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Please someone please read this.
i have been trying to save my money for days from allowance. i only have 5 bucks so far, and im still broke...i also been trying to search for a jo
0 messages
08-06-04 02:20 AM
Karen = The villian
According to Arnold Shapiro , the show producer, on House Calls. They Thought Karen was going to be the bad guy and that Jase was going to be one
7 messages
08-06-04 01:43 PM
Luxury Competitions?
I remember from years past that they had more luxury competitions instead of just one for access to the hot tub as they have had this year. I have al
1 messages
08-06-04 02:58 PM
New and Improved Names
I've noticed several posters referring to the HGs by names other than those given at birth, so I thought I would start a thread where we could lis
1 messages
08-06-04 06:22 PM
Great episode last night!
I thought last nights episode was one of the best. First we had Scott evicted. Next, we had the HOH competition where all of the remaining Horsemen
7 messages
08-06-04 09:22 PM
Who is this Marcellus
I missed the whole season when marcellus was on, yet he is frequently referred to in these threads. And now he is hosting House Calls. What is so
2 messages
08-07-04 01:27 PM
sequestoring (spelling?)
Does anyone else think they will push the sequestering back a week since new guest(s) are coming into the game. If they don't and 1 person ente
6 messages
08-07-04 03:02 PM
Anyone see the production assistant in the live broadcast?
After scott was evicted, there was a quick, accidental shot of a production assistant takin out Scott's luggage
6 messages
08-07-04 03:04 PM
Big Brother Love/Loathe List Version 5.3: Pestilence goes down.
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-06-04 AT 07:24 AM (EST)[/font] It's been a while. It would have been a much, much longer
3 messages
08-07-04 04:33 PM
The Perfect Plan
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-07-04 AT 05:26 PM (EST)[/font] HOW TO GET RID OF "JASE" Assumptions: a%
3 messages
08-07-04 06:57 PM
Scott, Scott, Scott.....
[font color=navy blue]How DARE you make me like you when you left last night? How could you act humble and shocked and hurt and penitent. To m
6 messages
08-07-04 08:15 PM
As it Stands (Stats on whose done what)
Let's refresh, shall we? Maybe we can notice some patterns... Who has won HOH (and still in the house) Jase, Marvin, Dr
2 messages
08-08-04 08:30 AM
Somebody please help me looking for videotape of thursdays episode
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-06-04 AT 11:50 AM (EST)[/font] Hello all I missed tonights episode, wouldnt care so muc
1 messages
08-08-04 09:25 AM
natalies wrong answer
we are having a "discussion" about tonights head of household competition..maybe somebody could help us. During the competition, did
8 messages
08-08-04 01:16 PM
I wonder who noticed
That near the end of last night's episode there was a very short promo for Thursday, no video just Text "New House Guests Thursday". Notice th
4 messages
08-08-04 01:20 PM
How cool would it be...
If the twins win hoh from here on out and are the two at the end sitting in those chairs. that'd be the best show ever, i think everyone would be
8 messages
08-08-04 10:35 PM
Irony. Sweet Irony.
Although the number of times that Jase has completely pissed me off this season is countless, one of the worst is when he put words in Diane's mou
11 messages
08-09-04 02:09 PM
Whats with Drew?
Drew is a wussbag in my opinion. Crying during his stint as head of houshold because of Jase,That made me loose respect for him. Now hes crawlin up
4 messages
08-09-04 03:01 PM
Nakomas the only smoker?
I would almost place money on the fact that I've seen Diane smmoking, more than once. Am I wrong?
2 messages
08-09-04 03:07 PM
Nakomis has class
I know it sounds weird, but that girl has some class. Giving CB her picture of her dad without hesitation, was the one of the kindest things I bel
32 messages
08-10-04 03:21 AM
When do you think Jase will find out the joke's on him
I read somewhere that Jase is already suspicious of the six finger plan, but I don't get the feeds, so I don't know for sure. Anyway, I thi
8 messages
08-10-04 05:30 PM
Informal BB5 Poll
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-10-04 AT 04:02 PM (EST)[/font] Hello everyone, what houseguest that has been evicted would y
9 messages
08-11-04 12:29 PM
Cowboy Rocks!!!
Im tired of all these people dissin CB. Hey Cowboy Whats up from Brooklyn!!!! Dont ever change! Nakomis is no joke, that chic got them wik
11 messages
08-11-04 12:36 PM
this is too funny !! k.php
2 messages
08-11-04 12:51 PM
Best of the Retarted Cowboy
My best was when the accouncment of the twins came on and he yelled "Oh No". We played the Tivo for 15 minutes back and forth while crying hyster
4 messages
08-11-04 03:41 PM
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