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Who would you put up for eviction? I would think he would definitely put Josh up for eviction. If he were smart, Im thinking, he should put up
17 messages
07-19-02 07:52 PM
look alikes
Hey there everyone I thought it would be fun to start a look alike post on these new houseguests.... is it deja vu or are they trying to give us clone
12 messages
07-20-02 01:40 PM
******Official Big Brother 3 Premiere Episode Summary:........"THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN HOLLYWOOD".....*********
[b] THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN HOLLYWOOD[/b] Well, I know several of you are probably saying that its only the case be
shakes the clown
4 messages
07-21-02 02:17 AM
Hey BB3 Fanatics let's vote...
I thought it would be a good idea, since no one else did, to start a voting thread for who we think will be nominated. I know that this info has a
9 messages
07-22-02 04:31 PM
***Official Big Brother 3 Episode 3 (7/13) Summary...WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?...***
I realize Shakes has not yet posted a summary for the second episode but hey, it's been really hot here in Chicago and some of us have better thin
3 messages
07-22-02 04:32 PM
***Official Big Brother 3 Episode 4 (7/17) Summary...THE RACIST WHO DIDN'T WASH HIS HANDS***
Previously on Big Bother III: Lisa nominated Psycho Lori and Mincing Marci and conspired with the other members of Cheap Beer (CHOira%2
1 messages
07-23-02 03:29 PM
Big Brother In Charlotte NC
Does anyone know anything about Big Brother not being broadcast tonight in Charlotte NC? The network says it's showing a hurricane spec
1 messages
07-24-02 08:15 PM
Hey, Big Brothers, Let's Vote.....
Who do you think will be evicted tomorrow night? If you haven't seen the episode or the live feed summaries for Wednesday night's episode, th
11 messages
07-25-02 09:38 PM
Favorite Houseguest
Why are there so many posters in the bashers board of BB3 and like none in here? Oh well. I have been curious to see who everyone thought is their f
28 messages
07-25-02 11:35 PM fantasy game
I'm making a new thread for this since the other one was just called "CBS" Apparently Saturday night's episode was HUGE -- Te
35 messages
07-26-02 02:07 AM
Who will Roddy nominate?
I definetly think Gerry will be nominated along with either Jason or Marcellas. What do you think? [center]http://community.rea
12 messages
07-27-02 02:48 PM
Someone help please LOL
Can someone please please give me a summary of what happened on last nights show?? My vcr decided to crap out on me http:%
3 messages
07-29-02 10:04 AM
I just want to take this moment...
I just want to take this moment to say that I'm in love...with Jason! I was so impressed that a gorgeous 25 year old guy is still a virgin an
18 messages
07-29-02 10:13 AM
Lisa suffers spider bite
Lisa was bitten right on her fourth point of contact (a little Airborne lingo, there, we're talking about her [i]derriere[/i], her
1 messages
07-29-02 01:18 PM
Will's 15 minutes aren't over yet...
T, this is for you! [i][b]"Big Brother 2" winner to host series[/b] By JAM! Television Dr. Evil is
3 messages
07-29-02 05:08 PM
Big Brother Popularity list V 3.2
Another week, another gone.....too bad to see Tonya go, I was really pulling for Josh to go....although he does bring some entertainment.....%0
7 messages
07-30-02 05:41 PM
Episode 9 Summary Posted on Bashers ds/DCForumID9/192.shtml
Drive My Car
0 messages
07-30-02 10:27 PM
Amy, you stupid little mouse, YOU HAVE GOT TO GO!!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-25-02 AT 07:11 PM (EST)[/font] I absolutely hate Amy. Who is she to hate Chiara just because s
25 messages
08-04-02 11:18 PM
Stupid Little Twist I Thought Of
I was bored and thinking of a twist that they could use on BB. Heres what I was thinking: 8 people are left. The HOH is warned in the dia
6 messages
08-05-02 09:16 AM
Viewer popularity
Looks like most of the website votes must be TV viewers rather than live feed viewers, cuz Amy one of the lowest rated hamsters (Gerry is lower,
8 messages
08-05-02 01:31 PM
Women not doing well
Why is it that women always do bad in Big Brother. Every year it seems this way, that a number of women (and good looking ones too) get voted ou
14 messages
08-06-02 04:19 AM
If Veto is NOT used, how CAN'T there be a tie?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-04-02 AT 11:20 PM (EST)[/font] Edit to say: SPOILER INFO BELOW IF YOU DID NOT SEE LAST SATUR
11 messages
08-06-02 10:42 AM
***Official Big Brother 3 Episode 5 (7/18) Summary...I'M BLIND, I'M DEAF, AND I'M STUPID: THE RETURN OF JULIE CHEN***
Previously on Big Bother III: * 12 Hamsters moved into the House * Lisa nominated Marci and Psycho Lori for eviction %2
4 messages
08-06-02 04:25 PM
Official Summary Episode 10 Posted on Basher Forum ds/DCForumID9/203.shtml s
Drive My Car
0 messages
08-06-02 05:44 PM
SeeBS accidental humor?
Anyone else notice on the BB page that above the summary it shows Gerry sleeping, then under you see the caption "Gerry makes his move" or somet
1 messages
08-07-02 12:36 PM
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