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Was anyone else watching the show "Endurance" on Saturday mornings? I thought it was great! Are they having a second season? Do you know
1 messages
08-20-03 03:59 PM
The Restaurant - ep Aug 17th
Rocco working the floor. Yes, but he was still working the female customers too. And the 3 chefs who lied and quit and then Rocco called them on t
6 messages
08-21-03 10:54 AM
Anyone familiar with this reality website/soon-to-be TV show, in which you can submit (for a fee) an idea for a TV show, in the categories o
3 messages
08-22-03 02:29 AM
Project Greenlight, Season 2
I wasn't sure if this could be classified as a "Reality Show" or a "Non-Reality TV Show," so I'm putting this here. Does anyo
12 messages
08-22-03 02:32 AM
The Resturant
I really can't believe this show. Every week I watch this show and wonder what the heck. Is Rocco really like this??? Is he really this coc
4 messages
08-22-03 10:40 AM
The Restaurant Rumors....
I've heard that a lot of the staff and storyline is made up. Supposedly the staff has lines they are suppose to say. I can't believe it. That re
2 messages
08-22-03 01:56 PM
The (Disgusting) Family
I saw this for only the third time tonight. I'd like to say that I'll never watch it again but unfortunately I'll probably be drawn to watch it
6 messages
08-22-03 05:17 PM
Boy meets Queer Eye
When Reality shows collide!!!! I've read, that James (BMB) and Jai (QE4SG), have been hitting the scene in LA LA land
6 messages
08-25-03 12:39 PM
Help Please!
Hey, I was wondering if any of you out there could help me wit hta project that I am working on. 1) I am trying ot track dow
1 messages
08-25-03 05:21 PM
Restaurant info please
We are planning a trip to go eat at the Restaurant. Has anyone eaten there and where is a nice place to stay in the city. We are from out of town.
2 messages
08-25-03 04:57 PM
Race for the Altar
Watched this last night (yep I have no life on Wed). Twasn't bad, twasn't good. May get interesting as some of the couples don't see to
21 messages
08-26-03 07:25 AM
Official Queer Eye Episode 7 Summary
Ah, yet another hour squandered watching the Fab 5 try to transform a normal man into a kinder, gentler guy. The plus for this episode is that th
2 messages
08-26-03 03:07 PM
Last night on The Restaurant.....
Did anyone watch last night's show? It seemed like everyone got along at the beach party. There was a lot of flirting going on too. Those 4 lad
10 messages
08-27-03 04:59 PM
"The Family" - August 27th Episode
Okay, I'm not sure when this airs on the West Coast so if you have not seen tonight's episode, this post contains info on the show. Hopefully
7 messages
08-30-03 06:09 PM
Fashion Violation on Queer Eye
[b]New York Daily News Story[/b] [ p-100172c.html|PA sees red on 'Quee
2 messages
09-02-03 11:35 AM
Official Queer Eye Episode 9 Summary
For those of you who read the review of Episode 6, may recall Manhattan Andrew (who posted my review for me) pointing out that Episode 104 was m
0 messages
09-04-03 06:35 PM
'Queer Eye' Pete Best e.aspx?news=133112 [i][b]'Queer Eye' Taken to Court[/b] Sep 5%
4 messages
09-08-03 06:31 PM
The Family - Episode 9/3
I don't want to spoil this for anyone who doesn't get the East coast feed, so I am putting in some filler. Filler, filler, filler, fille
25 messages
09-08-03 11:21 PM
Family fans: vote who'll be put back in the game!
Let's see who knows the "Family" the best:) Vote on who you think they'll put back in the game and why:) I'll start: Although
7 messages
09-09-03 10:09 AM
NBC Leaving "Race" at the Altar...
Has a show ever been left for dead this much? They move it from a pretty decent Wednesday at 7 (Central) slot to the dead zone of Saturday at 9
Draco Malfoy
8 messages
09-10-03 08:04 AM
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy _Straight_Guy/ This premiers tonight on Bravo. I've heard several radio spots for it%2
77 messages
09-11-03 01:34 AM
Newlyweds is great laughs!!!
I love this show. it is hilarious from start to finish. jessica is very funny and her expressions further make one laugh. Nick is the responsible%2
1 messages
09-11-03 02:54 PM
The Family
Any fans out there? I just LOVE this show! It's soooo funny to see them yell at each other... but the thing that cracked me up more is their f
8 messages
09-11-03 04:42 PM
Stacey The Fetish Model... Over 18 Only
Stacey The Fetish Model has 3 XXX videos over at a site called Shot At Home I had to get right up to the TV as I could not believe my eyes
0 messages
09-12-03 08:17 AM
Reality of Reality on Bravo
Am enjoying this series enough to switch back and forth from BB and Pair-a-dice Motel to catch it. Episodes have focused on the instant stars created
2 messages
09-12-03 05:41 PM
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