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Making the Band 3
Does anyone watch this show? If so, what do you think about the girls on their, and Diddy's harsh, but very strict critique on them?
76 messages
07-08-06 11:00 PM
Summer 2006 Reality TV Show Episode Summaries
First, I want to say thanks to Estee for starting a couple of summary signup threads for [ s/DCForumID
17 messages
07-10-06 07:35 PM
Nanny 911 is casting its THIRD season!
ARE YOUR KIDS OUT OF CONTROL? GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK and contact NANNY 911! Nanny Deb, Nanny Stella and Nanny Y
0 messages
07-12-06 02:10 PM
Cheyenne on MTV
Anyone see this show on MTV yet ? It's about Cheyenne Kimball a spoiled 15 year old brat that can kind of sing and kind of play guitar. I'll adm
3 messages
07-19-06 08:07 PM
Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency
I didn't see anyone post about this so maybe I'm the sole viewer. It's hideous. I really thought I'd like it, but she is just a troll. Ho
13 messages
07-21-06 05:24 PM
Shalom in the Home is a weekly, one-hour prime-time program on The Learning Channel that helps families overcome their thorniest problems. The prog
0 messages
07-24-06 02:05 PM
The Messengers?
Has anyone heard about this show on TLC? Sounds like its going to be a mix between a self-help, inspirational show and a feel-good reality show. V
uglier than sarah w
1 messages
07-27-06 03:25 PM
My Fair Brady and Fine Fiance...
In my obsessive compulsive search for all things Brady, I came across a sneak peek of the premiere of My Fair Brady's Season 2. http://www.v
23 messages
07-28-06 09:43 AM
Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands on BBCA
I've been a huge fan of the Shipwrecked series in the past. I've seen the previous three versions and although the first thought for most is that
2 messages
07-28-06 03:36 PM
Tonight's Supernanny with Kathy and sister, Donna, was disturbing on many levels...
First of all when the mom, Kathy, said she didn't potty train her 3 1/2 year old because she "didn't have the time", I was dumbfounded
1 messages
08-03-06 10:32 AM
One Ocean View Summary - Episode #101
ABC’s “One Ocean View” is a new reality show from MTV's "The Real World" producers, Jonathan Murray and Joey Carson. The co-executive p
2 messages
08-03-06 06:32 PM
The One on ABC
Who's excited for THE ONE? It starts in a week from tomorrow and my roommate is going to be in the Top 11. I can't wait to see him on TV. I'm
24 messages
08-04-06 04:14 PM
Till Death Do Us Part
Or maybe the middle of next week. Whatever comes first. Carmen and Dave are no more. She just filed for divorce from him and I hear he%
0 messages
08-10-06 09:54 PM
One Ocean View Summary #2 Rocking The Boat
#2 Rocking the Boat What are the 11 houseguest looking for, new adventures or a summer fling? Mary, 24, founder of a designer ha
2 messages
08-13-06 05:25 PM
I Wanna Be A Soap Star
Is anyone else watching this reality series on SoapNet? I came across it last year (it was Season 2) by accident and took quite a liking to it.
3 messages
08-15-06 11:04 AM
30 Days
I looked four pages back in the archives & didn't see this discussed yet. Has anyone been watching Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days on FX?
5 messages
08-17-06 06:39 PM
Ourprisoner is the worlds first interactive internet reality show. Live 24/7 and free it is the ultimate in reality programming. A 35 year o
0 messages
08-18-06 11:21 AM
Kathy Griffin My Life On The D-List..Please Sign ist Please sign the petition to bring back Kathy Griffin My Life On The D-List for a 3rd
2 messages
08-20-06 07:29 PM
Work Out on Bravo....Anyone Watching It?
Work Out is another slick Bravo entry into Reality programming. It shows, among other things, how incestuous reality programming is. One of the
mocha madness
24 messages
08-24-06 10:59 PM
Meet the Barkers - Season 2
This show on MTV is very entertaining. They are showing the other band mates from Travis' band which they wouldn't do last season (rumor was the
15 messages
08-29-06 09:16 AM
Who Wants To Be A Superhero
Is anyone else watching this show that premired last night on the Sci-Fi Channel. It is my newest guilty pleasure. The basic premise of th
31 messages
08-31-06 10:31 PM
Anna Nicole Smith
Apparently her sone has died suddenly just a few days after she has given birth to her daughter. How sad. I can't imagine how horrible it must be
1 messages
09-11-06 09:15 AM
New miniseries after SATC
I subscribe to the GetHairapy guys blog (they are HILIARIOUS) btw and there is apparently a new mini-series beginning to air tonight after SATC ca
uglier than sarah w
8 messages
09-13-06 11:22 AM
whatever happened to The Swan
Did they cancel after the second season? I know I must be sick but I liked this show.. I guess it was wishful thinking :)
2 messages
09-18-06 03:33 PM
I know that I must be only one of 5 people who actually get Fox Reality, but I gotta say I really was impressed with the first episode of this show.
20 messages
09-21-06 09:24 PM
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