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America loving the houseguests
This is the first season, Ive seen it so one-sided on who the people on the boards are for, everyone with a few eceptions of course are for H/J%
2 messages
08-20-05 01:44 PM
Will Tonight's Eviction Be Live ?
I was wondering if today's (Sat) eviction will be live? The Saturday episode is usually pre-taped. Will there be a contest for POV so the nomi
7 messages
08-20-05 04:25 PM
Want a Good Laugh?
If you want to read something so pathetic that it makes you laugh go to and read Jenn's HOH Blog. This blog was full of excuses for her deci
0 messages
08-20-05 05:32 PM
BB6 PTTE: Scores and Changes Thread vol. 1
Each week I will post a results post in this thread (until things get unweildly). If you feel the need to make a change with your list, ma
65 messages
08-20-05 06:16 PM
[center] Brat/bbrattitle.gif[/center] Welcome back to the BigBrother Reality Aptitude Test .
16 messages
08-20-05 07:23 PM
What is this about Janelle cheating?
Hey, I have been gone last week, so I missed the shows. I see a few threads about Janelle cheating, but they are all locked. I can not find
1 messages
08-20-05 08:51 PM
Best.Episode.Ever 08-18-05
I am a Survivor guy, born and bred. But Thursday's Big Brother episode was the best episode of a reality series ever. Seriously, it w
23 messages
08-20-05 11:38 PM
Who Will Beau Place For Nomination ?
I hope he puts up Janelle and James. Janelle verbally attacked Beau several times for what I can't figure. James has been lucky as whenever he's a
1 messages
08-21-05 01:33 PM
This Season is best seaons yet
This season in my opinion is the best season of Big Brother yet, never has a house been so divided like this...yeah there were always alliances, b
4 messages
08-21-05 04:24 PM
Viewers With Live Feed Should Get Reimbursed
I understand that in order to protect the identity of the evicted HG on Friday, the Live Feed was showing the fish tank on Friday. I have no subscri
5 messages
08-21-05 05:29 PM
Houseguests Revealed Their Votes For Eviction
I was delighted that each HG told their vote for eviction. This is the first time the votes were shown to the viewers this season. Was this because it
2 messages
08-21-05 10:56 PM
Battle Royale BB5 vs BB6
Here are the match ups between BB5 Contestants and BB6 Contestants, my challenge is to have anyone who wishes to predict the winner between the two
5 messages
08-22-05 07:19 AM
April's Priorities???
Maybe it's just me...but I feel that April was more upset and broken up over Howie's comments about her dog than she was at her newlywed husband%3
2 messages
08-22-05 08:50 AM
Where is Janelles HOH blog on CBS?
I don't understand it, Janelle does not have an HOH blog like all the other HOH's before her. Usually, each week I like to read what people ha
2 messages
08-22-05 08:54 AM
Janelle pushing Bo...
Janelle gets super nasty.. verbally.. no big deal.. although why they would blur out the finger and allow that language is a puzzler.. but even more p
1 messages
08-22-05 02:33 PM
Will Saturday August 27's Episode be Re-Scheduled ?
Reading the TV listings for this week, I notice that CBS is airing NFL games here on the East Coast on August 27. Saturday's episode is not listed
4 messages
08-22-05 04:28 PM
Popularity Poll Week 7
CBS has the new popularity poll up and Kaysar has gone from 87% to 93%, Janelle is at 81% and Howie is at 80%. The bottom three a
11 messages
08-22-05 05:22 PM
Who is the best player of the remaining HG's?
I missed some of the early episodes, but with what I've seen my vote goes to Rachel. She knows they need James and that James needs them (and sh
3 messages
08-20-05 01:59 PM
I did not care for Kaysar
I grew to like him as the show went on. I wished he would have stayed longer. I hope Janells days are closing in on her. Would not care to see Jen
16 messages
08-22-05 11:40 PM
Kaysar Fans Please Read
If you voted in the America's Choice Poll, especially if you spent money text messaging, email CBS if Jen puts Kaysar on the block for eviction.
23 messages
08-23-05 00:27 AM
Did Janelle change her answer?
What was the correct answer for tonights HOH regarding the number of lightbulds? I thought it was under 300. If that was the case, then I am rea
38 messages
08-23-05 00:32 AM
Best player of remaining guinea pigs
For some reason, this topic was also locked in the fanatics forum, and no reason was given. That makes a lot of friggin sense, doesn't it. I
1 messages
08-23-05 07:15 AM
Don't you think Howie and Janelle were disrespectful ?
to both April and Beau. Howie was harrassing and bullying April, who is a woman. It looked so tacky and disrespectful to see this monosyllabic Nean
33 messages
08-23-05 09:13 AM
Need Clarification on something--Howie's Hand
What is actually wrong with Howie's hand. April keeps saying things about his hand but I have yet to figure out what is wrong with it and why she m
8 messages
08-23-05 09:17 AM
Should Alcohol Be Banned ?
What is everybody's feelings about the use of alcohol on BB. In a way, it makes for a more interesting show as people's emotions come through. S
14 messages
08-23-05 09:39 AM
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