyone
Noble Crusader
12 messages
08-13-04 00:28 AM
Weekly Big Brother Web chat
Hey, folks...looks like a fun, in-the-know message board! This board and the show should get very interesting now that the seven jury members an
Real Guy
1 messages
08-16-04 03:35 PM
bb 5 celebrity lookalikes?
will......nick carter from back street boys ther5/images/guests/will/main_pic.jpg http%
1 messages
08-16-04 08:14 PM
Jase Didn't Deserve this
I'm sorry I feel all everyone except Michael was a hyocrite. I know Jase was nasty, and everyone hated him, but making Drew get the Veto and us
9 messages
08-17-04 01:01 PM
Michael cleans up nicely
Was that really CB? Thank goodness he finally shaved off those hairy lines from his face. He actually looked kinda cute. Will must've helped him
9 messages
08-17-04 01:03 PM
I thought I'd seen that Scott (BB5) will be on Elimidate tonight.. I just seen a small portion of the preview, but thought it might be interes
3 messages
08-17-04 05:46 PM
Drew famous kiss!
During a cuddle session Drew revealed to his cuddle buddy Diane, that he has kissed Britney Spears! It was a complete shock he even knew her, b
4 messages
08-18-04 09:44 AM
Big Brother Pay Scale
Can someone please advise, do Big Brother houseguests receive money (like Survivor, or is it just the final 2? Any help would be great. Than
3 messages
08-19-04 00:46 AM
Nathan Marlow update from BB4
Yes, I know Nathan wasn't very bright on BB4. In fact, him being dumb enough to save Allison with the POV is probably what guaranteed his exit
2 messages
08-20-04 00:23 AM
Yeah Nik!!!
WTG Nik! I think even Diane was relieved that she didn't get HOH as she'd have to draw the lines clearly to everyone where she stands... but we
10 messages
08-20-04 02:37 PM
How do you feel about the twins now?
I'm not liking them too much? What's with them expecting everyone to give up their game play and for them not to? Not very fair... I mean, n
22 messages
08-20-04 11:39 PM
I think that it is funny how upset Will got when just a week ago he and his secret alliance laid in bed and said their hit list which was Drew and A.
14 messages
08-22-04 00:04 AM
What is Karma?
Adria had me so irritated with "Who is Karma?" "Like, is that Karma electra" she sounded so valley girl at that moment. She know what Kar
0 messages
08-23-04 04:55 PM
Will is really coolest contestant!
If he wasn't gay, betcha the girls would be all over him!
8 messages
08-23-04 08:38 PM
Holly's Birthday party
BB1's Josh helped plan Holly's birthday party. Here is the info and pics from the party.
0 messages
08-24-04 04:45 PM
Is Marvin ever gonna smoke that Cig, or does he just like sucking on it?
Twin Lover
6 messages
08-25-04 04:14 AM
Who do you want to see win HOH??
I'm secretly hoping that the twin that survives wins HOH this week just to burn everyone up. It would also be interesting to see who Drew would put
22 messages
08-25-04 02:16 PM
Potential Nominees
I am just throwing these out here out of pure speculation as to how next week's nominations will go down. If Adria is HOH she will likely
2 messages
08-25-04 03:27 PM
Why does everybody hate the twins?
Why are all of you twin haters? I think they are the best players on BB. Funny, but 3 weeks ago, everybody liked them, but now that they are
Twin Lover
15 messages
08-25-04 11:29 PM
Newfound appreciation for Marvin
I didn't really like Marvin at the beginning.. then I felt sort-of sorry for him because his supposed alliance with the four horsemen was just a jok
14 messages
08-26-04 12:01 PM
Poooor cowboy:(
Ok, Nikomis broke her promoise to her brother. She should have definitely put Drew up. At first I thought she was right about him being a safe bet%2
13 messages
08-26-04 12:24 PM
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