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BBRAT2: Final Results
First of all I want to thank everyone for their participation and enthusiasm. It makes for a better experience all around. [center%
4 messages
09-23-05 12:36 PM
The Last Episode - Please HELP!!!
I was away from home since Monday but Thank God I have DVR to record it so I would not miss it. Well, as you probably have guessed, it's gone.
1 messages
09-23-05 01:55 PM
Love the show, hate the Herd!
I just have a question for all of the "Friendship" supporters out there: WHY? I truly want to know. I think they're all stupid lose
18 messages
09-23-05 03:20 PM
Wrap party pictures
In case anyone is interested here is a website which has wrap party photos and some information about the party: http://www.tvgasm.
0 messages
09-24-05 10:43 AM
As Much As It Pains Me........... say this, here goes: BB is a game. Like Drew last year, Maggie used and manipulated gullible, fragile, and needy pe
13 messages
09-25-05 09:57 PM
Maggie on HouseCalls
I saw the interview that Marcellas & Gretchen did with Maggie, Ivette, James and Janie. I was surprised at how subdued Marcellas was with Ivette
3 messages
09-25-05 11:11 PM
Bad news, Good news
The bad news, "Maggie won." The good news - "It's OVER!", and we'll have lots to discuss in TAR and Survivor.
7 messages
09-26-05 09:29 AM
Its just amazing to see what total loser this crappy guy is, since he has been out of the house, possibly watching feeds or keeping up with
33 messages
09-26-05 10:43 AM
Suggestion for Next Year
For next year, once they get down to the final two, there should be a telephone audience poll during the final week as to whether either of the tw
3 messages
09-26-05 08:51 PM
Danielle reports on the wrap party and weekend w/ S6
This is a great post by Danielle on bb6bbq owtopic=13404 Let me first just say that this
2 messages
09-29-05 00:09 AM
The Jedis On the Fishbowl
Didn't know if anyone posted this yet, but Howie, James, Sarah, and Rachel was on the yesterday. You can go to the Archives to
11 messages
10-01-05 03:32 PM
Big Brother 6 Houseguest Kaysar Ridha Visits Genoa City Big Brother 6 contestant Kaysar Ridha will make his daytime debut on The Young and
30 messages
10-08-05 07:52 AM
James Rhine BB6 Chat Wednesday 10/12/05 10pm est showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=BBDiscussion&Number=2622576&page=0&view=expanded&s
0 messages
10-10-05 02:56 PM
Ivette is having a welcome home party
Saw this at reality bbq homepage. How delusional and with a really horrid picture of her.
0 messages
10-20-05 02:06 PM
Big Brother like game
Hey im having a game similar to Big Brother. But come on and play if you want to see how good you would really be at the show. Their is no prize sadly
0 messages
10-29-05 06:33 PM
Big Brother All Stars
The hamsters have been talking the last couple of days about what if they have a BB all stars and whether or not they would do it. April says she woul
13 messages
11-02-05 12:39 PM
BB5 Holly Beheaded - Just a rumor
I know many of us wanted to behead her during her appearance on the show this year just so we could get that voice out of our heads. I'm not sure w
1 messages
11-03-05 03:08 PM
Hey Everybody...
Hey everyone, been a while since I checked out any BB stuff, but I jsut recently made a profile on myspace and if anyone ever wants to stop by and
0 messages
12-01-05 09:38 PM
Anna Nicole and Boy George to be on UK Big Brother
According to the following article: eorge-and-anna-nicole-join-big-bro-1006545.php
1 messages
12-15-05 01:29 PM
On the CBS BigBrother site, in the "Revenge of the Houseguests" blog, there was a mystery "blogger", Winston. Does anyone know who Wins
10 messages
12-28-05 09:44 PM
Anyone recall Gee's haircut?
Well I bought Big Brother- the X factor, and the scene with Gee's haircut isn't included!! I was bummed because that was such a funny part.
0 messages
01-17-06 06:37 PM
New Online Big Brother Game Coming Soon
Tired of the loooong wait between Big Brothers? Itchin' for something to hold you until Summer? Wishin' YOU were in that dang house, because
0 messages
01-18-06 00:39 AM
******UK CELEBRITY BB***DENNIS NEEDS YOUR HELP* We all want Dennis Rodman to win, so please get voting the other 2 out. :7
mrs yoshi
0 messages
01-22-06 09:05 AM
the chenbots been remade...
THis site is saying that Julie Chen has had plastic surgery to look the way so looks now. Check it out. What do you think? http:/%2
3 messages
01-30-06 04:52 PM
Howie's Light Saber
I am about to celebrate my 10th anniversary and my husband must have the kind of saber that Howie had. If anyone somehow knows this, please let me
4 messages
01-30-06 04:56 PM
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