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where to order big brother 1
Does anyone know where you can order a copy of Big Brother 1? I didnt get to see it and would really appreciate any info. Darla
0 messages
10-08-01 00:33 AM
Brady Bunch on Weakest Link
I came across this article and wanted to share, especially for Lady T. The 6 original Brady children, Florence Henderson, and hold
4 messages
10-10-01 10:53 AM
Murder in Small Town winner DEAD
Angel - the winner from the Fox show "Murder in Small Town X" is missing in the aftermath of the World Trade Center collapse. As many of you who
2 messages
10-15-01 03:19 PM
Belgium Big Brother show pulled because of too much sex...
And we thought BB2 was bad: ry/sm_415266.html [i]Big Brother episode c
1 messages
10-19-01 03:37 PM
ABC Indefinitely Postpones 'The Runner'
Guess I don't have to worry about developing "" anymore... damn, there goes the waste of a domain registration :) %
3 messages
11-05-01 11:07 AM
KNBC Los Angeles "LOST" Episode #2 of the 3-part "Lost" Series!
Apparently no one told these Morons of Media Mecca that in order for something to make sense, you need (1) A beginning (2) A MIDDLE and (3
1 messages
12-31-01 01:52 PM
New Episodes of Lost on Travel Channel next Friday
I saw tonight that the next installment of Lost will start on the Travel Channel next Friday (October 19) at 9EDT/8CDT. Even though NBC cancell
4 messages
01-04-02 05:35 PM
Lost is Evil!
I stumbled across "Lost" on NBC. This show is pure evil, as I will explain, as well as incredibly stupid. First of all no one is really lost
mocha madness
1 messages
01-06-02 10:05 PM
"The It Factor" -- a BravoTV reality TV show
Anyone else hear about this, it starts tonight (Sunday.) ...any chance it had of getting viewers is probably gone with HBO airing new
1 messages
01-07-02 10:45 PM
What the Shrink who Pre-Screens Contestants thinks...
If you don't finish this article, at least read the last paragraph. It's pretty funny and may have some relevance to Survivor goes to Africa. %
4 messages
01-16-02 11:35 AM
Combat Missions
Does anybody know when this show is supposed to start? I am in the minority of people who like boot camp and I think this show may actually be a si
12 messages
01-16-02 02:17 PM
the chamber
I heard on access hollywood last night that fox removed the chamber from their lineup after only three episodes, they did say that they have three u
0 messages
01-30-02 11:51 AM
More "Fear" (gaaaah!)
[b]NBC factors in more "Fear"[/b] Thursday January 31 5:16 AM ET HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - NBC's rivals have 22 new
1 messages
02-01-02 11:30 PM
combat missions is really kidding
Yeah, I know we should bash, and it is on a third rate cable channel, the USA Network, but I have to put in a rave because Combat Missions is
mocha madness
0 messages
02-07-02 04:58 PM
How many episodes is Combat Missions?
Well, we are four episodes in and we still have the same number of participants as we did when we started. When do they start losing men
shakes the clown
2 messages
02-07-02 05:23 PM
So how was Combat Missions?
Ok, I haven't seen Episode 1 yet, I'm planning on watching one of the three "encore" repeats on either Sunday or Tuesday, but I'
25 messages
02-08-02 04:06 PM
Australian Survivor
This is probably the wrong place to post this, and if so, the moderators can remove it. The Australian version of Survivor starts on February 13.
15 messages
02-13-02 06:24 AM
Australian Survivor
Australian Survivor starts next Wednesday so for any other Aussies on the boards I’ve posted some info from the ninemsn site. %0
3 messages
02-13-02 11:12 AM
Ewwww... Norwegian "Fear Factor"
Reality TV media whoredom may be hazardous to your health, especially in Norway... ml%3
1 messages
02-21-02 08:13 AM
Coming soon: Boot Camp 2???
I couldn't believe it when I read the below today: "Fox is considering another go at Boot Camp." http://comm
2 messages
02-21-02 05:46 PM
Fall Back plan after Survivor???
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-22-02 AT 05:01 PM (EST)[/font] ...or just more money? Mark Burnett announced toda
0 messages
02-22-02 05:00 PM
Summary: Combat Missions, Eps 3 & 4
Welcome to Camp Brainstorm and Company Street! Company Street is brought to you by the numbers 13, 23, 3, and 4; th
3 messages
02-26-02 09:43 PM
Summary: Combat Missions, Eps. 5 & 6
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-23-02 AT 03:41 PM (EST)[/font] Ah, yes. The teams come in, ready to do battle! They ar
8 messages
02-27-02 06:52 PM
Just caught the tail end of a report about a new reality show coming to ABC.. (didn't catch when) It's going to be called "Profiles From The
1 messages
03-02-02 03:23 PM
Special Summary coming soon
I will be writing a special summary about last night's (Wednesday's) Combat Missions episode. It'll have to wait until after the Survivor s
3 messages
03-05-02 06:26 AM
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