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BBRAT2: Wk 5 results / Wk 7 entry
[center] Brat/bbrattitle.gif[/center] Welcome back to the BigBrother Reality Aptitude Test .
15 messages
08-18-05 06:47 PM
jen has sealed her own fate
i like kayser, but i knew that he had no chance of lasting till the end. all strong players and leaders from different alliances always pick off ea
21 messages
08-18-05 07:20 PM
Episode 15 Summary...
is up in [ s/DCForumID9/740.shtml|bashers] Relive the glory of Kaysar's return!%
2 messages
08-18-05 09:38 PM
king kaysar
I was verry sad to see him go then i was happy he was back then i was mad he gave over hoh then i was sad again that he left, but through all he alw
0 messages
08-19-05 01:05 AM
ok i am not from the states so i do not know what happens so i just rely on the net for updates... when i saw kaysar nominated i thought it was quite
1 messages
08-19-05 01:48 AM
Friendsheep backdoor video
I found a link to this video when I was cruising another board. It is too funny! [url] erid=
1 messages
08-19-05 01:48 AM
Big Brother pay attention
Jenelle changed her answer in last nights HOH competition. Her first answer was 300 and was upside down. When Julie asked her to fix it she changed he
1 messages
08-19-05 02:26 AM
1 messages
08-19-05 03:01 AM
Janelle should tell Jennifer, "I swear on my life, you are safe."
She and Howie and Rachel can make the Maggots think the plan is to back door James. Then let Jennifer see what it feels like to be evicted. %0
2 messages
08-19-05 08:13 AM
"Howie's an Idiot" well at least he's not a liar
I loved the whole convo that Howie, Janelle, Rachel, Kaysar, Maggie and April were having outside. I loved it when April was like you guys sho
0 messages
08-19-05 08:22 AM
Thank you, Jennifer!
I just want to thank Jennifer for helping to create a night of the best non-scripted television I've seen in a long time. Watching Howie
5 messages
08-19-05 09:31 AM
Farewell Kaysar !
Kaysar came back for 1 week and stirred up deep emotions immediately. I am glad to see him go. He sends his henchman (Howie, Janelle,etc) to d
1 messages
08-19-05 10:30 AM
Why Was Janelle Attacking Beau ?
This is the first time last evening in which I saw Beau in a confrontation. Janelle, obviously "stoned" was cursing Beau and he used obscenities
1 messages
08-19-05 10:31 AM
What's everyone talking about Janelle changing her answer for? She was STILL the closest. The other two had 175 and 800 something. Even if she cha
1 messages
08-19-05 11:09 AM
Calling out april and jenn
Im lost Howie completely took the blame for wanting to vote out ivette instead of sarah but i seem to recall april and jenn saying ya lets vote out iv
1 messages
08-19-05 11:50 AM
Janelle cheated!
Yes Janelle did cheat and if they don't change this I am not watching anymore! They need to boot off Howie for his very offensive behavior! You
1 messages
08-19-05 12:11 PM
Spoiler-free zone
Please do not discuss tonight's episode on Fanatics or Bashers until after 11 pm EDT, out of consideration for our posters in other time zones.
3 messages
08-19-05 12:59 PM
Did Howie let an F-bomb fly?
Where we could hear it, I mean. :-) It was right after Kaysar left the house, when he was already sitting with Julie and they cut b
4 messages
08-19-05 01:50 PM
Did anyone else notice Jen???
When Janelle won HOH and Julie told Jen to give her the HOH key, she threw it away on the ground. What a sore loser!!
1 messages
08-19-05 03:50 PM
Glad Kaysar's gone!
Stepping out a limb here, since y'all seem to be a like mind. Am I the only one, or are others afraid to post it, given the widespread Kaysar
1 messages
08-19-05 04:44 PM
Housecalls & Kaysar
So, did anyone get to talk to Kaysar today on Housecalls? Does anyone ever get through or have gotten to talk to G & M? I talked to them one d
0 messages
08-19-05 05:25 PM
anybody know what cbs is going to do about Janelle cheating on BB6?
6 messages
08-19-05 08:01 PM
Episode 18 Summary posted.
Go read about all the backstabbing and arguments [ s/DCForumID9/766.shtml|here].
0 messages
08-19-05 09:23 PM
Why is Jen called JBLo?
Evidently, April talked about how Jen was back in college. Can someone fill me in on what April said?
1 messages
08-20-05 03:20 AM
Has Janelle Really Ever Lied?
I thought about that when she said it and honestly the only thing I could possibly come up with for what she might have lied about is her having a par
14 messages
08-20-05 01:36 PM
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