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Big Bro Alumni
I wonder about some of the alliances that were made during some of these shows. Like did Will marry the girl he met on the show? On another season
3 messages
07-17-05 06:37 PM
This is a spoiler-free zone
Please remember that information from tonight's show should only be discussed on the spoiler forum until after 11pm EDT as a courtesy to our West Co
1 messages
07-19-05 08:37 PM
Programming heads-up to East Coasters
The President wants to chat about his Supreme Court nominee at 9pm EDT, so that could affect the airing of tonight's episode of Big Brother.
10 messages
07-20-05 06:22 AM
anger management
The first BB had a psycologist that commented on the behavior and interactions of the household. It would be a really wonderful gift to all of us view
Steam Ship B
0 messages
07-20-05 12:25 PM
Let's see who Big Brother's biggest fanatic is!
Hey everyone! I am holding a contest to see who is Big Brother's biggest fanatic! The object is to get as many points as possible. There is a ma
0 messages
07-20-05 10:01 PM
BB6-LOD Week 2 Draws
[center][b][font size=5] RECAP OF THIS WEEKS HAPPENINGS[/
5 messages
07-21-05 04:31 PM
BBRAT2: Wk 1 results / Wk 3 entry
[center] Brat/bbrattitle1.gif[/center] Hello and Welcome to the BigBrother Reality Aptitude
19 messages
07-21-05 07:01 PM
Janelle's Criminal Past ?
Can it be true that CBS knew that Janelle was accused of shoplifting and DWI and never told the public? CBS executives said they have no comment. Wh
1 messages
07-22-05 08:18 AM
Does Eric have a shot at winning?
I don't think so! I wonder if he's ever watched Big Brother. The bossy one NEVER wins. It's always the snake in the grass (Eddie, Will,
8 messages
07-23-05 07:58 AM
Eric's Clothing
I am confused why Eric often wears a "Las Vegas Fire & Rescue" tee shirt and cap when he actually serves in the Boston Fire Department. Is he tr
9 messages
07-23-05 09:46 AM
Irritating Ivette
I just want to put some American on her ##### and slap her back to Cuba! I can't believe BB let someone who obviously is extremely short
1 messages
07-23-05 05:22 PM
Hate New Big Brother Theme !
I hate the new Big Brother Theme. I heard that some viewers, like myself, mute the TV sound now. "Survivor", "Amazing Race", etc. neve
1 messages
07-23-05 05:23 PM
Male Body Waxing ?
I couldn't help but notice that several, if not all, of the male contestants seem to have "hairless" bodies. Is it my imagination or is that
3 messages
07-23-05 05:50 PM
Who Was the Sole Vote to Evict Janelle ?
Am I missing something but when are the votes revealed as to who voted for who? Julie only gives the final number.Is it revealed on the "Early Sho
4 messages
07-23-05 05:51 PM
LOD - Week 2 Results/Week 3 Happenings
[center] [b][font size=5]WEEK 2 RESULTS[/center]%
22 messages
07-23-05 08:15 PM
Background Music Blocks Houseguests Talk !
On last night's episode, CBS played such loud background music that it blocked out the HGs conversation; especially during the second-quarter. I
0 messages
07-24-05 11:53 AM
Some Houseguests Can't Spell !
As a teacher, I was embarrassed for several of the houseguests who were unable to spell simple words last night; such as spaghetti. Hopefully, t
2 messages
07-24-05 04:01 PM
BB1 Cast
Going along with the thread of whatever happened to Brittany, whatever happened to the rest of the cast? I know what's become of her, George%
7 messages
07-26-05 01:21 AM
Kaysar's True Colors
I was a fan of Kaysar until last night's episode. I was proud of him for being the only HG to not vote for Michael's eviction.His true colors came
6 messages
07-26-05 10:13 PM
Big Brother #6 Love List 1.0
Why am I the one starting this thread? How is that the show has been on the air for a week and no one's trotted out the luv for this group? --
11 messages
07-27-05 01:10 AM
Betcha Eric didn't see that comin....
Gosh, I have been a BB fan since BB1 and I must say - none of the other "house mates" have effected me as the current ones have. I love this hou
4 messages
07-27-05 03:21 AM
Does anybody else think James' voice and the way he talks sometimes sounds kind of like Anthony Michael Hall from 'The Breakfast Club' and 'Si
captain pikachu
0 messages
07-27-05 11:15 PM
What if.........
..........James wins HOH this week. He could put Kaysar up and wrest control of the house: Sarah, Ivette, Beau, Maggie, April,
11 messages
07-28-05 03:51 PM
BBRAT2: Wk 2 Results / Wk 4 Entry
[center] Brat/bbrattitle1.gif[/center] [b]Hello and Blah Blah the BIG Blah Blah Bl
18 messages
07-28-05 07:57 PM
Eric Booted Out !
Well bless my soul, it's true, I'm in shock. Eric got booted-off last night by 1 vote. Usually the "bossy' contestant stays around. Maybe
0 messages
07-29-05 06:41 AM
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