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Has "The Family" been cancelled?
I thought "The Family" was on Tuesdays, but I did not see it listed last night. Instead, there was listed a gritty Barbara Walters special.%0
8 messages
06-04-03 00:43 AM
Anyone else watching Sorority Life?
I am hooked on this show! I was hoping someone else was watching it and could give me some dirt! (yeah, I'm a pathetic loser) I
6 messages
06-05-03 01:45 AM
Eco-Challenge: Fiji Starts Tonight (Monday)
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-06-03 AT 08:41 PM (EST)[/font] on the USA channel, 10:00 PST. I saw in my cable-guide that
20 messages
06-10-03 04:42 PM
Surf Girls
Is anyone watching the MTV Surf Girls show? I caught a few minutes of the the second episode (I am guessing) and I was at least entertained whi
4 messages
06-10-03 04:44 PM
Global Extreme--Everest this Thursday
ABC tries its hand on making something of the OLN show "Global Extremes" by showing the "finals" this Thursday, the 12th. I think maybe thr
mocha madness
1 messages
06-10-03 08:06 PM
anna nicole's show
i know, i know. before you lecture me, i already know i should never be watching anna nicole. but it's like a train wreck. i just can't stop s
2 messages
06-14-03 08:33 AM
Trading Spaces:When Homeowners Strike Back
She hated it! A disgruntled homeowner tells what she *really* thought of her experience on TS. From the March 30th episode
19 messages
06-19-03 01:17 PM
Meet My Folks!
Is anyone else watching? LOL! I think it's hilarious! ds/User_files/3dd2e4dc402
0 messages
06-17-03 07:46 PM
'The Restaurant' discussion thread
The first thread on this show, which will air on NBC Sunday nights at 10 PM, was started by mackey on 6/17. Per mackey's request, I have de
0 messages
06-20-03 01:25 PM
The Family
has anyone heard any news on this? are they planning on showing it this summer or are they going to make me sad and put it on the shelf? i r
6 messages
07-07-03 10:20 PM
Monster House
Has anyone else watched this? It's on the Discovery Channel. It's what would happen if you let Tim the Tool Man from Home Improvement decorate y
0 messages
07-08-03 10:53 AM
Iron Chef
i know it's old news but forgive me, i just got cable. is this show supposed to be a joke? it has to be the most messed up cooking sh
11 messages
07-08-03 05:58 PM
Elyse :(
I REALLY REALLY wanted Elyse to win last night. I haven't been a regular viewer of the show but I caught it a few times and from the first shoot I
1 messages
07-09-03 09:46 AM
Boarding House's Sunny Garcia
Is this guy an ass or what? I just can't believe that none of these guys he's running around smacking aren't taking a swing back at him or %
2 messages
07-09-03 04:45 PM
More quality entertainment brought to you by FOX
OMH. have any of you seen this show Banzai that is on right now (following the Simpsons)? I don't know if it has been on before, but this is
6 messages
07-14-03 10:31 PM
ABC's The Dating Experiment
OK, I know no one watches ABC and all, but did anyone else out there happen to catch last night's premiere of this program? http%
6 messages
07-17-03 08:17 PM
PREDICTION: Jen Winner of Surf Girls
Hey all, For any Surf Girls fans out there, I've been doing some digging and I'm 90% sure Jen (Jennifer, NOT Jenna obviousl
1 messages
07-18-03 06:36 PM
AAAUUUGGGHHH!!! American Iron Chef!?!?!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-21-03 AT 11:52 AM (EST)[/font] Time for a serious rant: I tuned in last night (Sunday nig
2 messages
07-21-03 03:20 PM
Faking It
TLC is running this new series called Faking It. I hate it. I think the premise is ridiculous. It has no point at all whatsoever.
6 messages
07-22-03 02:18 PM
What happened to the " Kavita " forum?
I was looking for the forum about Kavita from Exiled...and it mysteriously dissapeared. Does anyone know what happened to it?
Exiled producer
3 messages
07-22-03 02:22 PM
Sorry, but I just had to post this...
Was looking through the selectsmart quizzes and I found one for Trading Spaces. I just have to post it... So which Trading Spaces Cast Mem
17 messages
07-22-03 09:46 PM
I Miss Ty Pennington
Trading Spaces just ain't the same without him. New guy is cute, but an airhead. Bring back Ty!!! http://community.realit
12 messages
07-22-03 02:24 PM
Did NBC's 30 minute "Queer Guy" do the show justice?
This was exactly what I was kinda concerned about when NBC first announced this idea, and after seeing it last night, I think the concern was legi
2 messages
07-25-03 10:50 PM
Anything for Love
this show just demonstrates how pathetic the american public can be. my girlfriend might be cheating on me, so let's find out, by set
7 messages
07-27-03 02:09 AM
surf girl mary osborne needs votes
Mary needs your votes she's up for a action girl sports award.Can you take 1 minute of your time to vote THANKS WWW.ACTIONGIRLSPORTS.COM
3 messages
07-27-03 03:21 AM
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