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Big Brother Pre-Empted by Sports
It was very upsetting to BB fans in the New York area last year as every Friday, Big Brother was pre-empted for a NY Yankees game by CBS. This seaso
2 messages
08-14-05 08:10 PM
Was Season 1 of BB Five Times/Week ?
I was reading about the start of Big Brother and the article says that there was 5 episodes/week. I thought it was always 3 episodes/week. Does an
2 messages
08-15-05 06:53 AM
8.13.05 Nominations
I found it ironic and funny that at the end of this episode, Kaysar was angrily muttering "If she thinks that giving your word and breaking it is
14 messages
08-15-05 08:48 AM
Losers Michael & Eric on TV Guide Channel
[center][h3]Losers Michael & Eric on TV Guide Channel[/h3][/center] d
2 messages
08-15-05 09:59 AM
Would James Nominate Kaysar?
I Doubt he will but he did not seem happy when Kaysar returned. Also,Sarah seemed to be angry at Kaysar when she left.
Daitokuji Fan
4 messages
08-15-05 02:35 PM
8.13.05 cancelled?
Hi all...any info on if tonights show will be aired as scheduled? I see football scheduled here in so cal.
8 messages
08-16-05 09:35 AM
BB HELP! Take 2 seconds and help me.
[B]BIG BROTHER ASSISTANCE NEEDED:[/B] I hope you can help me out for 2 seconds! Hey guys! My name is Rhiannon and I am a hu
0 messages
08-16-05 02:10 PM
I hate Jennifer!
I am so ticked off! Jennifer is a lying, dishonest, sneaky, two faced (you know what) who doesn't have any morals or values! Kaysar ga
2 messages
08-17-05 01:39 AM
THAT's it 4 me ~~ NOT gonna watch ANYMORE! :(
I hate jen for doing what she did and I hope someone gets her back. Kaysar gave her HOH because she begged and wanted PICS of her ulgy boyfriend!!
2 messages
08-17-05 01:51 AM
The deal with Ivette
Ivette wanted a piece of Eric. That's what the deal is.
1 messages
08-17-05 07:27 AM
So, they said it was not the America game. Those "Bitches". I lost every desire of watching the show after what Jennifer did. I hope the next se
8 messages
08-17-05 07:36 AM
Howie the smart one???!!!!
I really had to laugh at Saturday's episode. Not so much because of Jenn's betrayel but more because while Kaysar, Rachel and Janelle couldn't
2 messages
08-17-05 09:50 AM
More dangerous: James or Kaysar?
Tuesday night's episode really showed a change in heart in many people about who is more of a threat to them. Suddenly, the hated and scorn James
3 messages
08-17-05 10:35 AM
HOH Jennifer Was Right
<< That wasn't just a backstab, that was a double dipped backstab. Not only did she not put up two of her own, she added insult to injury b
2 messages
08-17-05 11:31 AM
People Stop Complaining
Ok I too wasn't happy with Jenn not keeping her word to Kaysar but again he shouldn't have put his fate or the fate of his alliance in her hands o
3 messages
08-17-05 11:33 AM
I agree
Ok I just went back and read what I wrote and my intentions of what I meant were misunderstood and its my fault since I should have more carefully cho
1 messages
08-17-05 12:01 PM
That irritating little hottie showed Kaysar how to play chess.
She ripped through his pawns and went straight for the king. Kaysar got too greedy and was not thinking his moves far enough ahead. %
1 messages
08-17-05 12:57 PM
Janelle Does her past factor in?
I'm wondering if there is anyone else out there that is troubled by Janelle's legal issues from the past. I think what bothers me the m
1 messages
08-17-05 04:17 PM
Janelle will probably stay
As you all know Janelle and Kaysar are up on the chopping block and although I really don't want to see Kaysar go it will probably be Janelle who st
2 messages
08-17-05 04:25 PM
Giving the Clown his due
[font color="maroon"]Back when Kaysar was about to get booted the first time, Shakes said: [i]K-czar is going home exactl
5 messages
08-17-05 05:39 PM
Love Kaysar but Made A Bad Move
I was really excited to see Kaysar back in the game but when he handed over the HOH to Jenn I was like no what are you crazy? I think it would have
6 messages
08-17-05 10:30 PM
Cappy's Crew
I have been watching from day 1. All I heard out of Cappy's crew was how much Kaysar's crew lied, cheated, and back stabbed. What do you call
3 messages
08-18-05 09:17 AM
Kaysar Must Go !
So glad Jennifer betrayed Kaysar. Although she lied to him, Kaysar puts pressure on HGs and is a master manipulator. I can't condone Jenn's swea
4 messages
08-18-05 10:28 AM
Am I the only one or does anyone else out there see that Ivette is slowly changing? Before she wanted James out of the house I didn't even think s
21 messages
08-18-05 02:51 PM
BB6's You Make The Call
Assuming Kaysar gets evicted tomorrow, if you were a member of the Dream Team and won HOH, which two houseguests would you put up on the block and
14 messages
08-18-05 05:36 PM
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