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RAG BB4 week 9 entry
[b]**** THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL VOTE THREAD****[/b] I will be out of town this week so I am going to take a wild
0 messages
08-29-03 10:50 PM
Big Brother Fanatics Love List 4.8
Week 8! 5 houseguests remain, and here's the update: After Jee wins HOH, the houseguests are tempted to put their mates on the PB
1 messages
09-01-03 12:58 PM
Need help from BB fans for magazine article...
Hello Big Brother fans, I'm currently compiling information on Southerners on reality TV shows for a feature article I'm writing for
1 messages
09-02-03 03:32 PM
They are SO busted!
Oh, dear dear house guests. You KNOW that tape of you dressed up like the evictees is going straight over to them. For the most part that's not a
Canada Girl
1 messages
09-03-03 06:30 AM
How did Ali know about the The Madonna Kiss?
How did Ali know about the Madonna, Britney, Christina Kiss before Jun came back?
2 messages
09-03-03 08:36 AM
Good places to watch BB4
Does anyone know of any good bars or clubs in NYC where I can catch BB4? Do any bars have any BB4 watching nights/parties? Any help would be gre
0 messages
09-03-03 12:25 PM
RAG BB Leg: Results Wk Seven/Entry Wk Nine
Another week, another HG gone. Justin was evicted and scores have continued to go down. Anyone can still join this game. So feel free to give it a t
19 messages
09-03-03 08:54 PM
Was Jun on the MTV Awards?
I've been watching it off and on but haven't seen her at all. Did anyone see her? Was she in the audience or up on stage. Did she seem as freake
Canada Girl
4 messages
09-03-03 10:36 PM
Episode Times
Is tonight's episode at 8 pm eastern instead of 9? How about the episode after that...Friday or Saturday...they keep switching the days and times
1 messages
09-04-03 10:23 AM
Big Brother Fanatics Love List 4.9
The final four! We're almost to the end folks! We have here our final four contestants, Alison, Erika, Jun and Robert! %
4 messages
09-09-03 03:33 PM
Alison rules!
She stated that she was the best player in the house.I personally don't like her but I have to agree that she is the best player in the house,by
14 messages
09-10-03 12:05 PM
the next one gone??
Did anyone else notice that the missing jurors were a girl (who I guessed was Erika before her eviction) and the last one is a male. Is that an e
1 messages
09-11-03 08:54 AM
RAG BB Leg: Results Wk Eight/Entry Wk Ten
Jack was evicted in week eight. As the game comes down to the home stretch, this week could be the most important of all. You can still join the gam
21 messages
09-11-03 09:45 PM
I have asked myself if I would want to be on BB, besides being shut up with insufferable people, I have asked myself if I want to share a toilet w
4 messages
09-13-03 04:15 AM
Big Brother Fanatics Love List 4.10
Gettin down to the nitty gritty... As HOH Robert nominates Ali and Jun for eviction, Ali wins the "Diamond" POV, and uses it to tak
3 messages
09-13-03 10:12 PM
Where is the weekend edition?
it's not listed tonight. It's not listed tomorrow. Are they skipping it this week? Arrgh!
Canada Girl
2 messages
09-13-03 10:24 PM
Did Robert forfeit?
In the last competition to determine who will go on to the final two players, the housemates were instructed to have a hand on their key at all time
3 messages
09-13-03 10:39 PM
Are we going to summarize this season? If so, I would love to sign up. ds/User_files
37 messages
09-16-03 03:18 PM
Week 10 Summary up on Bashers
Gasp...pant... this summary writing is gonna kill me, but it's up! Hope you like it! ds%2
Canada Girl
0 messages
09-16-03 04:05 PM
The Remaining Three
I know that what Alison and Jun said about Robert was really wrong but I would just like to say, that aside, I like them. You can't honestly ex
1 messages
09-17-03 11:40 PM
God I Hate Alison!
But I would sure like to go out with her!
9 messages
09-18-03 00:22 AM
Is there something about beauty pageant contestants from Pennsylvania? Jenna from "Survivor: Amazon"? Alison from "Big Brother"? Th
1 messages
09-18-03 07:05 PM
Why did they let Elena see her dad?
Not that I'm complaining. Not only did it make good TV (the way America's Choice did), but did CBS bring her in because they felt guilty fo
3 messages
09-19-03 11:03 PM
Where is the jury?
Has the jury moved back in to the BB4 house? From what I saw on Fridays show at the end it showed them moving out of the jury house. What day did th
0 messages
09-19-03 11:17 PM
Sign This Petition!!! re: how upsetting BB is this season.
Sign This Petition!!! re: how upse..." Someone emailed me a petition regarding the unfairness of how Big Brother is ending this year %
1 messages
09-23-03 01:45 PM
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