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Thoughts on Various Reality Shows
Iíve been watching more reality TV as of late, probably because it makes up about 90% of TV programming these days, and just wanted to share s
Mon Cherie
3 messages
08-16-02 03:27 PM


I'm thinking we desperately need an Anna Nicole Blows forum. While we're at it, how about an Ozzy Blows forum? "Just saying, i
12 messages
08-19-02 10:08 PM
Meet My Folks is hilarious
I'm currently watching this new show where three guys come and live with a girl and her parents and I'm laughing my head off. I can't
Canada Girl
36 messages
08-22-02 06:40 PM
Hard Knocks Anyone?
I know it's probably too short of a run to get too excited about but hey it is required viewing in my house... heck if I get a wild hair I might eve
2 messages
08-22-02 08:02 PM
Fantasy Fear Factor- - -Opinions
I have this online reality game, Fantasy Fear Factor, to deal with. Can you guys give opinions? Apply if you like. http://www.g
2 messages
08-24-02 08:04 PM
Did they kill off Blind Date?
I think I've seen something very disturbing and I want to know if it's true... did they cancel (or move) Blind Date? I absolut
2 messages
08-28-02 09:41 AM
Star Search is being revived ews/020829.asp#C STAR WARS: Can we have a show of hands from anyone who didn't se
1 messages
08-29-02 11:47 AM
anna nicole is going down
Anna Nicole does not need a separate forum....she is going down, and I do not mean that she is going down on someone, but her show is going down t
mocha madness
3 messages
08-29-02 02:03 PM
Beg Borrow and Deal
anyone interested in this show from ESPN? Two teams of 4 must cross the country with no money and complete 10 sports related tasks http%3
2 messages
08-30-02 03:03 AM
New CBS Reality Show!
[b]New CBS reality show a send-up of "Hillbillies[/b] Reported in the [u]Contra Costa Times[/u] this morning...
Red Lady
7 messages
08-31-02 01:53 PM
More proof that there are no more new ideas...
First the real Beverly Hillbillies and now... [i]Fox Fishes for Reality in 'Green Acres' Fri Aug 30, 3:56 AM ET By Jo
Draco Malfoy
2 messages
09-02-02 07:17 AM
Never tell me the odds...
This depresses me a bit... they're actually laying odds on this in Vegas. Justin Slight Favorite to Win 'American Idol' Tue Sep
Draco Malfoy
0 messages
09-04-02 10:41 AM
Meet My Folks coming back next year ml?27771 [i] LOS ANGELES ( - NBC has penciled in another date with t
Bucky Katt
7 messages
09-04-02 12:46 PM
Celebrity Survivor - What That Really Means
Just found this article on the British celebrity version of the show. Given the cast of losers Fox scrounged together for their Celebrity Boot Camp%2
4 messages
09-09-02 06:56 PM
The Real Beverly Hillbillies
Worst. Concept. Ever. <i>CBS Hopes Hicks Click in 'Hillbillies' Reality TV Wed Aug 28, 3:38 AM ET By Josef Adalian
Draco Malfoy
10 messages
09-12-02 08:45 AM
Next Action Star
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-12-02 AT 12:05 PM (EST)[/font] Now, this show could be interesting... First, TV
4 messages
09-12-02 03:48 PM
Reality Tv question..
i'm playing this game and i need to what reality contestant is in the band "dimestone scenario." i didn't know where to post this considering
1 messages
09-12-02 10:12 PM
Another silly show !!!!!
Look at what NBC has come up with now: ================================%3
7 messages
09-17-02 04:32 PM
FOX's "Celebrity Daredevils"
Did anyone see the promo for this? What the hell were they thinking? Dennis Rodman driving his car off of a cliff? Now if he would only wrec
1 messages
09-24-02 08:54 AM
And you thought Showgirls was cheesy...
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-24-02 AT 01:20 AM (EST)[/font] It's nothing compared to the [i]AI in Vegas[/i] con
7 messages
09-24-02 02:56 PM
The Ship, on History Channel
I wonder if anyone's thought of doing summaries, etc. re this new miniseries from History Channel that starts tonight (Columbis Day). old 18t
3 messages
10-26-02 09:21 PM
fat cow gets a second season
The end must be near. That fat, obnoxious, foul mouthed, illiterate cow, aka Anna Nicole Smith gets a second season. The ratings plunged low
mocha madness
2 messages
10-29-02 04:07 PM
A little help
I have been informed by my wife that I will be going out tonight, so I need someone to do the summary for tonight Beg Borrow and Deal. I have
0 messages
10-29-02 05:38 PM
Making the Band with.........
P. Diddy or Puffy or whatever he's calling himself these days. Anyone seen this. It's horrible. I know I'm old but he's a total creep, an
Lili Blue
1 messages
10-31-02 04:18 PM
Update on Celebrity: Mole, Survivor, & Big Brother
Rather than post it on all three Fanatic boards, I'll just post here, this article that has a quick update on celebrity Mole, Survivor, and
3 messages
11-12-02 03:39 PM
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