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Airline - March 8/04
Haven't really watched this show since the first couple of weeks, but I was killing myself last night watching the dorks running around the LA air
3 messages
03-12-04 02:27 PM
House of Dreams - ep March 8
Another one gone. The surprise this week was the 3rd red hat. And now instead of getting rid of the ones they dislike they are getting rid of the sy
5 messages
03-12-04 04:37 PM
Mad Mad House Discussion Has Moved to its Own Forum
Look left. We're between 'Love Cruise' and 'The Mole'. Thanks Webby!
0 messages
03-13-04 01:07 PM
Did anyone catch Carmen and Dave's wedding?
The finale of Til Death Do Us Part was on this week. Their wedding was so wonderful! Lots of sweet moments and funny moments too, but it really
8 messages
03-16-04 05:17 PM
I got to see Doug Wilson this weekend
I don't care what Bebo says-I.HEART.DOUG! The attitude and graying hair just do it for me, what can I say. He was at the Madison Hom
13 messages
03-16-04 07:56 PM
til death do us part episodes??? anyone ??
does anyone have the til death do us part episodes on tape? i didn't get to see a few of them, and was wondering if anyone would be willing to m
0 messages
03-17-04 02:53 PM
Tammy Faye Messner
has cancer cle.aspx?news=152998 Tammy Faye Messner Has Cancer Mar 19%
0 messages
03-21-04 02:24 PM
Possible High School Reunion 2 spoilers
I've gotten these mostly via email and can't vouch for their accuracy other than to say I've seen them in both emails and in postings on the The
4 messages
03-22-04 07:25 AM
Now Who's Boss - Canceled???
What happened to it? The first ep was good, but the second---not so good. But it seems to have disappeared off the air? Does TLC really have
1 messages
03-26-04 09:42 PM
Dream Job...
I haven't noticed any info about this posted anywhere so here's a link [ job/index|DreamJob].%
18 messages
03-30-04 09:43 AM
New UPN reality show - Awful Pretty????
Does anyone know about this show....or when casting call is, etc....I am very very very interested in being a part of this show, and would like an
0 messages
03-31-04 10:21 AM
Coming Soon: The Benefactor
Starring Mark Cuban. Mark Cuban gives away $1 million of HIS money on ABC. No rules. 30 people live in a house. goof around.
9 messages
04-02-04 05:45 PM
Combat Mission's Scott Helvenston killed in Fallujah
Okay, I can't imagine he was the favorite of any of the handful of people who actually watched this show, but it was still shocking news to see
3 messages
04-03-04 07:41 PM
Kelly Osbourne in Rehab
It is really looking like the sister who didn't want to be on TV had the right idea. %0
0 messages
04-03-04 07:46 PM
Reality Rules! ory&cid=597&e=1&u=/nm/20040405/tv_nm/television_littleton_dc [i%5
0 messages
04-05-04 03:17 AM
Trading Spaces Home Free
Anyone watch? Anyone vote? I voted against the Lavender team because the wife was such a witch. http://community.realitytvworld.
Devious Weasel
17 messages
04-06-04 06:56 PM
MTV casting for game show
MTV is looking for HIP COUPLES for their new hit game show called "Your Face or Mine". We are looking for couples that live in the Sou
18 messages
04-10-04 05:25 PM
Celebrity Poker
Anyone going to be watching? ds/User_files/3f414a577bdc1efa.gif
Devious Weasel
46 messages
04-12-04 11:46 PM
House of Dreams - ep March 15th
It is getting down to fewer players now. I wonder how they plan to get down to 2 players for the final. They said next week is the final Key Ceremon
21 messages
04-13-04 03:43 PM
Airline: Interesting but Hard to Take
I taped some "Airline" shows from A&E, and watched them in one long setting. This is a half hour reality show that is aired in one hour block
mocha madness
4 messages
04-13-04 07:38 PM
Queer Eye question
Okay, I tuned in to the very end of this week's episode (I think the straight guy was "Landon?") What exactly was happening? Where w
5 messages
04-15-04 01:54 PM
Superstar USA
WB has their own version of "American Idol", this time to find the worst singer in America. See link: (Story not on yet%
2 messages
04-16-04 07:45 AM
Fox announces "The Brotha"
Coming this summer to FOX, the leaders in reality television, is the new reality dating series "The Brotha". Andre is a 28-year-old
7 messages
04-16-04 11:50 AM
Trading Spaces Home Free - 4.11.04
Ok - sorry - had to start a new thread on this one. First off - so glad yellow won over lavender! yah! Secondly - fabric. Wh
2 messages
04-20-04 12:48 PM
Extreme Makeover Home Edition - Paige Hemmis
Did anyone see the episode a couple of weeks ago with quite possibly the hottest carpenter on television? Paige Hemmis the smokin' hot carpenter i
3 messages
04-23-04 10:23 PM
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