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The man, the hat, the ego: a short interview with Mark Burnett. cle.aspx?news=159879>1=3584 (Putting this in Other Shows because it's not r
0 messages
06-03-04 10:13 PM
'Give it up for the kids: they're dying!' Superstar USA goes to extreme measures.
A quote from today's TV column in a local paper. 'And still more reality sleaze: tonight at 9, the WB unleashes "[b]Supersta
33 messages
06-04-04 07:25 AM
Official Queer Eye Episode 8 Summary
Episode 8 – George Katsiglannis, a lonely Greek boy Let’s meet George, a 27 year old kickboxing instructor from
2 messages
06-05-04 00:05 AM
trading spaces
I like the show but i cant stand the designer Doug. i think he is a real jerk. If he don't get his way he is nasty to people.}>
14 messages
06-08-04 06:59 PM
World Poker Tour: San Jose's Bay 101 Shooting Stars of Poker
After last week's entertaining and exciting invitational (where the Unabomber Phil Laak knocked out Humberto Brenes to win it all), this week
5 messages
06-10-04 07:50 AM
The Restaurant's back April 19
...looks like Adam's Return must still only be 4 episodes (or maybe 5?) because Rocco's taking Adam's reservation (story, still in sna
97 messages
06-10-04 10:21 AM
*** Summer Episode Summary Writing Planning ***
Hi folks, as many of you are no doubt aware, there are going to be a *TON* of reality shows airing this summer, ranging from returning big h
77 messages
06-10-04 04:45 PM
New NBC Reality Casting Single Men "Escape Your Life"
Attention Men... Have you seen all those reality shows and wished someone would ask you to be on one? Here is your chance! %0
0 messages
06-11-04 05:47 PM
The Ultimate Love Test
This show premiers tonight on ABC, at 10/9 c. I haven't seen or heard very much about this show. From the description on the ABC website, %5
17 messages
06-11-04 07:54 PM
Celebrity Poker Showdown: Dule', Dule', Dule'...
What was Dave Foley's line to Timothy Busfield last night? 'You fought like the devil himself to stay in there. Unfortunately, you were play
12 messages
06-14-04 11:29 AM
The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour
Was I the only one watching this? It come on Saturday evening and it was AWFUL!!! I wanted to stop watching it, but I had a feel
3 messages
06-14-04 03:40 PM
World Poker Tour 6/15- Partypoker Million
Well, I am VERY excited for this week. We got a plethora of great players and the great amateur story to boot. From the WPT site... The W
4 messages
06-17-04 12:27 PM
Endurance Reunion
Does anyone know what date they will air the Endurance Reunion show? Did I already miss it? I want to see them vote for the two previous players
2 messages
06-17-04 09:55 PM
1 messages
06-21-04 02:59 PM
Celebrity Poker Showdown: Slow, boring girl-on-girl inaction
...although I have to admit, Lauren and Sara made a cute couple. Just not a cute couple of poker players, with their tendency to go girly-girl,
8 messages
06-18-04 06:33 PM
"Christian" American Idol
Didn't see this in the RTVW news or on any of the forums. [ spx?news=161670|American
Mon Cherie
5 messages
06-22-04 10:07 AM
Any word on "Make My Day"?
It's the only midseason premiere date I don't have.
5 messages
06-22-04 03:41 PM
Tuesday, 8 CST
NBC: Last Comic Standing UPN: America's Next Top Model Starting July 6, ESPN: The World Series Of Poker Why are they pu
1 messages
06-23-04 12:51 PM
Dog Eat Dog on GSN
Did anyone see dog eat dog last night? I used to watch the show all the time when it came on regular TV, but the episode last night I don't reme
1 messages
06-23-04 05:54 PM
Colonial House
On PBS, starting May 17th. Im a huge fan of the series of these "House" shows. Take a look at it, wont you? [i]Indenture
40 messages
06-24-04 00:09 AM
World Poker Tour: Reno Hilton's World Poker Challenge
Here is the World Poker Tour's website's official preview [i]This week, the WPT welcomes six new faces – three amateurs, two
5 messages
06-24-04 00:54 AM
Who Wants To Marry My Dad Episode 1 ***Official Summary***
First off let me start by saying I am glad to see there are others watching and thank MTW for starting the thresd for discussing. Now onto
8 messages
06-25-04 01:00 AM
Tequilla and Tells
Celebrity Poker this week was a mixed bag. Pretty decent poker playing for the most part, though Andy Richter had some of the most blatant tells ev
3 messages
06-25-04 04:19 PM
Kenny Vs. Spenny
Is the best show on TV! Hilarious! ther2/images/houseguests/pt_bb2_will_pic3.
1 messages
06-25-04 05:46 PM
Dallas Spoilers....The Benefactor is taping.
Taping started TODAY! They are mostly doing this in Dallas, except for maybe a few road trips. supposed to last 7 weeks..... %0
5 messages
06-27-04 05:51 PM
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