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Freshman Diaries
I just saw this preview on Showtime for a reality show about college freshman. I guess they gave some freshman students cameras to record everything t
3 messages
09-12-03 05:52 PM
Freshman Diaries
Anyone else watching this show? It's admittedly less "scripted" than most reality shows, but I think it's pretty great for that very reas
3 messages
09-12-03 05:57 PM
FINAL Week to Cast Your Vote for Pilot Project TV
[h1]This is the FINAL week to cast your vote...[/h1] /machines/phones_pagers%
0 messages
09-15-03 02:17 PM
Queer Eye and the Montana Family Coalition
The article from the Advocate- [ 820&sd=09/11/03|Montana group targets Queer Eye]
4 messages
09-16-03 10:04 AM
NBC's new "Little Black Book" -- starring "North Carolina's Most Eligible Bachelor"
Come on folks, this is the best North Carolina can do? cles/story.php?s=1
14 messages
09-16-03 12:48 PM
FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER Coyt and Susan won the wedding and a honeymoon to Ecuador with a stop at the G
3 messages
09-17-03 05:31 PM
Official Queer Eye - Episode 10 Summary
The Fab5 trek across the river to West Patterson, New Jersey to makeover Tom Minogue, a divorced father of two kids. Right from the start, it%2
3 messages
09-23-03 03:46 PM
Fab 5 on Oprah 9/22!
OMG! So sorry for the late notice but one of my friends called to let me know the QESG mavens were on Oprah tonight and it was GREAT! If you still
1 messages
09-23-03 07:32 PM
QESG against long hair?
I've seen quite a few of these episodes now and whenever the straight guy has long hair they just chop it! I do tend to look twice at a guy with w
8 messages
10-05-03 07:43 PM
Real World Bullies
So it seems that MTV and BMP have decided to sic their big lawyers on our website that only looks to promote and help generate excitement for the new
0 messages
10-07-03 02:10 PM
queer eye and the restaurant ?same guy?
Did anyone else think that Alan C., who was made over on Queer Eye, looks EXACTLY like one of the backround waiters on The Restaurant? I tho
2 messages
10-08-03 12:24 PM
Extreme Makeover Tapes
Has anyone else sent an audition tape to extreme makeover? It scares me to death that they may actually show it as a reject!!! The wait is kil
1 messages
10-08-03 10:21 PM
Bad boss Great Chef ?
The Restaurant reminds me of a job I had once as a pharmacist. The owner could have cared less about us employees and only about his business. Not o
3 messages
10-11-03 09:34 PM
Anybody watching? It's on comedy central and started last night. Worthy or unworthy?
0 messages
10-13-03 03:46 PM
King of the Jungle
I'm going to watch this tonight. I hate the Crocodile Hunter, but I love Jeff Corwin. :D
0 messages
10-13-03 07:54 PM
Dog Eat Dog
Is the perfect, useless, vacuous show for summer. So did Brooke have a breast reduction? Does she have some abs or what? ht
10 messages
10-14-03 08:26 PM
I need to go back to college
[ il.cfm?Section=13&ID=1214|Queer Eye Goes to College] Article Queer
1 messages
10-24-03 06:49 AM
Resident Life
I admit it. I like to watch "Trauma: Life in the ER" type shows. Well a new one starts tonight on TLC. It's called Resident Life, and it%
12 messages
10-28-03 02:54 PM
Blind Date and Elimidate
I love Blind Date and Elimidate, but does anyone like them?? Why?? Please help me figure out why I'm so ADDICTED to these trashy shows!
0 messages
10-31-03 03:39 AM
That Same Ole Decade Strikes Back
Not sure if this is a "reality" show or not. After all, we are talking about the 80s here. I find the show (as I did the original I Lo
20 messages
11-03-03 07:12 PM
Who Wants To Be a Porn Star?
how low can you go how low can you go how low can you go, reality tv that is? %
0 messages
11-06-03 03:29 PM
whatever happened to Rocco???
talk of the restaurant just sort of died down one day... what happened? is it still on? how did it end? does anyone care any more?
5 messages
11-10-03 01:56 PM
is it just me? or do you all cringe watching the new season? is it just because i read all the "gossip" rags about ashton on his 70
2 messages
11-12-03 11:55 AM
House Rules
Anybody watching the TBS show? And the biggest question, will the young couple ever win anything (other than the final vote)?%
4 messages
11-15-03 10:42 AM
Queer Eye For The Straight P.I.M.P.
[ gay_pimp.asp|Queer Eye For The Straight P.I.M.P.] Well...I thought it was funny...%0
0 messages
11-16-03 06:54 PM
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