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MTV NEW SERIES CASTING We’re searching the Southern California Area for… PARENTS who want to play cupid for their SONS
1 messages
06-10-05 11:44 PM
Official RTVW Summary: The Scholar Ep. 1 - "Tomorrow Is Another Stupid Test"
[i]Note: Due to budget cuts, the following summary is only available on a 1971 Bell and Howell flimstrip machine, and the soundtrack is on a
Cygnus X1
9 messages
06-13-05 02:59 AM
Hit Me Baby One More Time Epi. 2
Here is my summary of episode #2 of Hit me Baby One More Time. Feel free to comment on the show. We are back for this week’s edition of
6 messages
06-15-05 01:01 PM
Watch "SINGLE IN THE CITY: Atlanta"
I don't know why they don't cover it here. It's a great show that premiered last week on the WE Channel (Women's Entertainment Network) a
1 messages
06-16-05 09:07 AM
Drawn Together
This may not technically qualify as a reality show but it does have parady cartoon characters living in a house together, ala Surreal World. Totally
3 messages
06-16-05 12:51 PM
My fabulous gay wedding
Has anyone else seen it? It's very cool. I've seen 3 episodes so far and it plays on Global Wednesday nights at 10pm. The premise
5 messages
06-16-05 04:10 PM
Did anyone catch "30 Days"?
Did anyone besides me watch 30 days lst night on F/X? It really made me appreciate what I have and what I take for granted like Subway and having
4 messages
06-16-05 04:32 PM
The Next Food Network Star Episode 3 Discussion; 06-12-05
They have to make pizza. Let's see how this thing pans out.
15 messages
06-16-05 09:56 PM
New Hell's Kitchen and Dancing with the Stars forums
I've spun both of these shows off into their own forums, thanks. Dancing with the Stars: http://community.realitytvw
4 messages
06-17-05 01:20 AM
Cheaters on UPN/FOX
Anyone seen this show? Cheaters is on UPN on Sunday nights where I live. I have read that it is on FOX at odd times in some markets. Any
14 messages
06-18-05 08:15 AM
Hit Me Baby One More Time Epi. 3 "Return of the Two Hit Wonders" summary
We are back once again for “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” Tonight’s theme “Two Hit Wonders.” Vernon Kay, sounding more Scottish this week,
7 messages
06-18-05 06:06 PM
What does Real World, Kept and Model Search have in common?
I found this pic and was wondering if anyone could come up with the common link? Landon and Eric (Real World), Kevin (Model Searc
18 messages
06-20-05 03:58 PM
Official RTVW Summary: The Scholar Ep. 2
[center][h3][font color=blue]Official RTVW Summary: The Scholar Episode 2 “We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do! We’ve Got Rat
Cygnus X1
2 messages
06-20-05 04:13 PM
Celebrity Charades: A Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe Production gets a +
Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe have gathered Oksana Baiul, Jill Clayburgh, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Isaac Mizrahi (have you learned how to pronoun
4 messages
06-21-05 10:43 PM
The Writers's Guild Of America would like its reality show cut. Now.
'Unscripted' and 'properly edited' just got a lot closer together... Interesting article at
1 messages
06-22-05 06:16 PM
Property Ladder Marathon -Thursday, TLC
Ok, the 'marathon' only consists of the **4** shows that they filmed. And I am probably the only person that finds this show entertaini
0 messages
06-23-05 06:37 PM
The Cut
Did anyone watch? It was really an Apprentice rip-off. With the famous last line "You are out of style".
44 messages
06-24-05 02:04 PM
The Food Networks Next Star Episode 4 Discussion
What did you guys think? The show just keeps getting better and Paula was priceless. Who will you be voting for? http://community
19 messages
06-26-05 03:32 PM
What would it take to make Extreme Makeover Big Again?
Hello, This is my first time posting a message on this forum. I am doing a communications plan for a PR course at the University of Cal
2 messages
06-27-05 04:27 PM
Next Food Network Star finale discussion
Well, as I listen to Rachael Ray brak brak brak with the finalists, I also shake my head at how ill-prepared Food Network was to handle the voting
33 messages
06-27-05 09:53 PM
Hit Me Baby One More Time summary Epi 4
Welcome to this week’s edition of “Hit Me baby One More Time”. Tonight’s theme—“So that’s who sang that song?” Vernon Kay is again o
9 messages
06-29-05 09:57 PM
I want to be a Hilton episode 2 discussion
This show is cracking me up! Let's chat about it. ds/User_files/
26 messages
06-30-05 08:37 AM
Official RTVW Summary: The Scholar Ep. 3
[center][h3][font color=blue]Official RTVW Summary: The Scholar Episode 3 “The Road to Harvard Goes Through Djibouti“[/c
9 messages
06-30-05 01:17 PM
Oh well, there goes the Neighborhood
[i](AP) -- ABC's extraordinary cancellation of "Welcome to the Neighborhood" less than two weeks before its premiere proves that reality
1 messages
07-04-05 06:05 PM
The Cut: June 30 episode
Spoiler (like so many of you are watching anyway): %
10 messages
07-05-05 02:19 PM
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