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Blow Out
It crept up on me. I didn't watch last season, and I listened to Poster Metrosexual Jonathan speak for a few minutes and thought I'd
48 messages
08-15-05 00:27 AM
NBC grants Summary Judgment against Law Firm
Looks like NBC has decided to hold David Kelly in contempt of court as they have pulled the plug on his pathetic foray into the world of reality tv.
shakes the clown
20 messages
08-15-05 01:22 PM
The Cut
Am I the only person left watching this show? Couldn't find anybody talking about last nights episode... I'm pretty ticked that Jeff
49 messages
08-15-05 02:56 PM
Brat Camp
Did anyone watch? DH wanted to see it, because he wants to do one of those wilderness things, where they teach you to survive, then leave you
53 messages
08-15-05 02:59 PM
Hilton Finale Tonight! Woohoo!
Anybody gonna watch the train wreck? Anyone care? Anyone even like Kathy Hilton after this show? Jackaay? Vanessa?? Jaret??? Y
24 messages
08-15-05 04:24 PM
NBC's Mr. Mom 8/2/05
Anybody watch last night? I thought it was kinda cute. The one dad's infatuation with the llama was funny -- guess he really missed the missus.%
6 messages
08-17-05 00:15 AM
Brat Camp 8/3
You know, it's a shame that they came up with such a bad cheesy name for this program because it is truly one of the better reality shows that has
21 messages
08-18-05 01:14 AM
Brat Camp 8/17
So we have some graduates this week. Did the counselors get it right? Who was went home who wasn't ready? Who had to stay that should have go
9 messages
08-20-05 12:49 PM
The Road to Stardom on UPN
Well if you are like me you'll be watching the show tonite. Glad to see that nic is gone now. I think everyone will mellow out and have fun. He shou
3 messages
08-20-05 01:22 PM
Official RTVW Battle of Network Reality Stars Ep. 1 Summary: The gathering of lost souls
The golden age of Tinseltown. Well, not Hollywood. Studio spots, like Burbank. But there’s tinsel-like stuff there. And by “golden age,” I
15 messages
08-22-05 11:47 PM
No new "The Cut" this week
For the 2 other people who watch this besides me, I was looking ahead on my Program Guide and found that there is no episode this week. Looks like
5 messages
08-23-05 00:08 AM
Is 'Princes of Malibu' ever coming back?
I know the mom and dad are getting divorced, but there were only 2 episodes. Surely they weren't filmed in real time?
3 messages
08-25-05 11:12 AM
I love watching this show on A&E, I watch it every sunday night Does anyone else watch this show and what do you think of it? Also does anyone k
3 messages
08-25-05 02:57 PM
Does your family have a TV-Worthy Christmas?
We're looking for families to film this Christmas as part of a documentary about how Americans celebrate the holidays, which will air on a major t
0 messages
08-26-05 11:31 AM
Boston area ElimiDate casting
Hi all- We got an e-mail about casting for ElimiDate in the Boston area. Normally I wouldn't post this kind of stuff, but I'm feeling kind
0 messages
08-26-05 07:39 PM
Brat Camp 8/24
I'm looking forward to seeing the finale tonight. Its the end of my favorite reality show of this Summer tied with Big Brother. So will they show al
13 messages
08-27-05 06:42 AM
Tommy Lee Goes To College
This starts tonight in 15 minutes and from the promos it looks like it will be hilarious! It may just be entertaining, though, and not lend itse
15 messages
08-31-05 01:09 AM
Kicked Out
ABC Family is going to start [i]Kicked Out[/i] tomorrow. They focus on a family with some sort of slacker kid, force that kid out of the h
3 messages
09-01-05 03:28 PM
Building the Dream - Finale WILL air on HGTV Canada
According to an e-mail I received from HGTV Canada: Thank you for contacting HGTV - viewer feedback is extremely important to us. W
0 messages
09-01-05 06:02 PM
American Princess on We
Is anyone watching American Princess on the We channel? The girls compete for a real British title and $50,000. I actually really like the show%
2 messages
09-01-05 06:44 PM
Being Bobby Brown Called Worst Reality Show Ever
So, is Estee doing the summaries? /review.television.brown.reut/index.html%
34 messages
09-01-05 06:48 PM
Celebrity Poker Showdown #6 Episode #3 East Coast Spoiler Thread.
Because the Big Brother people really needed someplace to go.
45 messages
09-01-05 09:52 PM
Who watched Jerri Hall's "KEPT"
Jerri Hall is looking for a kept man. There were plenty of potential candidates that would love to be "kept" by her. She's looking for a littl
70 messages
09-02-05 12:07 PM
whats the cable reality show (in vegas) where a woman cons men into falling in love?
I read it in but forgot to write down the name of the show...or the cable channel it was airing on (or maybe it hasn't even premeired yet?)
0 messages
09-02-05 02:28 PM
Breaking Bonaduce
Breaking Bonaduce is the name of a new reality show. An article about it in today's NY Times can be found here:
2 messages
09-05-05 10:22 AM
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