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David E. Kelley takes on reality shows
I don't usually watch the practice but I may make an exception for this one. (Sorry if this is the wrong place but wasn't sure exactly whe
9 messages
03-08-03 11:13 AM
The Family - Interesting Show
I just watched The Family, and it's an interesting show. I'm a bit disappointed they narrow it down to two, one of whom is eliminat
18 messages
03-08-03 01:33 PM
What do YOU want in reality TV?
Hello, this is Jen Matto, one of the producers from Exiled. Triple-J Productions is in the creation of another reality tv show. I'd like to know
Exiled producer
26 messages
03-10-03 08:22 PM
Married By America
I'm surprised nobody started a thread yet about this show! I already have my favorites out of the six finalists for the first three brides/
26 messages
03-12-03 06:34 PM
Bravo Brings The Full Monty To TV
I saw this on the news, then pulled this link off their site. Source: [|] CANAD
2 messages
03-14-03 12:11 PM
Why do I watch Sorority/Fraternity Life?
I am trying to figure out why I am hooked on both Sorority Life and Fraternity Life on MTV. Is it because I love to criticize the whole social greek
3 messages
03-14-03 12:21 PM
The Family - Ep. 2
Interesting show, but it's starting to look contrived. After the first challenge, which was riding polo donkeys (not horses, donkeys),
12 messages
03-14-03 05:40 PM
All American Girl
Anyone else check this horrible show out? I feel embarrassed as an American citizen for them to have used the name "American" in the title of t
12 messages
03-15-03 04:37 AM
this season of anna nicole is scripted and they can't act!
am i the only one annoyed that we aren't getting the "old" anna and friends? i liked watching her react to the situations around them...but ha
0 messages
03-15-03 05:21 AM
Married By America: Time to vote!
Our hard-working moderators are busy with other, more popular shows, so I'll start this thread. Who among our five couples will be el
4 messages
03-18-03 04:06 AM
Are You Hot Applications
Looks like Howard Stern may get his wish. ABC is no longer taking applications for Are You Hot 2. Was this a reaction to the lawsuit or was the applic
0 messages
03-18-03 05:11 PM
March Madness Thread
Post thoughts, rants, raves about the NCAA Tournament in this thread. Ok, I saw something in the paper that said there was conf
3 messages
03-21-03 09:14 AM
Food Network Cooking/Dating Reality Show
Well, it's more of a contest along the lines of MTV's "The Dismissal". Two guys cook for a girl, and whoever she judges to hav
1 messages
03-24-03 12:40 PM
From the producers of EXILED comes a new show with a new twist. Go to for info on this new college reality production
3 messages
03-21-03 05:19 PM
Monica Lands Job as Reality Show Host
Fox retains it's reputation as home of the worst and trashiest reality shows. LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Monica Lewinsky, whose
9 messages
03-24-03 03:41 PM
The Family - Episode 3
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-19-03 AT 09:06 AM (EST)[/font] I'm so glad I didn't miss the show this week as I had last
19 messages
03-27-03 12:12 PM
All American Girl Ep 2
Kokoro, you asked for it - you got it! The 15 finalists are in LA for stage 2 of the competition and elimination. Now that the coache
0 messages
03-29-03 02:51 PM
What Not to Wear
Has anyone seen TLC's "What Not to Wear"? I watched it last night and I have to say it's about the There's 2
2 messages
04-02-03 10:47 AM
Rich Guy, Poor Guy
For those of you who couldn't get enough of "The Bachelor/ette" and/or "Joe Millionaire" comes the latest project from Mike Fleiss and A
9 messages
04-02-03 01:36 PM
2 new reality series from Mark Burnett
The Apprentice sounds like it could be wicked good fun. The thought of a bunch of Ivy League MBA's who think they are gods gift to the corporate wor
0 messages
04-02-03 10:47 AM
Unwatchable Crapola
I have been hooked on reality tv since Survivor I, and I kept the torch going through The Mole, Amazing Race, and some of the train wrecks like
mocha madness
12 messages
04-02-03 01:45 PM
Married By America - ep March 17th
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-18-03 AT 09:51 AM (EST)[/font] Well surprise surprise Cortez and Matt are gone. She was not e
17 messages
04-03-03 01:36 AM
Scare Tactics!
[i][b][u][font color="red"]BOO![/font][/u][/- ][/i]
5 messages
04-09-03 03:30 AM
I'm sure the restaurant business is tough, but...
So the "godfather" of adventure reality programming (Ecochallenge, Survivor, Combat Missions) is about to bring you the harrowing world of
2 messages
04-09-03 12:13 PM
RECAP Married By America "Two Couples Do Temptation Island"
[b]Married By America "2 Couples Do Temptation Island" [/b] [i]What if the face of a total stranger...blah blah blah.[%
0 messages
04-10-03 02:37 PM
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