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Jase was on Blind Date
I was channel surfing the other night and saw Jase on Blind Date? Has anybody else seen the episode with Jase on it? Jase's date was a much more
2 messages
09-13-04 03:47 PM
Scott Spotted at Local K-Mart
I was at K-Mart walking down an aisle so I could grab a Case of Diet Pepsi, and I heard someone say, "Hey, I think that's Scott from Big Bro
7 messages
09-13-04 04:50 PM
Idea For BB6?
I was thinking this could be a good idea for the next Big Brother. I think BB should try a Big Brother All Stars where all of the winners from the pa
8 messages
09-14-04 01:04 PM
BB withdraws!
I just want you to know I do have a life other then watching BB. But I sort of go through BB withdraws when the season ends. Its lasts for about 2 wee
9 messages
09-14-04 01:17 PM
Fashion Challenge
Does anyone know what brand of sweat jacket Drew won in fashion challenge? It was light blue and he wore it in diary room.
0 messages
09-14-04 01:40 PM
Letter to Ivan ( I didn't write it... but i wanted to share it)
Dear Ivan: Hey, how's it going out there near Barbados? Listen, lots of us here in Florida have been talking about yo
2 messages
09-14-04 03:57 PM
Question on Veto
How come they don't put up the person that used the Veto, I remeber in years past that the person that used the Veto chose not to use it based on
2 messages
09-14-04 05:38 PM
Actually I am new here.... I posted in both Big Brother, and TAR... simply because those are the ONLY two area's where I chat with different peopl
5 messages
09-14-04 07:26 PM
VH1 Goes Inside BB?
Has anyone seen this? It's pretty good...lots of information from the past seasons of the show. I love when they replayed Marcellas NOT using th
1 messages
09-14-04 08:35 PM
Marvin's exit interview
why didn't the house quests "shout out" send offs to Marvin after he exited the house?
4 messages
09-15-04 04:04 PM
Thank you, Nak!
Okay, so you totally screwed yourself out of 500K by trusting Diane, but how could you have known, right? What I am commending you for is you
7 messages
09-16-04 01:15 AM
BBRAT Wk 12 entry / "Pop Quiz" results
[b]Hello and welcome back to BBRAT![/b] [font size = 0]Vol. 1.12[/font] This game is all about points. Whether
8 messages
09-17-04 06:30 PM
Will the real idiot please stand!
I am now not sure who is more of an idiot, Drew or CB. Cowboy has these votes The twins Diane Drew has these
6 messages
09-19-04 05:40 AM
Okay, I think I have the differences in the three forums down now (it takes a while for us "old folks" to learn ;-) ) Given
1 messages
09-19-04 05:09 PM
Other Weather types for Final HOH Comp.
Well it seems that for the past few seasons the that Part #1 of the Final HOH Competition is Enduring Weather. I'm not surprised knowing the Creat
0 messages
09-20-04 05:53 PM
Drew a Genius or Idiot
I swear, I would have bet the farm on Cowboy being third. Just exactly what happened on Friday? I can't figure out Drew's moves a
10 messages
09-21-04 10:44 AM
Jase on Blind Date
I caught the episode of Blind Date that Jase was on one night last week. I had seen it before BB5 started, but, of course, I didn't "know%2
1 messages
09-21-04 11:36 AM
Since Day One!
Cowboy never betrayed Drew and Drew never betrayed Cowboy and now the two most honest members of the horsemen are in the final two. Horsemen Reign Sup
7 messages
09-21-04 01:59 PM
RE: for Micheal(Cowboy)
Good luck, Cowboy. Hope that you win the $500,000. take care of that wonderful family you have. love always, Morningstar
8 messages
09-21-04 11:46 PM
Drew Daniels Won!!!
drew won, cowboy lost... end of story!!!
0 messages
09-21-04 11:53 PM
Diane Gone Wild
Has anyone here seen Girls Gone Wild: Bad Girls and is man/woman enough to admit it? Well I have and am, and guess what? Pay more attentio
8 messages
09-22-04 00:17 AM
Karen's drawings...
were dead-on! CB's was terrific, him all duuuuhhhh and drooling!
12 messages
09-22-04 00:29 AM
True Personalities
I think that during last night's live show several of the HGs revealed their true personalities (not the characters they played on BB5):
1 messages
09-22-04 02:00 PM
Yummy x 2
Wow - I think most everyone agrees that Drew is fantastically easy on the eyes and we all knew he had a twin - but to see them standing together at th
3 messages
09-22-04 04:46 PM
Diane and Drew on The Early Show
Hi all, Please forgive me if I'm posting a topic already covered, but I looked around a bit and I haven't seen this posted yet, so here
4 messages
09-23-04 05:05 PM
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