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Who do you think will win?
With the last show coming upon us I thought it might be a good idea to hear who others think will win the game. With out giving away a ton of info who
12 messages
09-24-03 06:12 PM
Would tonight be the finally or must it dredge on another week!?
0 messages
09-24-03 06:39 PM
It is over, finaly.
Thank God it is over. It was not the best BB show I have seen. It was the worst? At least they were all called to account for what they said and did
4 messages
09-25-03 07:52 PM
Alison did not "play the best game"
I'm sick of hearing that Ali "played the best game". She played a great 2nd place game, but she played poorly if she wants to win 1st place.
11 messages
09-26-03 03:43 PM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-29-03 AT 07:24 PM (EST)[/font] I was hoping that they would say something about him. But noth
0 messages
09-29-03 07:24 PM
And 2 bitches remain...
As a female viewer I must say that the two remaining houseguests are the least worthy and most obnoxious people I have ever seen in my life. They both
18 messages
10-01-03 03:43 PM
Big Brother Fanatics Final Love List
Ugh. I'm not sure there are going to be ANY favorites after this season. Well, try if you can to list the active 12 members of BB4, in order fro
9 messages
10-12-03 10:04 AM
Big Brother 2 on VHS or DVD
Anyone have Big Brother 2 taped, good quality, on a VHS or DVD? I need this desperately for a show I'm working on. Please email me at crookdra
0 messages
10-17-03 11:52 AM
I still don't get the significance of Jun's connection with an "EX-boyfriend". All through the shows, she made it seem like he was the most
3 messages
10-17-03 02:42 PM
The "Yes, Dear" episode
Did anyone watch? I had to watch to see Will and his razor. Made me realize how much I missed the players from BB2 and BB3. I almost wish they ha
5 messages
10-21-03 07:39 PM
The return of Will
In case anyone didn't see the front page, Will and several other BB guests will be on Yes Dear. Well, they finally got me to watch it. I can%2
9 messages
10-22-03 03:20 PM
Weekly Stipend
In reading the application, it says that all contestants will receive a weekly stipend for the time they are in the house. Does anybody know how muc
1 messages
10-25-03 01:05 PM
erika landin
*** Chat with Erika from the BB4~ Tuesday (tonight) 10/28 ~ (10ET/9CT/8MST/7PT) *** at
0 messages
10-28-03 11:30 AM
Did Alison & Robert go to the premier?
Was wondering... does anyone know if Alison & Robert eventually go to the premier for Runaway Jury? I wonder if they backed out considering the c
0 messages
10-28-03 05:15 PM
BB4 Was The Best Ever
Here goes my first post here, and it's going to be one that goes thoroughly against the grain of public opinion. I think BB4 was the
2 messages
10-29-03 06:52 PM
Jun Song - Questions?
I'm doing a follow-up interview with Jun and invite any fans to post questions here, or send them to my email or Inbox, for me to put to her. %0
0 messages
11-05-03 09:45 AM
Jun Song chat
Jun Song .. Winner of Big Brother 4 chat **TONIGHT** 11/7 10pm est** chat lin
0 messages
11-07-03 06:50 PM
bb3 Chat
**HUGE BB3 chat** Sunday 12/7 8pm est** .. This is going to be an awesome chat. Listed below is a list of all that will be t
0 messages
11-13-03 06:45 AM
RAG BB Leg: Results Wk Nine/Wk Eleven-Finale Entry
Jee was evicted and Robert took over at HOH for week nine. Some RAG BB players took the opportunity to position themselves to make a final run for the
24 messages
11-22-03 07:57 PM
RAG BB Leg: Final Results
The conclusion of Big Brother 4 concluded the second leg of the Reality Adventure Game. In the final two weeks of the game, every point proved to be
1 messages
11-24-03 03:35 AM
Whatever Happened To Brittany?
Does anyone know whatever happened to Brittany from the 1st Big Brother? Anyone know what she is up to? Did she ever hook up with Josh
3 messages
04-27-04 03:14 PM
BIg Bro - Reality Tv Help
Hi there - \Just wondering if any of you can help me!! I am at university and i am styding medai, and for one of my modules i nee
2 messages
05-04-04 10:29 AM
BB fantasy games
Does anyone know of any Big Brother fantasy games for this summer. I have been searching for one for me and some friends to play, but have not found
1 messages
06-19-04 08:25 PM
2 New BB5 press releases
Here are two recent press releases on BB5. No mention as to the cast members but there are references to some new twists... First article
1 messages
06-22-04 12:18 PM
If BB USA takes examples from BB UK, its going to be very interesting. I have been following the BB UK via a Website and they have alrea
0 messages
06-22-04 01:08 PM
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