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Battle Of The Network Reality Stars Summary Schedule Thread
Hopefully I'm not stepping on BluePeep toes with this, but it premieres Wednesday and there was a [i]lot[/i] of interest in this on the
27 messages
09-21-05 11:53 AM
Celebrity Poker Showdown: Season Six
Begins Thursday, August 18th at 9pm Eastern. bc/bravo-20050707000000-bravodealsaful
34 messages
09-22-05 07:32 PM
R U The Girl with T-boz and Chilli?
Did anyone see this show on Wednesday?
7 messages
09-22-05 08:43 PM
Turning The Page (Davis to Leave Trading Spaces)
Think it's the sex tape, or...? ory&cid=797&ncid=762&e=8&u=/eo%
15 messages
09-26-05 05:07 PM
TUF Ring Girl
Lets face it guys, most of us are looking on the divas of the sports that we usually watch. Well i have a new fave babe i saw her as one of the ring
0 messages
09-23-05 00:43 AM
MTV: The Network I love to Hate
I took a look see at MTV this weekend. Two shows slapped me in the face. On Cribs they actually showed a house where they have know tho
mocha madness
5 messages
09-26-05 05:16 PM
Footballer wive$ on BBC America
This from TV Guide... Infidelity? Check. Cocaine habit? Check. Illegitmate children, lesbian sex, kidnapping, attempted murder,
0 messages
09-26-05 07:21 PM
Meet my folks
Anyone remember this show? I think that was the name of it. 3 guys would come to spend the week with the parents of a hot chick and all of their d
7 messages
09-28-05 05:21 PM
Bound For Glory
I love this show. Has anybody else seen it. This is what reality TV should be like.
2 messages
09-28-05 06:11 PM
Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive
I can't believe no one is talking about [|Fi- thy Rich]. I know it doesn't have much of an audienc
9 messages
09-29-05 03:29 PM
Extreme Makeover Home Edition 5/22 Episode
Extreme Makeover Home Edition has just completed filming another episode here in Arizona that will air on 5/22. This time they build a house for the
7 messages
09-29-05 09:33 AM
Bravo's All-Star Reality Reunion
I hope Iím doing this rightÖnever started a thread beforeÖ Did anyone watch this? Iím interested to hear what everyone thought.
17 messages
09-29-05 06:38 PM
Fire Me Please
Iím surprised this hasnít been started yet. I thought I would hate this show but itís pretty funny. The 3:00 deadline is the wrinkle I didní
34 messages
10-01-05 00:50 AM
Egg on my face...
Umm, I guess this is a spoiler, if the show ever airs, so be warned. :-) Remember the shelved "Welcome to the Neighborhood,%2
5 messages
10-03-05 09:24 PM
VH1 hits the absolute bottom of the psuedo-celebrity barrel.
And on top of that, it's an American Idol ripoff. So we now have Z-listers who can't sing. Why not just change their motto to 'VH1: We Br
1 messages
10-06-05 12:05 PM
Drawn Together Season #1 now available on DVD.
I'll just put this on the 'Things I'm Ashamed To Admit I Bought' shelf... All the episodes come in extended versions, there's some previo
1 messages
10-07-05 01:40 PM
Nanny help shows
i like the nanny help shows just because of how much I have seen some parents benifit just from watching. Last nights Nanny 911 with the dad who let h
2 messages
10-11-05 07:52 PM
Last nights extreme home makeover
Last night's extreme home makeover was done about a month ago at a place I walk past almost every day. I loved the portrayal of our city, it reall
4 messages
10-11-05 07:55 PM
Made in the U.S.A on USA?
I saw a commercial for this show while watching E! or something over the weekend...looks pretty cool--a reality show where they take inventors and j
uglier than sarah w
13 messages
10-12-05 08:41 AM
Battle of the Network Reality Stars confirmed for second season. (Cast it!)
-- by, of all people, Ethan Zohn, who already did [b]Fear Factor[/b] on top of this and must be looking for sixty or seventy more plac
0 messages
10-12-05 01:50 PM
MTV's The Reality Show
Did anyone besides me and the hubby watch the new MTV show.The Reality Show?? I you can sit through 30 mins of that moron Andy #####,
15 messages
10-19-05 04:35 AM
The Ultimate Hustler
BET has done it again. Yet another ignorant black show with extremely ignorant young people. What is the point of this show? Does anyone know?
0 messages
10-19-05 03:19 PM
10/16 Extreme Home Makeover
As I reported out in August, I led a group of about 25 high schoolers to work at Camp Barnabas the week Ty and crew showed up to start working
4 messages
10-19-05 05:30 PM
Endurance: Tehachapi
I know there is a small group of devoted Endurance fans out there. I just wanted to remind them that the new Season starts this Saturday! %0
7 messages
10-19-05 11:36 PM
Drawn Together Season #2.
Well, it's not as if anyone else was planning on launching their season with Holocaust jokes.
3 messages
10-20-05 02:13 PM
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