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TLC's Property Ladder on 10/21
Hey guys! I just watched TLC's Property Ladder episode for tonight, and the girl featured as the firt-time house flipper was named Melanie Star
1 messages
10-22-05 12:59 PM
Pros vs. Joes
Or, Battle of the Wanna-Be Reality Stars . . . [ 2|coming soon] to Spike. Apparently%
Cygnus X1
4 messages
10-23-05 10:20 AM
This is going to hurt: The Scorned premieres at 9 p.m. EST on E!
That's the movie that all the [b]Kill Reality[/b] 'stars' made. So in other words: starring Jon Dalton, who still doesn't get
0 messages
10-31-05 01:10 PM
10.31.05 CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK: Halloween Edition HALLOWEEN NIGHT MONDAY, OCTOBER 31 @ 10PM/9C http://community.reality
0 messages
10-31-05 06:48 PM
And coming up on the outisde in the DAW Sweepstakes...
Okay, Fear Factor managed to survive asoramO (I figure that's safe) when it had its first [ les%
Cygnus X1
1 messages
11-01-05 04:02 PM
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition- Ohio
My parents report that Ty and crew have been working on a house in a suburb of Youngstown, Ohio (Boardman) for the past week. The hou
7 messages
11-03-05 11:10 AM
Ultimate Fighter Finale and casting
No board for this show, but the last one episode of the season was awesome. Probably one of the best UFC matches I've seen between Forrest Griffin
6 messages
11-03-05 07:39 PM
Inked/Miami Ink
Is anyone wathcing these shows? I love them. Inked features Carey Hart's tattoo parlor and is really good. I really like the people he has work
10 messages
11-03-05 07:41 PM
My Super Sweet 16
Has anyone been watching this. I hate this $hit. These girls and boy who have had one so far are the lamest people. They are so mean and spoiled.
36 messages
11-03-05 07:50 PM
new celebrity docu-soaps project
Hello everyone, For a third year university media and cultural studies project I am studying the appeal of celebrities and docu-soaps. As
0 messages
11-17-05 04:54 AM
latest event on UFC
hey guys who watch UFC in here? anyone? i dont believe that im the only one watching the show. anybody else? their latest event will be on Nov.
4 messages
11-18-05 01:58 AM
MTV Documentary on Pageants
Is it your dream to be a Beauty Queen? Do you live and breathe for a crown? A title? Whatever the goal, we want to hear from you!%
0 messages
11-18-05 05:05 PM
Celebrity Poker Showdown: Tournament Seven (One million dollar prize pool anyone?)
For whatever reason, Phil Gordon isn't busy, so they've decided to keep the CPS train running. Here are the game groups for Tournament Seven%0
14 messages
11-18-05 05:57 PM
Joe Schmoe in space
Thrusday, while driving through one of those States with a lot of corn, I heard a radio talk discussion about a new British Reality TV show that i
1 messages
11-20-05 07:54 AM
I can't be the only person around here addicted to this show. I always used to watch Scariest Places on Earth on Fox Family and this show puts it t
9 messages
11-20-05 03:15 PM
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Anyone catch last night's show with the family who loves the Red Sox? There are such a great family and are so deserving of the home they got. Th
0 messages
11-21-05 12:52 PM
My Fair Brady
This looks hideous... It appears as though DAW's Christopher Knight (aka, Peter Brady) and his girlfriend, ANTP Winner from seaso
46 messages
11-21-05 06:48 PM
Newlyweds 3 still LMAO at Dumb as a Rock Jessica
It is hard to imagine this duo is still at it.....I guess Jessica's Dad needs to see his no-talent daughter on TV once again. This couple is doomed
mocha madness
9 messages
11-25-05 02:36 PM
The Gastineau Girls are coming back for a second season!
You either love 'em or hate 'em, I happen to think they're hysterical. I couldn't even imagine borrowing my mother's bra! Did anybody
3 messages
11-27-05 10:28 PM
Pineapple + How I met your mother
Did anyone watch how I met your mother last night? It was the best episode yet! I still want to know where he got the pineapple and what it was fo
1 messages
11-29-05 12:58 PM
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 12/04/05
Not even 10 minutes in and I am sobbing! A mother of 3 passed away and the oldest is only 6. I can't wait to see how this works out. ht
2 messages
12-04-05 09:51 PM
Fear Factor Returns 12/06/05
Is anyone else watching besides me? I can't wait to see how they are going to people's home to get them involved. http:%
11 messages
12-08-05 09:15 AM
What about this Space Cadets Show?
I can't wait until it comes here... Endemol (UK) show where people are recruited for a trip to space! They go through training and
0 messages
12-09-05 03:15 AM
Making the Band3...Just like the Apprentice....only a smaller audience
I started watching this at the end of last season. P.Diddy or whatever the hell he calls himself, went through the entire process, and then claim
mocha madness
6 messages
12-13-05 07:15 AM
Fear Factor's newest stunt: shark jumping.
You do [i]not[/i] give contestants the chance to choose who goes home! They're going to play 'Eat The Strong' (pat. pending EPMB%
1 messages
12-15-05 08:58 AM
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