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Bravo's "Battle of Network Reality Stars" Announced
First of all, I want to ask WHY oh WHY do network execs keep allowing Omarosa onto our tv screens and feeding into her psycho persona? Only in Am
15 messages
07-19-05 07:03 PM
Programming Note: Attention, Hilton Fans
Yes, I'm talking to the three of you in the corner who are not making eye contact and are trying to act like I'm talking to someone else. %
13 messages
07-20-05 09:37 AM
Sports Kids Moms and Dads
I don't see anything else around here on this show, but before I comment - did anyone else watch this show? IMHO it was great and there was a g
3 messages
07-22-05 12:41 PM
Reruns of reality shows
With reruns of TAR and Survivor on what more will come. n_tv/ap_on_tv_reality
1 messages
07-25-05 08:24 AM
Official RTVW Summary: The Scholar Finale
[center][h3][font color=blue]Official RTVW Summary: The Scholar Episode 6 “Scholarships for everyone!“[/center][%2
7 messages
07-25-05 01:53 PM
The Soup
Does anyone else partake in the recent version of "Talk Soup" w/ Joel McHale? That man is hilarious, every week I am rolling on
5 messages
07-27-05 02:11 AM
The Scholar Finale Discussion Thread
Tonight's the night! Which of the five gets to ride the full boat to college? Let's keep discussion on this thread so that West Co
22 messages
07-27-05 08:33 PM
Fight for Fame
Anyone else catch this on E!?? ds/User_files/4230bd671c06101d.jpg
3 messages
08-01-05 09:44 AM
TBS's Pauly Shore "Minding The Store" show
I think this premiered Sunday, but I only got a chance to watch my DVR recordings of it last night. Is it me, is this show a PG-13 clone of Showt
6 messages
07-31-05 10:21 PM
Situation: Comedy
It appears that the Bravo TV show Situation: Comedy is premiering on 7/26 at 7/8c. Many people I know submitted scripts for the contest and I%2
3 messages
08-02-05 12:25 PM
Marty from "Who wants to marry my dad?"
I was watching T.V. at like 4 o'clock this morning and saw a commercial for some dental thing. I think it was for a dental procedure. Anyway, th
1 messages
08-02-05 03:24 PM
Info Pls: Name & Schedule of Fire Me reality show?
Greetings, Please tell me the network or cable channel I saw the program where people try to get fired by 3pm on their first day on the j
5 messages
08-03-05 00:33 AM
Foodies and Travel Freaks
If youve seen any of Tony Bourdains shows, youll know they are hard to classify.....I guess his new one fits in here. http://travel
3 messages
08-03-05 03:40 PM
Mtv's The 70's House
Does anyone have any info on Sarah from the 70's house? thx in advance.
2 messages
08-05-05 12:12 PM
The Complex Malibu- Hell's Kitchen- Rocco's Restaurant
Anyone know if there will ever be another season for these shows? I really enjoyed these shows!
4 messages
08-06-05 11:02 AM
Last nights "Hilton"
Is anyone else peeved that instead of time delaying the show they just decided to cut in on it after the president made his nomination? I
18 messages
08-06-05 11:08 AM
morgan spurlock's twist on reality
Morgan Spurlock who brought us the provocative indie film "Supersize Me" now has a similarly modeled reality series on FX Networks titled %2
8 messages
08-06-05 11:29 AM
Texas Ranch house
PBS tosses volunteers into its time machine again....Ive enjoyed the others, so theres no reason to think that this one will be any different.
1 messages
08-08-05 11:18 AM
The Law Firm: David E. Kelley dips his toes into reality waters!
As a long-time fan of David E. Kelley's shows, I'm really looking forward to watching his first reality show effort tomorrow night. So far, t
52 messages
08-08-05 05:30 PM
Mtv's The 70's House: The REAL Peter Asencio
I think Mtv needs to be more selective about who they place on their shows. Peter Asencio from the show (better known as 'The Ladies'
9 messages
08-09-05 09:27 AM
No Brat Camp on 8/10???
Okay so now I am completely addicted to this show! I just saw on that the new Brat Camp is not listed for Wed. night. There will be a
2 messages
08-09-05 11:30 AM
Reality TV game night
I work with teenagers in the Greater Philadelphia area, and in October, we are planning a Reality TV game night, where I'd like to set up comp
1 messages
08-09-05 02:45 PM
Going Tribal
I guess this is a stab at Reality TV for the Discovery Channel. A Brit (Bruce Somethingorother) is going to live with indigenous tribes across th
1 messages
08-11-05 09:35 AM
Mo'Nique's Fat Chance
Has anyone heard about this? I just happened to stumble across this little tidbit. This appears to be the synopsis: "Billed as "c
2 messages
08-12-05 03:05 PM
Hooking up- "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" of On-Line Dating
ABC had a new 5-part documentary starting this Thursday at 9, that follows 12 women from Manhattan as they experience all aspects of Internet dating
62 messages
08-12-05 04:56 PM
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