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Is it too early to start assigning summaries?
I'm not even sure when BB5 starts. But I'll write another summary if anyone wants me to.
22 messages
06-24-04 01:11 PM
Possible leak reported in press today (not included)
There was a potential leak reported on various reality sites today about changes in the house. If it is true, and the players are not sequestered r
2 messages
06-25-04 06:39 PM
Question about BB5 cast
Hi, Does anyone know of a webpage that has the future BB5 cast member names and ages on it? A friend sent me their names and ages but can't
5 messages
07-02-04 10:49 AM
Is anyone willing to host a PTTe game for BB5? ds/User_files/3d717d280ae5842a.g
2 messages
07-05-04 11:37 AM
help please!
Can someone give me a quick run down on the DNA twist? Who knows what, how did they find out, does Jennifer suspect anything? The CBS websit
3 messages
07-08-04 11:40 AM
BB Reality Aptitude Test: Inaugural Season.
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-07-04 AT 05:27 AM (EST)[/font] [font size = 4]Welcome folks, to the very first season
34 messages
07-08-04 09:50 PM
Big Twist Surfaces on TV Commercial
Hey, I was just watching CBS and saw a commercial revealing a huge twist. This year's big twist is 2(two) of the contestants are rela
12 messages
07-09-04 05:24 PM
More BB5 Pics
Check out this link They have so many pics from the live feeds from the whole week.
0 messages
07-14-04 04:41 PM
Big Brother DVDs
I know that there is the entire season of Big Brother 3 out on DVD, and there is a synopsis of Big Brother 4 out there... but, does anyone know if
0 messages
07-12-04 06:02 PM
The Chicken Man
Does any one know what happened to the chicken man from bb1? i sure did like him and i would love to know how his life is going.
3 messages
07-12-04 01:50 PM
Big Brother Love List Version 5.1: Who are we kidding, anyway?
Love list? Excuse me? Let's try this again. The people at the bottom of the list are the ones I would consider shooting on sight. The ones a
7 messages
07-09-04 11:32 PM
The show needs fat people
I get tired of watching clones every season. It would be HILARIOUS if some of the house guests were of, um, let's say expanded girth. How funny
13 messages
07-15-04 07:21 PM
What happened to tonight's show??? July 10?
I thought the show was on Tues., Thurs., and Sat. What happened to tonight (Sat.)?
7 messages
07-15-04 07:24 PM
BB5: Official PTTE! Game on!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-10-04 AT 04:01 AM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
18 messages
07-15-04 07:58 PM
Vote Golly Holly for most entertaining
so far anyway. Come on, she is so simple, like your favorite childhood paperdoll come to life. She is the cheerleader the other cheerle
Drive My Car
17 messages
07-16-04 02:00 PM
the * I LVOE DREW * thread.
I want to start with a picture first, just to get everyone acquainted with this ohhh soo cute guy.
19 messages
07-18-04 03:56 AM
Big Brother Hitties
Is it just me or are not Jase, Drew and Scott H-O-T!!
7 messages
07-19-04 02:12 PM
BB.R.A.T: Week Two Entry.
BBRAT Vol.1.2 Week Two Entry Thread Hiya all, welcome to the Inaugural Season of the BB Reality Aptitude Test or BBRAT.
13 messages
07-19-04 04:45 PM
Theories on the next few weeks!!!
Ok, so right now it is 5 to 6 This is how I see it. Horsemen Jase Drew Scott Michael Holly Marv
1 messages
07-24-04 09:33 AM
Yes, it is sooo much fun! We are havin our own little game on aim in a chat room. Holly and Diane are taken but please join in on the fun! We re
0 messages
07-25-04 04:46 PM
The Twin Twist
I may be alone here, but I am going to post anyway.You can tell the difference between Adria and her twin. One of them has a chubbier face and their
15 messages
07-26-04 09:35 AM
Other DNA twists.
I am not possitive but I thought that I read somewhere that on the Early CBS site shortley after the programme started that there was a list of partic
1 messages
07-26-04 09:36 AM
BBRAT Wk.3 entry / Wk. 1 tally
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-18-04 AT 01:46 AM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
23 messages
07-26-04 11:16 AM
POV Winner- No Spoiler Included
I have just gone to a website where they revealed who won the POV this week, I am not going to say who won it here so that I wont ruin it for everyo
1 messages
07-26-04 01:17 PM
Project DNA and Big Brother
Here is just my thought on the whole "Project DNA" thing on BB. On the CBS website they have three empty boxes (space holders) presumably one
2 messages
07-26-04 02:46 PM
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