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CBS Fantasy League
I just went to CBS and their site says Fantasy League coming soon. With the show on tonight, I am wondering why it hasn't started yet. Maybe
Drive My Car
3 messages
07-09-03 04:19 PM
Will there be any BB4 anti-elimee, pick the bootee game
I know I sucked big time in the TAR games but I it made the shows a bit more interesting.....will there be anything like those games for BB4.....
8 messages
07-09-03 07:16 PM
confused about something
at the end of the show last night, they showed a preview of stuff to come, but how could that much happen, if the show just started? Am i mis
5 messages
07-10-03 07:35 AM
It would take.....
a whole heck of a lot more money than 500,000.00 to get me to stay in a house with my ex again! IF I were guanteed a cool mil I would seriously c
7 messages
07-10-03 09:06 AM
Michelle Maradie (David Lane’s ex) is only 19?
Was anyone else surprised to hear that Big Brother put a 19 year old in the cast? I always thought that, like Survivor, the application listed
4 messages
07-10-03 09:36 AM
Remember that great website from last year?
Hey everyone, last year I went to this great website for BB all the time, unfortunetly since last year my PC crashed (Microsoft for you). I c
0 messages
07-10-03 05:05 PM
Did y'all catch....
when Michelle and Nathan were in bed and she said something about being a virgin? Wasn't one of the questions for the food competition: Are ther
5 messages
07-10-03 05:59 PM
The EX Factor
Can the ex factor really work to make things exciting? I really don't think so. They have all agreed already to vote each ex off the show til ther
0 messages
07-11-03 00:10 AM
TV Guide Listing
Below is the listing for the primiere of BB4 from TV Guide Online. It looks like they are doing what they need to do to avoid Danielle backlash--i.e.
11 messages
07-11-03 03:33 PM
Who do we like?
I know it is early and we tend to change our minds as we get to "know" the folks ( so to speak) a little better. But who are your
Drive My Car
10 messages
07-12-03 01:16 PM
How'd the ex's get roped in?
One thing I'm not understanding logistically is what were the odds of the producers finding 5 former ex's of their hand-selected 8 houseguests tha
11 messages
07-12-03 01:18 PM
Scott = Josh from bb3
does anyone else think that scott is geting annoying with the whole "i'm the leader" josh attitude.
4 messages
07-12-03 01:27 PM
Looking for pic of Scott without tabogen
Anyone have one, or know where to get one, please post. Thanks
0 messages
07-12-03 05:39 PM
Where is Brandon?
He is missing from the CBS Big Brother main page and also from the House Guests page. Anyone got any ideas? One rumor I heard was that h
Cat Kiki
4 messages
07-12-03 07:35 PM
Who will be evicted?
If I had to guess I'd say Jee, but I don't have the live feed, what are the thoughts there?
11 messages
07-13-03 06:47 PM
Love List?
OK, it's obvious that Big Brother is not sparking a whole lot of conversation around here, but I was just wondering if there was going to be a L
5 messages
07-15-03 03:10 AM
BB4 PTTE/Pick the Bootee COMBO package!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-15-03 AT 08:51 PM (EST)[/font] game cancelled due to lack of interest.
8 messages
07-15-03 12:42 PM
Big Brother Fanatics Love List 4.1
Hoo boy! Well, I know it's a bit late for the first week, but I figured I'd see how many lists we can cram into the next day! %
3 messages
07-15-03 02:25 PM
Big Brother Birthdays
Okay this will sound really odd, but does anyone know where to find the cast member birthdates.
0 messages
07-17-03 01:19 AM
Amanda & Dave?
So I always said how the international "Big Brother" shows are really raunchy, lots of nudity and sex, and I think this season maybe the seaso
4 messages
07-18-03 04:10 PM
RAG BB Leg: Results Wk One/Entry Wk Two
Big Brother is off to an exciting start and so is this game. There are many high scores all across the board for the week. However, there are still
26 messages
07-18-03 05:21 PM
Big Brother Fanatics Love List 4.2
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-19-03 AT 03:25 AM (EST)[/font] Name that casserole! OK, now that we've got al
5 messages
07-21-03 02:51 PM
Summary is posted
over in Bashers... ds/User_files/3de9a05a15baa514.gif
1 messages
07-22-03 08:49 PM
bring amy into the house!!!
since scott got kicked out, they should bring someone else into the house instead of doing a week without an eviction, and that person should be a
Das Mole
1 messages
07-23-03 06:50 PM
RAG BB Leg: Results Wk One/Entry Wk Three
Week one is completely over with and the final results are in. There has only been a slight change in the standings from the last update. L
25 messages
07-24-03 04:21 PM
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