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Drawn Together + Ling-Ling On Comedy Central
I am loving this show!!! Its so raw and raunchy and each episode they do something different that grosses you out even more. Is anyone else wat
0 messages
12-10-04 12:30 PM
Who is watching besides me? Oh come knew I would be there! Half naked men! WOO and HOO! http://community.
90 messages
12-10-04 05:26 PM
robert englund
hello to all l am sue from the uk robert englund is in a reality tv in jan 2005 l w
1 messages
12-12-04 12:49 PM
John Mayer on VH1-You Will Laugh Out Loud
John Mayer is a popular rock/pop star. VH1 gave him a half hour show, called "John Mayer" where he interviews, participates in some gags/
mocha madness
0 messages
12-14-04 04:22 PM
Gotaa ask
does the new show drawn together count as a reality show?
17 messages
12-19-04 05:48 PM
Take a Reality TV Survey! RTV? Love it or hate it....we want to know...
I am a Master’s degree student doing research on Reality TV and wanted to invite you to take the poll. It requires nothing more than 5 minutes of y
1 messages
12-20-04 08:54 PM
The Swan 2 starts tonight
I know some people think this show is ugly, wrong and reprehensible... but I am not one of them!! Who is going to join me? :)
32 messages
12-22-04 05:58 PM
High School Reunion - ep 2
Did anyone else watch this episode yet? It has a terrible time slot for a reality show. We met the two wild sisters this episode. I rea
6 messages
12-29-04 09:08 AM
reality shows
Hi, Does someone have complete seasons of reality shows on tape. I'd like to have it please. Thanks Jo
0 messages
12-29-04 12:43 PM
The Hoochie!
Did anyone else see the first episode of this show on E! It is kind of a ripoff of "The Swan". Every week they profile the transformations of tw
2 messages
12-31-04 02:32 PM
Looking for a family who is tired of the rat race!
Are you tired of the rat race? Do you dream of moving your family to a more rural environment? Think your kids need a reality check on life and ne
5 messages
12-31-04 02:37 PM
HIDDEN TALENT SHOW The new television program, HIDDEN TALENT SHOW, wants to transform you and your co-workers into S
1 messages
01-03-05 06:58 PM
2 messages
01-03-05 07:07 PM
Celebrity Poker Showdown Season 5: the table lineups. ds/User_files/4152c6b4446135a3.jpg
4 messages
01-04-05 07:06 AM
Diary of an Affair - New Documentary-Style Series
"Diary of an Affair" is entering it's 2nd season on E! & Style. Seeking people who would like to talk about how their affair affected them%2
0 messages
01-04-05 06:16 PM
Who's Your Daddy!?!
This show has got to be an exercise in bad taste! I hope they hired Dr. Phil to tell all the "Daddys" what sh_tbags they are for meeting their
6 messages
01-05-05 02:40 AM
Who's your daddy? premiere discussion.
I'm a third of the way through it now. I'm not sure [i]what[/i] to think just yet. T.J. isn't helping.
16 messages
01-05-05 02:50 AM
Drawn together season over
I was on and read that Drawn Together won't be back untill Fall 2005. Also, there is one unaired episode (106). It was banned b
0 messages
01-05-05 02:21 PM
The Will
Anyone planning to watch this show tonight?
56 messages
01-10-05 02:35 PM
Ortega Promotes Reality TV Shows to Spark New Happiness Industry
In an upbeat twist to America's red-hot reality TV craze, international happiness promoter George Ortega has launched an ambitious campaign to cre
0 messages
01-10-05 03:01 PM
Official RTVW Summary: The Will Premiere Episode
[h1][center]I’d Bet the Ranch…[/center][/h1] Welcome to the premiere episode of [b]The Will[/b]. In
6 messages
01-11-05 01:27 PM
Celebrity Blackjack on GSN: the Final Four.
Two of whom got there just by surviving the Dealer Of Death at the semifinal table. Ye gawds. What [i]was[/i] that last night, Jason's
4 messages
01-12-05 10:03 AM
Anyone see "The Will"
What a load of crap that show is. Is this family for real? Does this rich guy really want to leave anything to any of these people? I already s
2 messages
01-12-05 12:28 PM
A new TV SHOW for a MAJOR NETWORK wants to transform YOU and a group of YOUR FRIENDS or CO-WORKERS into SINGING & DANCING SUPER STARS! %0
3 messages
01-12-05 08:45 PM
extreme makeover loses ALL credibility tonight ....
Extreme makeover helps out a family who stupidly leave on a space heater and anren't smart enough to begin with to have enough insurance on t
6 messages
01-13-05 07:37 AM
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