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Ivette Is Mental
Something is seriously wrong with Ivette. All she talks about and thinks about is Cappy this and Cappy that. She needs help badly. Did Eric brainwash
1 messages
08-05-05 09:10 AM
Voting for King Kaysar
I know between the chat rooms and the message boards it seems like most people are voting for Kaysar and that may be the case, but please do not tak
0 messages
08-05-05 09:25 AM
Bringing Back An Evicted HG Unfair
How many fans feel it's unfair to bring back an evicted HG? I do. It means that all the work to gather votes, to win HOH and POV were all a wast
5 messages
08-05-05 10:16 AM
The order of the song/chant Howie did...
Can someone tell me the order of the names Howie sang when Kaysar was leaving the house. I loved it. I want to go around saying it! LOL
0 messages
08-05-05 10:29 AM
Eric is a Zero..don't vote for HIM!
I figured that I would start a new thread with a more appropriate title. I am not an Eric hater but I was really annoyed with how he played
1 messages
08-05-05 01:00 PM
I have nothing against Eric, it is the women who followed him around like sheep and had not one lone thought of their own that gets to me. How long
1 messages
08-05-05 02:50 PM
James is WAYYY 2faced
is it just me or is James like the most 2faced Back stabbing person ever...he even puts his lil Sarah down..and tells people i dont want her
1 messages
08-05-05 03:11 PM
Beau is a whaaa.....?
Beau is a "professional shopper"..what is that...i didnt know you could be a pro at shopping
3 messages
08-05-05 03:15 PM
Is the over 40 crowd extinct?
Pretty interesting that NO houseguests are over 40. And I believe only three this season are over 30. Did Tom Westman's dominance on Survivor this
5 messages
08-05-05 03:47 PM
Don't vote! It's a scam!
As you can see on the CBS website, there's an America's Choice Poll for who goes back in the house. THe polls are open until August 10th. HOWE
2 messages
08-05-05 04:35 PM
Multiple Votes Don't Count!!!!
Uh ohhh.... just found this article from CBS about how multiple votes don't count!!! PLUS, CBS makes the FINAL decision of who comes back!
1 messages
08-05-05 07:52 PM
Call me crazy
But I think Eric is hot. I don't know what it is about him, but I think he's hot. I actually like the bald look he's sporting and the muscle
22 messages
08-06-05 10:11 PM
Why are we mesmorized by Kasar?
I have to admit, my husband and I think he is the best, as everyone else seems to as well! Why is this? I have NEVER posted on a reality tv
6 messages
08-07-05 07:19 AM
Vote for Kaysar
My boyfriend and I are HUGE fans of Kaysar and the team of people who he was playing with. I was very sad and upset to see Kaysar leave and have Howie
3 messages
08-07-05 08:04 AM
Informal Pole
Hello BB6 Fans, this is an informal pole on who you are voing for to return to the house, put in the subjuect line of your reply who you are voing
9 messages
08-07-05 08:04 AM
Howie. Excellent. Could you have botched those nominations any more? So you just guaranteed that everyone from Maggie's end stays in the game%2
1 messages
08-07-05 08:06 AM
Michael's voter thread.
He just seemed so lonely. So anyway, you should vote for Michael because -- wait -- I'm thinking, I'm [i]thinking[/i] --
11 messages
08-07-05 12:31 PM
Did you vote for Eric?
Just reply with a..... YES or NO
3 messages
08-07-05 02:15 PM
is the AC poll fixed....
I was just at the CBS website and looked at the polls of who gets evicted next and/or who wins the grand prize. And it shows that Eric is an option
3 messages
08-07-05 02:19 PM
If Kaysar Is Brought Back.....
Here's how to tell if the voting is real or is rigged, like in "American Idol". If Kaysar returns, the voting is real. If Eric returns, it
5 messages
08-07-05 02:20 PM
Vote for Ashlea!
So she left sequesterville. Big deal. Go for the write-in candidate. Think of all she did for the house. There was the time she...uh, wel
5 messages
08-07-05 08:44 PM
I can't believe how some people can hate so much...
On my messenger I have "Welcome back Kaysar" because I believe he will return Thursday and I can't wait. My 20 something niece messages me and
7 messages
08-08-05 09:58 AM
PINOY BIG BROTHER or KUYA it is the Filipino Version of Big Brother... it will start a on august 22 Philippine Time I
1 messages
08-08-05 11:55 AM
Just My Thoughts
I am new to this forum and this is the first season that I have ever watched Big Brother. I am not impressed with what appears to be (at least in m
7 messages
08-08-05 02:31 PM
Howie As HOH
Howie showed how gullible he is last night when he put up both James and Sarah for eviction. He was swayed by Maggie and her cronies. He evidently has
16 messages
08-08-05 09:00 PM
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