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BBRAT3: Wk2 Results / Wk 4 Entry
[center] [font size = +2]Out like day old cool beans. [/font] ds/U
16 messages
07-27-06 06:20 PM
Did Will Throw HOH??
Just call me dopey. I don't care. :-) I really wasn't sure. I forget what the word was in the definition.....but I tho
4 messages
07-28-06 11:16 AM
Dumping Votes?
[font color=brown]A few nights ago, when it became evident that the Sovs didn't have the votes to save Nakomis, Kaysar asked James what wa
7 messages
07-28-06 12:29 PM
Allison dumped by Dr /#respond Text: Posted 07.27.06well….at 12:34 am by alisonirwin%0
8 messages
07-28-06 01:13 PM
smoking in the bb house..
What are they smoking out of the hooka pipe outside? I missed two can not be tobacco..right?
14 messages
07-29-06 12:29 PM
Past seasons videos
by seasons. outube.html Enjoy :) %0
2 messages
07-31-06 02:43 PM
Question about Chicken George
I had a question, if Goerge wins HOH does he still have to eat slop or for that week can he eat regular food, also does he get to eat the goodies
9 messages
07-31-06 02:49 PM
Post-house interview with Jase
[font color = purple] This interview is up on the TV Guide Insider website. How easily Jase lets things get under his skin. He's h
8 messages
08-02-06 08:31 AM
Are they all MAD!!
This is just driving me crazy every week.....why???...why will no one keep will or boogie on the block and actually vote one of them out? They
25 messages
08-03-06 02:31 PM
BBRAT3: Week 3 Results / Week 5 Entry
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/44cd2bfb2af77314.gif [font size = +2]How James set the cour
20 messages
08-03-06 06:14 PM
I Don't Care What People Say...Diane Sucks!
Hi everybody, I just need to say that Diane is gross. I'm glad that she got put up on the block! Janelle maybe annoying to many people, but I
8 messages
08-04-06 02:28 PM
Missed an Episode?
Hello all, if you have missed an episode of Big Brother you can go to the website of the local CBS affiliate in Washington, DC, WUSA TV 9. The
1 messages
08-04-06 07:16 PM
A Smart Move
The smartest move that could be made at this point is to some how get this vote to end in a tie. If this happens then Janelle would have to brea
6 messages
08-04-06 10:21 PM
But the Big Question IS............
What will Julie Chen wear tonight.....and how much cleavage will she show?? I say if it's nearly as hot in LA.....a glittery little n
10 messages
08-05-06 11:34 AM
The Chicken Man's pretty Charasmatic
Not in the way one would think.......but he sure made me do a 180 on him. After his veto speech.....I was saying "I hope he wins it all%2
23 messages
08-06-06 10:50 PM
Those Famous Last Words....
"You're safe".........You can let go.. Do they ever learn??!! As Danny reassures Howie and Erica. i
6 messages
08-08-06 08:57 AM
Votes on
[font color="maroon"]Ya know, you can go to the SeeBS website and vote for your fave hamster, and also for who you think will win this t
2 messages
08-08-06 10:45 AM
Ever wonder how to make this game a lil more challenging. I thought of an idea...making whoever wins the Veto competition go into an room to talk to
9 messages
08-08-06 11:08 AM
Janelle's motives
I have been bewildered by some of Janelle's moves- especially her nomination of Diane instead of Chilltown. She's not stupid- I don't believe sh
0 messages
08-09-06 05:35 AM
Gotta agree with James
I think SOV4 would be crazy not to put Will and Boogie up. If they put up Diane, wouldn't that make the rest of the "floaters" nervous and ma
27 messages
08-09-06 09:05 AM
Question about Power of Veto?
Hi first time poster here..... I was wondering...Does the winner of the power of veto have guaranteed immunity if they use the veto to save
7 messages
08-09-06 09:44 AM
Santa Has Come to the Big Brother House
And he delivered Mike Boogie and Will. I know that Boogie has often been called lots of horrible names, including vile. And from certain feeds I h
8 messages
08-09-06 01:15 PM
Really Goofy Question about Slop
:-) I have to know these things! Are they allowed to at least have coffee in the morning with the slop??
7 messages
08-10-06 10:57 AM
If James Goes Tonight........
which I truly hope he does..... Do you consider this the beginning of the S6 break up?? Technically it is...but I don't se
16 messages
08-10-06 05:45 PM
BBRAT3: Week 4 Results / Week 6 Entry
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/44d5a76311085634.gif [font size = +2][b]Big Luv[/b%
21 messages
08-10-06 06:35 PM
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