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Final Hit Me Baby One More Time Summary
Sorry about the mistakes last week--I write my column as i watch the show. Hence some of the mistakes. Didn't know you knew so much about Club Nueav
9 messages
07-06-05 09:25 AM
The Cut 07/06 Episode Discussion
Just a reminder that the show is on Wednesday (tonight) to make room for Big Brother tomorrow night. I see in my TV Guide that one team goes to Ne
11 messages
07-07-05 05:39 PM
MTV New Series: casting SUPER HOT & FUN GUYS!!!!
MTV New Series: Looking for HOT Guys! STRAIGHT or GAY! This is a NEW SERIES for MTV: We are searching for 18-25 year old guys who
2 messages
07-08-05 05:25 PM
Summer 2005 reality TV show episode summaries
Hi folks, as we've started doing at the beginning of each new reality TV season (fall, winter, summer), I'm posting this message to fi
65 messages
07-10-05 08:09 PM
Strip Search-- Episode 3
Good episdoe watching all those hot boys try and dance. It was hilarious seeing them in the ballet class. Johnny is certifiabl
46 messages
07-11-05 11:16 AM
Cowboy U?
I don't suppose anyone but me happened to see this show? It's on CMT. Eight people get put on a real working ranch and learn how to do differe
1 messages
07-11-05 12:19 PM
Charla on The Comeback !
Did anyone see the previews for next week's episode of the Comeback? Charla from Amazing Race is gonna be on as Lisa Kudrow's assistant... and
uglier than sarah w
9 messages
07-11-05 03:40 PM
"Princes of Malibu" is SCRIPTED ...and LAME!!!!
[b]"Reality TV"??? Come ON- the two boys are in the OPENING CREDITS as CREATORS of the show!!!! That made me suspicious from the
10 messages
07-11-05 04:05 PM
I Want To Be A Hilton episode 3 discussion
The show has had me in stitches tonight! Ann just bellowing in song at the wrong moments have just about sent me over the edge. I am real
36 messages
07-11-05 06:01 PM
I married a princess
Did anyone catch this? I caught bits and pieces. What did you guys think?
13 messages
07-11-05 10:27 PM
Whose watching the premiere tonight...
of I Want To Be A Hilton? I don't really like Paris, but think I'll tune in anyway.
60 messages
07-12-05 10:01 AM
Name Of TV Show Required
Hi All, I`m after the name and, if possible, the channel of the American candid camera-type show that pays eleven thousand dollars
6 messages
07-12-05 02:58 PM
The Scholar: Brilliant kids, smart show
Today's New York Times reviews "The Scholar" and it sounds like both the high school seniors competing for college scholarships and the show its
102 messages
07-13-05 02:53 PM
I Want To Be A Hilton (July 12)
Another ep tonight.
18 messages
07-14-05 11:55 AM
Ep. 7 Of VH1's Strip Search
Just wondering if anyone else noticed a familiar face at the "bachelorette party" during the beginning of VH1's Strip Search Episode 7. I saw h
2 messages
07-14-05 07:32 PM
The Cut (July 13)
Did anyone else watch tonight? It was another one of those eps where I think the wrong person was sent home.
10 messages
07-15-05 05:00 PM
I Wanna Be a Soap Star 2
Is anyone planning to watch this, or can anyone say how the first season of it was? I (shudders to admit) watch one soap regularly, so I'
8 messages
07-16-05 09:14 AM
Anyone watching "Meet the Barkers"?
It's weird, it's surreal, it's GREAT! I think they're relationship is pretty cute, and all in all, they are probably good for each
uglier than sarah w
32 messages
07-16-05 11:34 AM
Who is your LEAST favorite reality TV host??
The other post got me wondering.I would have to go with Julie Chen or Ryan Seacrest. Anyone else??
42 messages
07-16-05 04:26 PM
World Series of Poker
Well, last year, at least for the first few days, I gave basic updates as it went along. I'll do the same this year in the invisibl
8 messages
07-17-05 09:04 PM
Official RTVW Summary: The Scholar Ep. 4
[h2][center]Official RTVW Summary: The Scholar Episode 4 "Lights! Camera! Alyssa Pouts!"[/center][/h2] %
Cygnus X1
4 messages
07-17-05 11:20 PM
Richard's little problem...
During the Beauty and the Geek Aftermath show, did anyone else notice that Richard got a Hard-** after the one blonde mauled him??? My hu
5 messages
07-18-05 11:18 AM
So? Am I the Only One Who Watched the Finale of Strip Search?
Vols? Tahj? I felt really really sorry for---------the guy who didn't make it (almost posted a spoiler). Even if he was kin
3 messages
07-18-05 04:51 PM
Official Summary; Princes of Malibu Episode One; We Really Are This Lazy
Let’s get started by saying we have a very unique show in the new FOX entry into “reality television”. With what has become a groundbreaking eve
12 messages
07-18-05 09:56 PM
The Scholar Episode 5: Gay Marriage and Dead Presidents
Welcome to my "Virgin Summary" Be gentle........... The Scholar Episode 5: Gay Marriage and Dead Presidents For
12 messages
07-19-05 11:24 AM
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