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Official Summary - The Complex, Ep.1
[center][font size="+1"]Official Summary The Complex - Episode 1 Bob Vila Would Roll Over in His Grave (If He Were Dead)
12 messages
09-07-04 03:23 PM
OMG theres this rapper on the record. Her name is Miss Nana OMG she can rap.........her verse is awesome. Plus shes only 13! and has been rapping si
6 messages
09-09-04 01:38 PM
Official Summary: The Complex; Episode 2: Just Shut-up Rose!
First off, let me say that Luna did a great job last week! I hope I can live up to her high standards! Secondly, Foonermints asked
7 messages
09-09-04 11:43 PM
Summary writer sign-up thread for ESPN's Dream Job 2
This thread is the episode summary writer sign-up thread for "Dream Job 2," which premieres Tuesday, September 14 at 7PM ET and will be consis
8 messages
09-10-04 11:30 AM
New show "Cold Turkey"
I've just seen a commercial for a new reality show called "Cold Turkey" on PAX. OMG has anyone else heard about this? They put 10 people in
4 messages
09-12-04 00:56 AM
Anybody watch Patridge Family Auditions last night on VH1?
What do you think, a step above American Idol or just the same? I know the contestants are nervous, and I've never sung in front of
5 messages
09-13-04 10:03 AM
The Complex - Summary Coming Soon!
Sorry for the delay - the episode 3 summary will be going up later tonight! ds/User_fil
4 messages
09-14-04 04:56 PM
Dream Job 2
What did you all think of the show? Did you even watch the show? Discuss.
1 messages
09-15-04 07:27 PM
The Complex – Episode 3 Official Summary, Those Classy Vertical Blinds
[b][I]Hello and welcome to week three of Fox’s latest reality show offering, The Complex. [/b][/I] The drama is real, and th
6 messages
09-15-04 09:48 PM
The Complex...
Starts Monday on anyone besides me and Starry Luna watching? ds/User_files/3
79 messages
09-16-04 03:41 PM
Calling all Endurance Fans
The new season starts Sept.25th, this time in Hawaii ds/User_files/3d717d280ae5
0 messages
09-18-04 03:44 PM
Most Extreme Elimination Challenge
WTF??? discuss. ~ cq ds/User_files/3ed76c4c0f1d2c65.gif
13 messages
09-19-04 08:57 PM
Newlyweds Trivia
I have created a Newlyweds Trivia game. If anyone is interested in playing please go to Thanks an
0 messages
09-19-04 11:02 PM
Dream Job 2, Episode 1 Summary
[h3]What, No Ram-a-Lam-a-Ham-Jam?[/h3] Or [h4]The KC and Joe(Joe) Show[/h4] Yes, folks, that nationwi
0 messages
09-20-04 05:39 PM
0 messages
09-20-04 11:45 PM
Dream Job II episode2:
I have my Shot Sheet I have the teleprompter MY Dream Job 2 Summary begins in 3...2...1 Welcome to the second episode
0 messages
09-22-04 09:17 PM
Official Summary - The Complex Ep. 4
[font size="+2"]The Flintstones Go to Las Vegas[/font] Apparently, Mother Nature doesn’t like me writing recaps for R
3 messages
09-24-04 01:32 PM
TLC's "Faking It": Could you FAKE IT at your DREAM JOB?? (Anywhere USA)
TLC's "Faking It": Could you FAKE IT at your DREAM JOB?? (Anywhere USA) FAKING IT TLC’s award-winning TV rea
0 messages
09-23-04 07:43 PM
So how far did you make it into The Next Great Champ?
I got through the opening credits and the rooftop gathering, then lost interest about halfway down the stairs. 'Here's a group of boxers. Here
8 messages
09-27-04 10:55 AM
He's a Lady....
Anybody going to watch? This sounds hysterical. It reminds me of an upgraded adaptation of Joe Schmo. They take a group of manly men and dress th
0 messages
09-29-04 02:06 PM
Anyone watching The Player
This is the worst of the worst by far. These girls Dawn in particular are totally acting one way in front of the guys and then different in diary cam
17 messages
09-29-04 06:59 PM
I missed the Emmys, but a story about the show mentioned that the presenters for "Best Reality Show" were contestants on a reality show. Anyone
2 messages
09-29-04 07:02 PM
Things I Hate About You
This has become one of my favorite shows. It is hilarious to see the annoying things people do in relationships! For those who don't know- it'
8 messages
09-30-04 12:38 PM
The Complex II...Episode 4-6
Well, we made the first three episodes on the other thresd and I thought I would start a thresd to discuss from here on out. The other thresd was ge
51 messages
09-30-04 05:21 PM
William Shatner in Spike TV fake show
Has anyone else seen this? Sounds like a "Town Schmo" type concept to me? It is a Spike TV show and it sounds an awful lot like the Joe Schmo
0 messages
09-30-04 06:08 PM
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