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Not a good sign...
Last night on CBS, they ran an ad saying there was "still plenty of time to get in the Big Brother house for this summer"... The ad w
8 messages
06-11-02 10:28 PM
Update on Viewing Big Brother 3 Live
[i]Viewing will begin on July 10th, as the television audience sees the Houseguests enter the house. Real is charging $9.95 if you sign up in
9 messages
06-27-02 06:03 PM
Big Brother 3 Unveils New Logo! f I know you guys are very excited. Hey, we had a thread for the new Survivor logo, so
14 messages
07-05-02 01:30 AM
A former Y&R soap star auditioned for BB3
I found this article that a former CBS soap actor from Y&R auditioned for BB3. His name is Thom Bierdz and he played Philip Chancellor III and was
2 messages
07-05-02 11:10 AM
um...When does it start?
I feel silly asking, but I have idea when BB3 starts. Does anyone know if it will be shown on any Canadian channels or if we'll be tuni
Canada Girl
3 messages
07-05-02 01:57 PM
Let's Guess Those Names...
Recently Sleeve posted a (fake) list that he thought could have been names of the contestants of BB3. But that got me thinking. We do this game fo
10 messages
07-05-02 07:39 PM
I would like to write episode summaries
It said to post a request here if I wanted to write episode summaries for Big Brother 3 and I would like to....Get in touch with me....Thanks!
Survivor Freak 1987
3 messages
07-08-02 07:53 PM
Check this out. Gerry was a contestant on a short-lived ABC reality show "The Chair." It's a dead-on match because he identifies himself as Gerr
4 messages
07-09-02 02:52 AM
Houseguests revealed for BB3
The Commercials they have been running on CBS for BB3. Pictures obtained by Check it out
20 messages
07-09-02 09:48 PM
BB England has just begun !!!
Seems like there is a BB starting around the world all the time. BB3 has just begun in England.
2 messages
07-09-02 10:39 PM
Vidcaps vs. still photos
FYI, for anyone that's interested, I setup a page that compares the still shots that CBS has released with the "candid" vidcaps that I
2 messages
07-09-02 11:02 PM
Early Show HG Interviews
Hey..I wanted to kno if anyone caught the Early Show this morning because Julie did a segment on the new houseguests and each of them had a little 5 s
1 messages
07-09-02 11:06 PM
Hmmmm, notice something weird
Did anyone else notice that when they showed the things that will be happeneing in the season that there was a shot of Marcellas in a hammok and Will
Survivor Freak 1987
4 messages
07-11-02 01:20 AM
First Impressions
OK, I jotted some notes as I watched last night... AMY - I HATE HATE HATE her!!! This "Southern Belle" is more like Southern H
17 messages
07-12-02 11:56 AM
My Big Brother Page
Hey, Im jenna, im just starting to watch Big Brother and it's great! ok and I have my veiws on them....ok here we go......... %0
0 messages
07-12-02 01:53 PM
Insight on New Houseguests
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-05-02 AT 02:27 PM (EST)[/font] I thought I would start a new thread on what our take is on the
22 messages
07-12-02 11:59 AM
Just wanted to say that I also think that bartender chick has a great body.
9 messages
07-12-02 03:40 PM
A review of Thursday
I missed tonight's episode and don't know anyone who taped it. Could some kind soul please give me a quick summary of the events of the evening.%0
Canada Girl
8 messages
07-13-02 01:20 AM
Lolly's Summary of Thursday's Episode
Is that going to be called Ep.2 (?). Anyway, Lolly was kind enough to write me a mini summary as I missed the episode and some others have ask
Canada Girl
0 messages
07-13-02 12:04 PM
Big Brother Popularity List V. 3.0
Haven't seen this done yet, so I decided to start this up so we could all share our thoughts of the contestants before the show ends, and see ho
10 messages
07-14-02 06:49 PM
Can we watch 24/7 this season?
I know that the information about ordering the "season pass" to watch BB3 on the web is probably somewhere, I just can't find it and was wonde
10 messages
07-15-02 02:51 PM
anyone know if there is a website about the original BB in the US? Website? Cast list? Thanks Sophie
1 messages
07-15-02 08:31 PM
is running a "Fantasy BB Pool" type thing (pick a team of four - I have no idea how points work ^-^;;) at the [
26 messages
07-18-02 05:35 PM
Throwing the HOH competition
Do you think any of the HGs threw the head of household competition? There are a few I think it would be in their best interest to throw it (Jaso
4 messages
07-19-02 02:34 PM
Big Brother Popularity List V. 3.1
A very good week in the house, I'll warn anyone who hasn't seen the episode for tonight yet to not read any further on in this post. Anyways,
4 messages
07-19-02 07:52 PM
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