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Save No Boundaries in the U.S.
Well, as some of you probably know, the WB canceled "No Boundaries" in the United States a while back. I'm part of a group of fans that's
0 messages
04-19-02 08:32 PM
SNL Spoofs OZZY!!!!!
Did ya'll see this!!! It was hysterical!! The characterzations were right on the mark! It was Ozzy in the studio, and e
Drive My Car
2 messages
04-21-02 09:55 PM
No Boundaries Bites
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-15-02 AT 03:20 PM (EST)[/font] wassup with this show. First we get new shows Sunday and Wedne
2 messages
04-24-02 12:30 PM
Summary: Combat Missions, Ep. 13
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-16-02 AT 09:07 PM (EST)[/font] [i][b]Warning:[/b] This summary contains offen
6 messages
04-24-02 04:22 PM
Summary: Combat Missions Evolutions 14 and 15.
I apologize for not getting this out any sooner. I have been busy, but more to the truth is that I've been completely unmotivated to review the s
0 messages
04-26-02 02:31 PM
Fantasy baseball AND reality TV??? Now that's a show I'll watch!;j- essionid=0Q0OWE34WPNQCCRBAEZSFEYKEEATIIWD?type=entertainmentnews&StoryID=886559 %0
2 messages
05-01-02 02:49 PM
Combat Missions Final Evolution
Nice to see charisma free Bob lose, although Dexter's singing almost had me changing my mind. Shame about Jeff losing due to a dodgy weapon. :%2
4 messages
05-01-02 02:54 PM
A request regarding No Boudaries
I know that people in Canada are still getting the series, whereas here in the U.S. we haven't seen anything past ep#4. What I am req
shakes the clown
6 messages
05-05-02 08:39 PM
No Boundaries TV - Possible Final 3's
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-27-02 AT 07:44 PM (EST) by SurvivorBlows (admin)[/font] ADDING SPOILER WARNING SPACE... ADDIN
5 messages
05-07-02 03:52 PM
Realitynewsonline article
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-03-02 AT 11:24 PM (EST)[/font] An interesting article with some inside tidbits about a slew of
7 messages
05-09-02 06:34 AM
Watch No Boundaries!
There are no spoilers here - feel safe to read on. I just want to make sure you all watch this show when it re-airs. I just watched the final episode
2 messages
05-14-02 10:05 AM
No Boundries Final Show
Here is some preliminary blabbing to avoid any inadvertent spoilers for US people who are hoping that No Boundries will one day return to the 50 state
Canada Girl
8 messages
05-14-02 10:18 AM
When Has-Beens Attack: The Sequel!
So anyone placed their bets for the second round of (barely) Celebrity Boxing? We have "Horshack" vs. former 98-lbs weakling brillo-headed %
8 messages
05-23-02 01:32 PM
Can it be Reality TV if they're not real...
E! - trying to fill the gaping void on television caused by the cancellation of Baywatch has decided to gravy-train MTV's the Osbournes with their
1 messages
05-29-02 11:32 AM
Canadian Reality Television
I wanted to know - since we have a herd of Canadians here....anyone else watch (or have seen) the following shows? I'm pretty sure this i
5 messages
05-30-02 05:59 AM
Weakest Link Canceled
Due to poor ratings NBC will not have the Weakest Link on its schedule next fall. This really sucks since the whole reason they have low ra
13 messages
05-30-02 10:25 AM
Anna Nicole Smith will be featured in a 6-part reality show. For those of you blessed enough to not know her, she is an archetypal body-altered bim
9 messages
06-03-02 02:01 PM
Another "Survivor UK" slinks away
"Survivor UK 2" just finished. VERY little US buzz about it. Most interesting notes: 1. The verdict was UNANIMOUS in both Survivor
7 messages
06-04-02 05:43 PM
Frontier House
This is a true survival show! I love the Glenn Family. They went into it with the right attitude. They knew it would be tough and that
5 messages
06-10-02 02:27 PM
Has anyone else caught this little bit of reality programming? Yikes! How long ahs this been on the air? I saw it during a particul
6 messages
06-13-02 02:38 PM
Unoffical BiA Episode 2 summary
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-13-02 AT 00:06 AM (EST)[/font] [i][b]Bachelorettes in Alaska #2[/b]: "Scen
2 messages
06-17-02 02:26 PM
Dog Eats Dog
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-27-02 AT 00:00 AM (EST)[/font] Here is an article from EXTRA about Dog Eats Dog. ht
14 messages
06-18-02 10:45 AM
"ELIMIDATE": the survivor of dating
I can't believe there's not a thread on this. A guy or a girl gets a group date with 4 others (of the opposite sex). As the date goes on
14 messages
06-18-02 05:11 PM
Lawsuit against MTV's "Harrassment"
All I can say is ewwwwwwwww... html [b]MTV Sued Over Reality Show Corpse
8 messages
06-18-02 07:41 PM
Unofficial BiA Summary--Episode 3
[b][i]Bacheloretts in Alaska #3[/b]: "Tim, the Tool Man (Not not the guy from Home Improvement.)"[/i] Last Week
1 messages
06-19-02 06:32 PM
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