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Celebrity Poker Showdown: Only one of these people is a comedian...
...and it ain't Norm McDonald, who spent most of the night sitting around, counting his chips, counting everyone else's chips, double-chec
7 messages
06-29-04 12:41 PM
CALLING ALL GUYS--Are you thinking of proposing to your girlfriend but don't know how to do it? A national TV show wants to help you stage a wond
1 messages
06-30-04 12:37 PM
World Poker Tour Championship:
Well, the biggest WPT event of the year brought out the amateurs. We only have two pros (Hasan Habib and Martin de Knjiff) along with four amate
0 messages
06-30-04 01:23 PM
The Haircut
PRESS RELEASE 06.23.04 Kendall Bruns: The Haircut His Hair Is In Your Hands Cincinnati, OH June 2004
1 messages
06-30-04 08:17 PM
Al Sharpton to host reality tv show
we all knew he was the biggest DAW on earth :D it's called "I hate my job" and is supposed to be on this fall on SpikeTV. he's su
0 messages
07-01-04 00:19 AM
jonathon is JEALOUS of brandon
blowout...i can't miss it...i love it. i can't stand jonathon...he is disgusting and lame...and he is/was so jealous of brandon....and lis
1 messages
07-01-04 08:33 AM
I Wanna Date a Race Car Driver!
I previously stated in another thread that I was taking the summer off from reality TV (except for TAR, if it shows up as scheduled). I think I
5 messages
07-02-04 12:32 PM
Queer Eye For the Straight Girl
Coming in 2005 _Straight_Girl/ [i]From the creators of Bravo's runaway h
11 messages
07-02-04 01:36 PM
Celebrity Poker Champ- Maura Tierney
Estee- where are you? What a boring final! Everyone was soooo serious. The only funny part was when Michael brought out his jug of ch
6 messages
07-03-04 04:31 PM
World Series of Poker 2004 on ESPN: 6/6/2004
Here is the schedule for the WSOP, which runs through early October (ends two weeks before my with 2, 1 hour episodes per nigh
0 messages
07-03-04 04:44 PM
Who Wants To Marry My Dad 2, Episode 2 Summary Liar, Liar
[b]Who Wants To Marry My Dad 2, Episode 2 Summary Liar, Liar[/b] Thanks for navigating to the episode 2 summary of [b%5
5 messages
07-03-04 11:13 PM
Celebrity Blackjack coming to GSN July 5th.
And just think of all the witty banter we'll hear as the celebrities try to bluff, rattle, and fake out -- the dealer. Exciting stuff. Why,
3 messages
07-06-04 08:54 AM
Into Character
This is a fun little show on American Movie Classics. the premise is that they take an average movie fan and make them their favorite movie character%
5 messages
07-06-04 01:50 PM
family makeover
1 messages
07-07-04 06:25 AM
Have any of you seen Airline on A&E?!
Now, you all know me. I'm not a big television watcher, and Survivor is really the only reality show that I enjoy watching. Howeve
7 messages
07-08-04 12:02 PM
Extreme Makeover - Home Edition
I know that most of the world was watching "Friends" last night, but during commercials I was flipping over to EMHE where they were doing the ap
5 messages
07-08-04 09:08 PM
Hey guys, A new reality tv show pilot titled Internship'04 is currently being filmed in NYC for the month of July. If you go to
3 messages
07-08-04 11:06 PM
Celebrity Poker Showdown: 'Pocket aces? Fold.'
Apparently I have an obligation to do this. So, even though I spent most of the second hour flipping over to Kevin & Drew's rebirth on Discover
4 messages
07-09-04 06:20 PM
Kevin & Drew Unleashed Episode #1 discussion
I would have written a full-fledged summary, but -- no tape, and it would have lost a lot without being able to quote the Festers' constant verb
2 messages
07-09-04 07:06 PM
Paige Davis of Trading Spaces strips (almost).
Oh wow--I just noticed this article: cles/story.php?s=2676 Paige, Pa
7 messages
07-10-04 12:17 PM
Trading Spaces Inside Out
I have to admit, I used to be a much bigger fan of Trading Spaces, but now I'm more partial to Clean Sweep (someone please send them to my hou
3 messages
07-13-04 00:28 AM
Who Wants To Marry My Dad 2, Episode 3 Official Summary - Always a bridesmaid; Never a bride!
I want to start off by saying that MTW did a great job last week with the update and I hope to live up to his standard. Also, I really like the idea
7 messages
07-13-04 00:43 AM
Blow Out
[div style="position:relative; left:-44px; top:-66px; z-index:1"]http://community.realit-
15 messages
07-14-04 02:53 AM
Fox Reality Channel
Hey RealityTVWorld members! Did you miss the gold diggers (or hunks) from the "Joe Millionaire" series? Have a yen for the wacky hijinks
9 messages
07-14-04 03:50 PM
Did anyone watch this last night? Some of the stuff blew my mind. But there did seem to be alot of creative editing especially during the part when
4 messages
07-15-04 09:25 AM
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