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Celebrity Cooking Showdown Episode #1 East Coast Spoiler Thread.
Because if the West Coast ever needed to be protected from anything, it's a bunch of Q-list celebrities cooking. Badly. [b]Who%5
12 messages
04-24-06 02:32 PM
---- NEW VH1----- WEDDING SHOW ----
VH1 is currently scouting for brides and grooms for new REALITY "wedding planner" show. We have been contacted to offer our client
0 messages
04-25-06 01:18 AM
Ranch House should be starting on PBS Monday May 1
I will watch this given we have 50 acres in West Texas and want to see where they shot this one and how these people handle the snakes, heat, wild
1 messages
04-26-06 08:42 AM
Shalom in the home
Is anybody watching this show(it comes on right after Honey we are killing the kids)? I watched it last night and it was very good. I cannot b
3 messages
04-26-06 07:08 PM
Let's Just Play
Unlike the many spammed small reality shows that someone comes on here with their first posting claiming how wonderful and different a show is, I ha
0 messages
04-27-06 03:14 PM
Next Food Network Star
I looked back 3 pages for a topic on this & couldn't find it. Did anyone watch the finale last night? About as anticlimactic as last years.%
21 messages
04-28-06 09:16 PM
Need copy of The Real Roseanne Show episode
Hi, I'm new here. Hope someone can help on this: I need to find a copy (VHS/DVD/mpeg file/whatever) of this episode of The
0 messages
05-03-06 07:01 AM
Blow Out
Hey all! A new season of Blow Out to look forward too! We get to watch a hairdresser with the worlds biggest ego get ready for fatherhood! O
34 messages
05-07-06 08:32 AM
8th and Ocean
I didn't see anything started on this and the last episode is coming up. The only other show that has made me say OMG more in one episo
0 messages
05-08-06 09:17 AM
BYOC: Bring Your Own Cape. (Or: it's a bird, it's a plane, it's SuperDAW!)
Taken directly from my local paper, and for the record, TJ: yes, I hate you for being the one who made sure I'd find out about this. I may e
0 messages
05-09-06 05:15 PM
Jamie's School Lunch Project
[font color=teal]it's hard to believe some country is feeding their children *worse* than we are here in the states. it's even harder to
1 messages
05-10-06 01:04 AM
Celebrity Fit Club
I think they are starting to announce who'll be on the next season, which starts late July. I've heard Carnie Wilson, Tina Yothers%
2 messages
05-10-06 02:21 PM
Has anyone heard about the new show on FOX - UNA1MOUS? Sounds sooooo cool! Would love to know more!
67 messages
05-11-06 12:26 PM
Deal Or No Deal: Run II.
We now rejoin the world's slowest game show, which will hopefully one day be in progress.
49 messages
05-13-06 10:50 AM
Take Home Chef!
Just saw an ad on TLC for a show called Take Home Chef on tonight at 8... The chef is really cute, so I think I'll tune in before the Grey's Ana
uglier than sarah w
0 messages
05-15-06 03:27 PM
New Season of Celebrity Poker Showdown
It starts May 31st! Get ready, Fishercat.... From [b]Next stop: New Orleans. We're pulling up stakes
17 messages
05-21-06 06:35 AM
The American Inventor
I do not see anything about this show on here... I really like this show. I love the passion that comes out of people! Anyone else? Is
3 messages
05-23-06 04:01 AM
Salon Diaries
Did anyone watch "Salon Diaries" on Bravo? It's about Brandon (the stylist who got fired on the first season of 'Blow Out'). What di
3 messages
05-25-06 07:52 AM
Ultimate Coyote
Anyone else watch it? Was it obvious from the beginning who would win or was it just me?
0 messages
05-26-06 11:12 PM
"COMBAT MISSIONS" - Canceled Reality Show
[b]If anyone has information on where I can obtain a copy of the first season on DVD I would be more than willing to pay BIG money for it.[/b%
1 messages
05-29-06 03:01 PM
ANy Inked watchers here? I don't have a tatoo and probably never will at this rate but I get very interested in watching some of the stories behi
0 messages
05-29-06 08:35 PM
It Takes A Thief
Have any of you guys see that show "It takes a Thief" where they have this guy who used to be a thief (went to prison and all)and is now refor
4 messages
05-30-06 05:38 PM
Celebrity Poker Showdown New Orleans Table #1: 'Fold-ing! Call-ing! Rais-ing! Grat-ing!'
Unfortunately, the first subject we have to cover is the Phil-in. Shorn of the hat and sunglasses, Hellmuth looks like a man whose not-so-secret
2 messages
06-02-06 11:19 AM
the ultimate coyote ugly search
does anyone knows when there will be another marathon of this show because i missed the one that came on on wednesday, and i wanted to record it. th
0 messages
06-02-06 07:16 PM
One Ocean View
does anyone knows when this show will come on tv and at what time?? all i know it's going to be coming on abc. i had found this on th
2 messages
06-04-06 01:16 PM
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