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0 messages
06-05-06 10:42 PM
Ultimate Fighter 3
Is anyone watching Ultimate Fighter 3? Wanna talk about it? ds/User_files/40b63fe13
9 messages
06-06-06 12:25 PM
National Spelling Bee Competition
I watched the final on Thursday night (flipping in between the NHL Conference Final and the spelling bee competition), and was blown away by the
2 messages
06-07-06 06:59 PM
Celebrity Poker Showdown New Orleans Table #2: Michael Ian Black And The River Cards Of Ramses.
We are in the middle of the most improbable, unbelievable, and disturbing streak in CPS history. This has never happened before and if the powers
4 messages
06-08-06 07:39 PM
whatever happened to??
I'm curious, what happened to the following RTS's?? Extreme Makeover (not the Home Edition) Who Gets The Dog? The Swan%
2 messages
06-11-06 12:48 PM
Extreme Makeover fans
Does anyone have some old copies of Extreme Makeover that I can pay you for? I am trying to finish my ph.d and need some old episodes. Please email
3 messages
06-11-06 09:32 PM
Hell's Kitchen Tonite!
I only wish I could hear Ramsey yell at Miguel. ds/User_files/41d441435f8ec3fb.jpg %
1 messages
06-12-06 12:08 PM
NANNY 911 is casting in ARIZONA and LOS ANGELES
Below is the Press Release announcing that we are currently casting a third season of Nanny 911 for Fox. I am the Casting Producer who is
0 messages
06-15-06 08:08 PM
why isn't there a forum for Queer Eye?
The new season premiers tonight and I haven't seen any mention of it....
4 messages
06-16-06 07:36 PM
Official RTVW Fear Factor Reality Stars II (Part 1) Summary: Seven Seconds.
Due to the controversial nature of this episode, the usual nature of the summary has been altered. While the events that lead up to the problem tim
5 messages
06-16-06 09:47 PM
Celebrity Poker Showdown New Orleans Table #3: She Hacked the Game
Is there any other possible explanation for Dave's pick winning THREE WEEKS IN A ROW? SERIOUSLY? No huge beats or anything from what
3 messages
06-17-06 00:09 AM
I'm looking for opinions about makeover shows!
Hi there, I'm part of a team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, and we're doing survey research on a variety of m
1 messages
06-17-06 11:06 AM
The Block
I can't beleive I am the only person who watched this, but I have missed the last show...anyone know who won?? or where I can find out. I ti
Theresa Hayes
2 messages
06-18-06 04:17 PM
Texas Ranch House 1847
Hi folks for any of you that watched and loved Colonial House, 1900 House, Frontier House and Manor House on PBS Texas Ranch House starts tonight
17 messages
06-18-06 11:03 PM
Official RTVW Fear Factor Reality Stars II (Part 2 of 3) Summary: In Which Jon Keeps Breathing, But Only For A Little While.
{Last time on [b]Fear Factor[/b]: if you don't know, you probably don't want to know. If you do know, you probably didn't be
0 messages
06-22-06 11:43 AM
Official RTVW Fear Factor Reality Stars II Finale Summary: So Long, Farewell, Goodbye. (We'll Miss You.)
{But the good news is: not only are we never doing this again, but no matter how much rough paraphrase, strange twists of the local tongue,
0 messages
06-28-06 03:26 PM
Celebrity Poker Showdown New Orleans Table #5: Cosmic justice is served.
Here's what you need to know. Andy Dicque played. Andy Dicque was out within a couple of hands because he went all-in with a flush against a highe
0 messages
06-29-06 10:54 AM
Five new reality show forums added
Just a note that new forums for the following reality shows were added early this morning: - America's Got Talent - Laguna Beach %
5 messages
06-30-06 12:27 PM
Tuesday Night Book Club
Am I the only one that watched this? I kind of liked it. ds/User_files/44103e0351f
14 messages
06-30-06 02:21 PM
If you aren't watching this show, you are missing the worst troll to hit Reality TV...EVER. Worse than Johnny Fairplay, Janice Dickinson or eve
2 messages
07-03-06 04:40 AM
Game Show Marathon
Anyone catch this? I saw half of the Price is Right episode and all of the Let's Make A Deal episode. Just a few observations: 1.
28 messages
07-05-06 05:00 PM
Fear Factor: Reality Stars II
Starts tomorrow (6/6 at this writing), which means this is also a potential East Coast Spoiler Thread for the episode(s), and we'll fi
50 messages
07-06-06 07:24 AM
Celebrity Poker Showdown New Orleans Finale: In which Michael Ian Black's death is ruled to be suicide.
Be honest: if they found his body in a Bourbon Street alley two hours after the tournament, wouldn't you think he'd done it to himself? Af
2 messages
07-06-06 07:14 PM
Supergroup on Vh1
Ted Nugent, Scott Ian, Jason Bonham, Sebastian Bach and Evan Seinfeld have 12 days to create a performance for fans in Las Vegas. Eve
10 messages
07-07-06 10:23 AM
Canadian Idol
Anyone watching? What do you think?? I am not usually a fan of this show (and especially not of the AI counterpart) as the music
3 messages
07-08-06 11:34 AM
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