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Chinese reality show (re-runs) Quest USA, Da Tiao Zhan on TV
International Channel is airing the re-runs of Quest USA, Da Tiao Zhan, the 1st Chinese reality TV show in the US. The show is bi-lingual %2
0 messages
01-14-05 10:46 AM
Looking for men, women, couples for new show w/ Dr. Drew Pinsky
Looking for individuals willing to candidly discuss various sex topics for a new show, "Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew" to air on Discovery Health.
8 messages
01-14-05 02:18 PM
What restaurant did Nick & Jess go to in season 3 episode 212 (threes a crowd)
In this epiosde (this is after casey has moved in) Nick & jess go a dinner with just themselves, and they are sitting on a balcony like or out
2 messages
01-17-05 11:00 AM
nanny 911
i think i saw the world's worst mother on nanny 911 and then she's trying to argue with the expert who came to undo her damage
27 messages
01-18-05 11:10 PM
Weekly Whirl, Issue 1: So, What Are "Other" Shows?
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/41efc5bc1f180a3e.jpg [font = “Times New Roman” color = %
1 messages
01-20-05 11:34 AM
Missy Elliot
I can't believe no one is talking about this show! Has anyone seen it on UPN? I've been dying to see it and I've missed it.
1 messages
01-21-05 12:41 PM
High School Reunion 3
HSR3 starts tonight opposite The Amazing Race, if anyone's interested. I'll probably skip this one unless they rebroadcast the episodes at a bet
15 messages
01-21-05 07:28 PM
SISMS Official Episode 2 Summary: A Hair-Raising Experience
Previously on “Sluts on Film”, oops, sorry, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search… [i]Author’s Note: I guess I bette
7 messages
01-22-05 03:46 PM
CBS cancels The Will after one one episode
I blame Estee! :) cles/story.php?s=3180
11 messages
01-23-05 09:09 PM
Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters
Did anyone else watch this? I got completely sucked in. The set up worked well this time. I liked the new Chairman well enough. The American Iro
14 messages
01-24-05 07:10 PM
Celebrity Poker Showdown: Season Five
It starts [b]Tuesday[/b], January 25th at 8/7 central on Bravo. No table lineups yet, but the website says Ray Romano, Brad Garrett
4 messages
01-25-05 02:45 AM
Official RTVW Who’s Your Daddy? Premiere Summary: Only seven of these men deserve to die.
Enter fuming. The tape is in the VCR, ready to run. The opening credits have been cued up. The bedrock at the bottom of the pit is oddl
7 messages
01-26-05 05:29 AM
Style Network is looking for Brides-to-be!
Are you getting married and using a wedding planner? Would you like to have the process and wedding televised? Are you and your wedding planner
2 messages
01-27-05 10:59 AM
RWTV Official Summary: SI Swimsuit Model Search Ep. 3
[h4]Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search: Episode 3 Summary[/h4] [h5]The Tale of the Ice Queen[/h5] I
Mon Cherie
5 messages
01-27-05 03:36 PM
Official Ep. #3 Summary - Horses, Dwarfs and Bears.. Oh My!!
Well after this edition of the Surreal Life I don’t know whether to call PETA or Dr. Phil. In this episode we are treated to abuse, tears and con
8 messages
01-28-05 05:35 PM
TV CASTING... Do your parents EMBARRASS you?
Major Television Network is casting for a prime time, light hearted, family oriented, comedy-reality show. We’re looking for nomin
AMEP Producer
2 messages
01-28-05 05:36 PM
I am doing a speech about reality tv shows at my school and I was wondering if some of you could tell me...Why do watch reality t.v. shows? Why do y
12 messages
01-28-05 07:53 PM
The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliott
Missy did a goood job puttin nic and Frank B on the same song. I think she was trying to see if they could work together even though nic got dissed on
2 messages
02-01-05 03:42 PM
SI Swimsuit Model Search, Ep. 4 Summary, The Meaning of Life
[b]The Meaning of Life: Runway and Boobs[/b] This weeks episode was not merely a skin fest, but a deep philosophical study of
3 messages
02-01-05 11:17 PM
Fox laying off reality...
Fox will be revamping their schedule in the future, saying that reality shows are not doing well. [
9 messages
02-01-05 11:20 PM
Fear Factor Couple, who eliminated? jan 31,2005
I hope its Tina and Randy, I hate them!
Master B
2 messages
02-02-05 11:09 AM
Looking for Feuding Families for new WB Reality TV show
Is there an ongoing conflict in your family? Do you avoid family reunions? Dislike seeing relatives? Ready to work out those issu
0 messages
02-02-05 06:01 PM
Is anybody watching this? Funny Show really. Answering Questions while being in a bed full of lingerie models or Drinking a Glass of Hot Sauce as yo
3 messages
02-03-05 12:47 PM
Peter Brady Fan Club....
[font color=navy blue] come on, ladies, you know that you can't help yourself. You watched The Surreal Life, saw him and now you'
9 messages
02-04-05 06:35 PM
Yankees Reality TV Show - Looking for Yankees Fans
YES Network is looking for a few Yankee fans to live out the ultimate dream. We're sending them to EVERY SINGLE YANKEE GAME (home and away) FOR
1 messages
02-07-05 08:47 AM
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