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Sorority Life II/Fraternity Life starts Feb.26th
For those that are interested in the MTV Reality Shows, here is an article on when Sorority Life II and Fraternity Life will start. Lets see how th
0 messages
02-06-03 03:54 PM
Another Exiled finale sumarry....
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-05-03 AT 09:28 PM (EST)[/font] Exiled 8 – The big moment has com
6 messages
02-06-03 05:09 PM
* Exiled Episode 8 Summary *
It has been two weeks since I last heard anything from Naked. I have to assume that he is either much busier right now than he anticipated, or his
15 messages
02-06-03 09:28 PM
Star Search Week 4 OFFICIAL RECAP
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-01-03 AT 07:53 PM (EST)[/font] Acornholio Hall opens tonight's festivities. "I%
1 messages
02-07-03 07:48 AM
MTV: The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly
Yeah, I know I am ripping off Sergio Leone, but I needed a good title for my critique of reality tv on MTV. First of all, it is with a certain
mocha madness
4 messages
02-08-03 03:49 PM
Meet the Folks - Stupid Parents???
What was up with the Meet the Folks parents tonight? The Dad was so caught up in his prejudices, he actually wanted to make the worst possibl
2 messages
02-09-03 11:13 AM
Star Search Finale recap
Previously, I was kind of getting fed up with this show, but now we're at the finale, I'll do what I can to get past my annoyance with every
0 messages
02-09-03 02:50 PM
Bravo to Offer Man-on-Man Fashion Action
This sounds like a lot more fun than TLC's remake of the BBCAmerica "What not to Wear". I can also think of a few suggestions for possible parti
1 messages
02-12-03 03:15 PM
Reunion editing and other high school tricks.
Did anyone catch Reunion Sunday. Yeah, I know the same old crap, but.... When the guys were all hanging out in the pool room trying to talk
11 messages
02-14-03 04:54 PM
endurance, on NBC
HI I was watching tv this morning(saturday), something i don't normally do. and I saw a reality type show, with young teens on it, i
3 messages
02-15-03 03:33 AM
Exiled! VidCaps Episode 3
Rolling right along - here are the VidCaps for episode 3. For a recap of what happened in episode 3 you can read Katem‘s summary: http:/
Chrissy gal
6 messages
02-17-03 04:30 PM
Dang it! Missed HS Reunion Finale
Yes, I can tape the rerun on Thursday... But I was so caught up with "The Music Man" that I completely missed the finale! Can som
10 messages
02-19-03 12:42 PM
Unofficial Instant Summary - I'm a Celeb, Ep 1
[b]Unofficial I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here Episode 1 Summary: They're Celebrities? Get Out![/b] [i]I smel
10 messages
02-22-03 01:25 AM
Final word on HS Reunion
Here's the final installment by Dan P.'s dad in the Tribune. I was out for awhile and missed the past two Fridays and now I'd have to pay for t
1 messages
02-22-03 11:28 PM
I need professional help!
Can anyone explain to me why none of the cast members in any of these shows - survivor, fear factor, get me outa here etc. - never get injured by
5 messages
02-23-03 05:00 PM
seperated at birth
who is who: index_pic_ashleyhartman.jpg
0 messages
02-23-03 06:41 PM
I'm a SB Poster get me out of here
Tonight starts The great "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" experiment: I want to know who do you think the american public will vote out fi
28 messages
02-24-03 02:59 AM
Hawk From Tough Enough 2
Yeah, just saw him the other day on The 5th Wheel. Don't know how many of you watch TE, but thought the few of you who do would find this funny
0 messages
02-24-03 03:55 AM
Seymore Butts "Family Business"
Did anyone check this on Showtime this weekend? (or want to admit it :)) It just premiered and follows Adam Glasser, a porno actor/direc
3 messages
02-24-03 12:46 PM
Unofficial Quick Recap, I'm a Celeb, Ep 2
[b]Unofficial Quick Recap, I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here Episode 2: It's Still On?[/b] For Episode 1, I paid
12 messages
02-25-03 02:05 AM
Are You Hot ?
I don't know if anyone is a masochist like myself and watching Are You Hot? but if you are, would you not agree that Lorenzo Lamas is a smarmy%2
11 messages
03-04-03 08:26 AM
The Family
Is anyone going to get sucked into the new reality tv show The Family by ABC? If their are summaries, I'd love to do one. :) http://co
4 messages
03-04-03 03:17 PM
The Family
ABC is going to start showing THE FAMILY on Tuesday, March 4th. They have the ads running now during "I'm a Celeb..." George Hamilton is the
9 messages
03-04-03 11:36 PM
"The Family" vidcap spoilers?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-06-03 AT 00:31 AM (EST)[/font] Question -- do the "DENIED" family members just get to live
2 messages
03-06-03 12:52 PM
How do I get sucked into this crap? Pure Rant!!!!
I started watching this "I think I am a celebrity. Give me money" show. I know Bebo is also tuning in, but are we the only one's? %0
41 messages
03-07-03 09:21 AM
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