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Scariest Places On Earth
Does anyone remember this show? I used to watch it every week until ABC Family cancelled it. They ran it last Halloween but it's gone again and
8 messages
02-10-04 10:13 AM
Trading Spaces
I don't know if there are any fans out there, I hope so !! I started watching this show long before it caught on and they have all the %2
43 messages
02-09-04 08:48 PM
The Littlest Groom?
Average was too boring? "Big Fat" was not insipid enough? Now Fox is gonna make fun of "little people"? Really, what's the
3 messages
02-12-04 07:52 AM
House of Dreams - ep Feb 9th
Well another red hat and another player gone. I was just happy that this week it was an ally of Flor and Jim. Wanda is gone and they said it was the
3 messages
02-13-04 04:16 PM
CASTING: TBS announces an open casting call for a new reality TV show.
Are you a single woman looking for the romantic adventure of a lifetime? Log on to to apply to be a contestant on the next hit r
6 messages
02-15-04 08:55 PM
New show in the UK
Reality TV has taken a new twist with the screening of "Formula Woman" on ITV in May later this year. It is an all female version of "Be a Grand
3 messages
02-16-04 06:10 AM
Fear Factor Couples Finale
Did anyone happen to catch the Fear Factor Couples Finale last night (February 9th). Someone forgot to Tivo it for me and I'd like to know who
5 messages
02-16-04 01:17 PM
Formula Woman I am through to the final 50 of this show! Yippeee! Whizz
2 messages
02-16-04 02:28 PM
Fear Factor Couples Finale.
I missed most of last nights finale of Couples FF, Can someone please tell me what happened to Meg and Adam? I was positive they would win. Thanks
5 messages
02-18-04 08:49 AM
I'm a celebrety, get me out of here! Another wacky TV show! 10 celebreties! live in the Australian outback and get voted off o
9 messages
02-18-04 01:12 PM
House of Dreams - ep Feb 16th
Well John is out. I think Sherrill is in big trouble. He is doing too much backstabbing and nobody is going to trust him anymore. He thinks he is c
6 messages
02-18-04 09:02 PM
Reality Show to end all reality shows
Back to Reality on Channel 5. The only people you Americans will know are Uri Gellar (friend of Michael Jackson) and Laura Kozer (from Joe Milli
5 messages
02-20-04 11:51 AM
Need premiere dates
Now Who's the Boss is supposed to premiere on TLC in word on when? Also Make My Day was supposed to premiere in January?
0 messages
02-21-04 11:40 AM
Poll: What are your favorite Reality Shows?
Not sure if this is the appropriate Forum or not, if so please move it! Anyway I only regularly watch two Reality Shows and catch a third when I
27 messages
02-21-04 09:42 PM
The Littlest Groom...OMG
Did anyone else see the ad for this show, or did I just imagine it? I post the question here because it is supposed to be on FOX next Monday eithe
22 messages
02-23-04 03:20 PM
Seeking copies of "Last Resort" reality show
Hello everyone, My name is Lucia Hwang and I work for a magazine in San Francisco called California Lawyer. As part of a story I am resea
0 messages
02-23-04 07:23 PM
New Reality TV Show?
Please Help. I thought I had heard that there is a new reality TV show in the makings. I think the name of the show is something like "What Wou
9 messages
02-25-04 09:20 AM
Lack of Red Hot Chile Pepper Ettiquette (re "Til Death Do Us Part")
Poor Dave seemed truly upset that Anthony Keidis and Flea did not even bother to RSVP to his wedding invite. I mean, Hugh Hefner and his 7 galpals
5 messages
03-01-04 07:10 AM
Reality TV Hall of Fame
Two inductees so far: in/ Richard Hatch and Angel Juarbe, Jr. %0
0 messages
03-01-04 11:52 PM
Does anyone else besides me watch this show? It is on Saturday mornings (thank you Tivo). They are usualy some of the meanest kids towards each
21 messages
03-02-04 11:45 AM
Straight Plan for the Gay Man
Very funny show last night. Who else watched it? ther2/images/houseguests/pt_bb
3 messages
03-02-04 03:09 PM
I think I have a crush on Nick Lachey...
[font color="darkorchid"] I've been watching Newleyweds since it began and just discovered last night that I *heart* Nick. What
1 messages
03-04-04 12:49 PM
New Reality TV Shows on TBS
I just read this in TV Guide online, all I can say is You have got to be Kidding Me! TBS is developing reality versions of Gilligan's
2 messages
03-06-04 04:30 PM
House of Dreams - ep March 1st
I loved the twist. They had to do something or Jim and Flor had complete control of the game and nobody would have cared to keep watching. It will b
3 messages
03-08-04 02:16 PM
Vern Yip getting his own NBC show
I was watching the Today show this morning and they had Vern Yip (the only consistently good designer on Trading Spaces). He was hyping a new show
8 messages
03-09-04 10:23 AM
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