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How many on the jury?
Can someone help me with this: I thought that in previous seasons not all of the evicted house guests get to come back and be part of the jury (d
3 messages
07-27-04 02:23 PM
Democratic National Convention
Due to the televised convention, is there going to be an episode tonight? I hope I don't miss out on TAR or BB5.
5 messages
07-27-04 09:40 PM
I am giving up on Big Brother If...
I am giving up on Big Brother on Thursday if Adria/Natalie gets kicked out and if one of the 4H wins HOH. I can not stand watching it anymore with t
7 messages
07-28-04 04:52 PM
Big Brother Love/Loathe List Version 5.2: One Little, Two Little, Ten Little Morons.
If we all voted exactly the way we were thinking, the fish tank would be #1 across the board. Followed by the plastic flamingos Honest
11 messages
07-28-04 05:01 PM
Cast a Vote For Big Brother
Here's a website you can vote for Big Brother 5 as your favorite Reality television series. [b]Now you can let the Networks know what
0 messages
07-28-04 09:27 PM
Drew said he does not know what "confide" means!!!?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-31-04 AT 09:08 PM (EST)[/font] (I MEAN SCOTT, NOT DREW!!!) OMG, talk about
11 messages
07-28-04 10:14 PM
Marvin and Will
These 2 people are the guys with a job that doesn't require a paper hat and burger flipper. Karen is talented but acts like a middleaged street walk
0 messages
07-29-04 03:14 AM
Why not have a washing machine to go with the dryer? Who wants to be trapped in there with smelly clothes and beding?
3 messages
07-29-04 03:49 PM
BBRAT: Wk. 4 Entry / Wk. 2 Scores
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-26-04 AT 05:19 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
20 messages
07-29-04 08:55 PM
I'm new to the live feed!
Hey everyone, I just got the live feed but all I get is the fish tank? Do they continue to show the tank until the east coast see's tonight's
1 messages
07-29-04 09:42 PM
Missed Tuesday, Did Drew.....?
I watched the parts from last week. I missed Tuesday. What happened? Can someone tell me if Drew was crying about the Horseman thing?
1 messages
07-30-04 04:20 PM
Why aren't the houseguests allowed to sing???
Do they have to cut the feeds to fish due to some kind of royalty thing or something?
5 messages
07-30-04 04:28 PM
Scott and his hand
Did anyone notice on Tuesday that when Scot was talking to Drew, he hand his hand way down his pants? It looke like he was either itchy or irritat
8 messages
07-31-04 09:34 PM
Why wasn't Jase eliminated from HOH from the start?
I saw this Thursday night, and watched it again tonight.... but did anyone notice that Jase held on to his and Diane's "figures" in the beginn
2 messages
08-02-04 09:08 AM
Has Jase been on another show?
Hi everyone, I have a friend who swears she's seen Jase on either 5th Wheel or Blind Date. I never watch either show. Does anyone out t
7 messages
08-02-04 02:58 PM
Any thoughts on the A/N twist?
How do you guys think the houseguests will react when they find out that A and N have been swapping places in the house? Obviously Scot
13 messages
08-03-04 11:13 AM
I'm going to give credit where credit is due to Jase. He is making himself by far the most talked about and probably will be the most memorable per
3 messages
08-04-04 01:53 PM
The bible
Some one should throw the book at these morons. I have purchased all the live feeds but no more after this stupid side show. The house has a total IQ
17 messages
08-04-04 01:59 PM
Houseguests you actually like?
OK BB fans, so far, who is your favorite this year? The people that I despise outnumber the likeable ones this year, but I can say that Missy
18 messages
08-04-04 04:11 PM
I missed the show and i wanted to know if anyone can please tell me who won veto power in the house.. thanks
1 messages
08-04-04 11:52 PM
did anyone else catch jase totally sucking in his stomach and flexing his abs when they were picking partners for the POV competition? he is so ful
8 messages
08-05-04 01:54 AM
pink shirts for men
hi It seams strange to me that Jase and Scott wear a lot of pink i notice during the last show that he had a pink hat on, and both wear spand
42 messages
08-05-04 10:42 AM
Are those rubberbands on
Scotts biceps?...I've been trying to figure out what those thin bands are that Scott frequently wears around his biceps. Are they decorative or d
10 messages
08-05-04 01:08 PM
BB5 PTTE Vol. 1.1 Scores and Changes
Allrighty. Finally the first person has been evicted from BB5. Although, it was pretty much a forgone conclusion, from the first episode
11 messages
08-05-04 06:09 PM
BBRAT: Wk 5 entry / Wk 3 scores
[b]Hello and welcome back to BBRAT![/b] [font size = 0]Vol. 1.5[/font] This game is all about points. Whether
9 messages
08-05-04 07:53 PM
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