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"Penetration Island"
I meant to tape the season opener of "Son of the Beach" on FX last night, but forgot to set the VCR. Did anyone see it? It was supposed to b
2 messages
06-20-02 00:17 AM
The Hamptons
Is it me or does this look like a bunch of spoiled rich kids whoring themselves out? Anyone gonna watch? http://community.realit
17 messages
06-25-02 07:03 PM
New expanded news coverage of other reality tv shows
Pssst, for those you who are fans of some of those reality TV shows that don't have their own full-blown website, you might w
4 messages
06-26-02 09:53 PM
Survivor UK, et al.
OK, it's stupid question time. Is there any place that us poor Americans can see the UK versions of shows like Survivor and the Mole online, or
6 messages
06-28-02 07:22 PM
Unofficial BiA Episode #4
[b][i]Bachelorettes in Alaska: Episode 4[/b] Cold Hearted Flakes[/i] Previously on [I]Bachelorettes in Alaska[%
0 messages
06-26-02 10:13 PM
Temptation Tundra
Come on! I can't be the only person watching [i]Bacherolettes in Alaska[/i], right? This silly show, with it's dumb toolish men%
32 messages
07-02-02 01:20 PM
Unoffical BiA Episode #5
[i][b]Bachelorettes in Alaska #5:[/b]Exs and Hos[/i] Previously on [I]BiA[/I] (aka, [I]Tarts in t
3 messages
07-05-02 12:39 PM
dog eat dog is a dog
The promos sucked me in, but this show is a replacement dog. The producers of Fear Factor are trying to impose a low rent version of Fear Factor wi
mocha madness
4 messages
07-05-02 06:08 PM
Even More Reality TV
So clicking around one night i found yet another web page that is starting a new reality tv show. Now this is another show that
2 messages
07-08-02 07:58 PM
Quick BiA E6 Summary
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-09-02 AT 01:26 PM (EST)[/font] Well, I hope Jonnycumlately comes back to wrap this show up.
5 messages
07-09-02 05:38 PM
Worst Case Scenario
The TBS show "Worst Case Scenario", showing what to do in survival situations, was indeed the worst case a TV show could possibly be. Fortuna
0 messages
07-11-02 05:33 PM
Official BiA Finale Summary
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-10-02 AT 01:56 PM (EST)[/font] [b][i]Bacheloretts in Alaska #6:[/b] The Brid
2 messages
07-15-02 03:25 PM
Under One Roof
Just wanted to let the rest of the addicts that have been going thru withdrawal since S4 and AR2 wrapped up that not only do we have BB3 coming up but
11 messages
07-19-02 08:43 AM
30 Seconds to Fame
Did anyone catch the latest new show on TV last night? Apparently it's going to be repeated on Sunday at 9:30 on FUX, called "30 Seconds to
4 messages
07-19-02 11:05 AM
Reality Goes to the Emmys
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-20-02 AT 04:22 PM (EST)[/font] awardsarts.
4 messages
07-23-02 04:44 PM
Just a thought to Webby or whoever...
Here's the description for this forum right now... [quote]For the discussion of reality TV shows without their own forums -- Combat Mission
8 messages
07-24-02 05:43 PM
The Contenders: Series 7
OMH, has anyone seen this movie? It came out last year and it's shot as a marathon of episodes, one after another. It's a satire of realit
3 messages
07-27-02 11:27 PM
eXiled preview
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-29-02 AT 11:28 AM (EST)[/font] I've put this in OT because it seems no one visits the "oth
3 messages
07-29-02 04:33 PM
History Channel's "Basic Training"
I'm not sure if they're going to follow six recruits through real basic training, or if this is a game, or what... the History Channel calls i
3 messages
07-30-02 12:56 PM
Dog Eat Dog 7/29/00 (The Worst Episode Ever)
If you'll be so kind, I just have to blow off a little steam about a show called [i]Dog Eat Dog[/i]. When I first saw this sh
6 messages
07-31-02 03:59 PM
Lots of new reality show news posted
Just an FYI that in the last week or so we've posted a couple of dozen bits of reality TV show news:
0 messages
08-05-02 01:36 AM
So who's watching the boob tube tonight?
Because tonight IS that premire of the Anna Nipple Smith show, it all it's surgically-altered glory. I'm sure this trainwreck will be the breast
9 messages
08-05-02 08:32 PM
Under One Roof Cancelled Again
After airing just one new episode UPN has pulled the plug on UOR again, with no re-re-airing in sight. UPN needs to pull the plug on the whole netw
12 messages
08-06-02 04:30 PM
Push, Nevada
Yeah, I know it's still early. But, is anyone else getting excited about this yet?
19 messages
08-07-02 01:08 PM
dog eat dog is still a dog
I posted last month at the beginning of this shows run that dog eat dog is a dog, is a low rent version of Fear Factor, and I would take a pass on
mocha madness
5 messages
08-14-02 04:16 PM
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