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BB7 All Stars Celebrity Twins
I went to that website that allows you to find your own celebrity twin, these are what I got for the houseguests, I think some of them are kinda f
1 messages
08-12-06 04:59 PM
Mike Boogie's acting career
For my night owl friends, did anyone watch The Parker's last night? It's a UPN syndicated series with comedienne Monique and Countess Va
2 messages
08-12-06 10:20 PM
Is Big Brother All Stars only viewed here in the US ?
I see many versions of this show, on the web. ds/User_files/44df307d4ffda053.jpg
2 messages
08-13-06 07:34 PM
Big Brother All-Stars: Straight Out of "1984"
Yes, the metaphor is too obvious, but hear me out. I just began reading George orwell's "1984" and the parallels between the hamsters of BB
Colonel Zoidberg
2 messages
08-14-06 01:35 PM
Coup d’Etat
What does everyone think the phrase is? I'm surprised noone tried "A wolf in sheep's clothing." But I like Danielle's "Do Not Assume%2
1 messages
08-14-06 02:38 PM
Janelle is Shy
Oh sure she is what my daughter would call a "foo foo girl" , with all her products and grooming, but it is all a front. She wants to be
30 messages
08-15-06 06:50 PM
Watching James trash Janelle
I can't stand watching James trash Janelle, why is he so hell bent on getting rid of her, I wish she knew what he was doing and could
32 messages
08-15-06 08:44 PM
The I Like Julie Thread
I don't expect this thread to be a long one. And it's not meant to compete with anything on the Basher's Forum. I just wonder
8 messages
08-15-06 10:15 PM
Personal Belongings?
Do the house guests have additional luggage aside from the black duffel bags? I can't imagine 3 months of clothes would fit in one bag even with w
9 messages
08-15-06 11:26 PM
Power Rankings!!!
hey guys... i came across the power rankings for this week. Dr. Will stayed at his usual spot #1 this week and Mike moved up to #2... atleast that
2 messages
08-16-06 10:05 AM
Who was in the seance? ds/User_files/42ada98c303695e7.jpg
5 messages
08-16-06 04:13 PM
Will and Boogie's Phone Skits
are hilarious. Boogie may be a coattail-riding M&M wannabe, but Will is brilliant! ds
16 messages
08-16-06 10:40 PM
HG Money Splitting OK This Season
This came from [i]According to Jun, who apparently saw the contract but was not asked to be on BB7 (why the hell
1 messages
08-17-06 12:44 PM
Big Boy Video
I don't know if someone has posted this before or not but this is a very funny video. It's kinda neat to see how as much as everyone says they ha
0 messages
08-17-06 01:30 PM
BB AllStars PTTE: Lists, Results and Changes Vol. 1
[center][font size = +2 color = darkblue][b]Allrighty, let's get this game underway.[/b][/font] http:%2
100 messages
08-17-06 05:52 PM
Power Rankings!!!
hey guys... i just came across some power rankings for bb allstars. i dont think that Marcellas should be at the bottom. to me i think janelle should
1 messages
08-18-06 12:07 PM
BBRAT3: Week 5 Results / Week 7 Entry
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/44dc31f21239d5d9.gif [font size = +2][b]Off with her He
21 messages
08-18-06 12:28 PM
Hamsters in a life situation
How would the HGs react in real life work situation in a potential conflict with you? Assume there's a project of some kind coming due
4 messages
08-18-06 12:53 PM
My idea of a good time.....................
.............would be to watch the Live Feed tapes with the hamsters after the show were over. Imagine the fun as Janelle/Howie learn h
2 messages
08-18-06 10:56 PM
No, I'm new to posting. My name is Dee. I just couldn't take the injustice any longer. Janelle has been lucky but she has an "angel" on her
1 messages
08-20-06 09:22 AM
I've enjoyed watching the shows, but cbs continues to manipulate the outcome of the competitions and this is no longer a reality show. sadly for
2 messages
08-20-06 09:25 AM
This is a spoiler-free zone
Please do NOT discuss information in the Fanatics or Bashers forum before it has aired on the show.
2 messages
08-20-06 09:33 AM
Too Bad, So Sad....
LMAO!!!!!!!!! .......And the plot thickens...... I broke out in a fit of laughter last night as I watched the "Black-Widow"
14 messages
08-20-06 01:44 PM
This is a spoiler-free zone
Sorry, won't happen again. i'll look for another forum. didn't know this wasn't live feed postings. good luck with the show. no matter w
1 messages
08-20-06 02:54 PM
Chicken George really ILL???
I came across this article say that chicken george is really sick with some kind of illness! Is it true??? "Apniacs like George a
10 messages
08-20-06 09:14 PM
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