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WB Superstar
Does anyone have a dvd copy, vhs copy, a torrent, or anything of the entire first (and only ) season of WB Superstar. Maybe the best realit
1 messages
12-15-05 06:22 PM
Hogan Knows Best
What does everyone think of Hogan Knows Best? The show about Hulk Hogan bringing up his kids. A bit of cash in on the Osbournes format of celebrit
1 messages
12-18-05 11:50 AM
Deal -- or no deal?
Watch Howie Mandel trying not to give away a million dollars -- or do anything else? Supposedly this is a hit in other nations, and NBC
78 messages
12-27-05 08:44 AM
Growing Up Gotti-- Season II
I just heard a radio ad for the second season of Growing up Gotti. Who watches this show? This has to be the oddest show that has ever been renewed
15 messages
01-02-06 10:20 AM
Jack Osborne: Addrennaline
I guess he's getting a show on the travel channel. From what I read on info. was that he was going to climb a mountain and then he cried and his fri
3 messages
01-07-06 10:11 AM
Gay Weddings on Bravo TV Party/Party JAN 17
How kewl is it that Bravo TV's Party/Party series is airing a special episode of two gay weddings? I have seen footage of the show and WOW. It i
1 messages
01-10-06 12:09 PM
Joe Rogan abuses yet another contestant!
How dare he torture Shanti like that! Asking about how many states there were, who former presidents had been -- the next thing you know, he wo
3 messages
01-14-06 02:43 PM
I have recently been watching "Next" on MTV
It is an interesting concept. For example, a guy has a chance to "date" 5 women, 1 at a time, as soon as a woman does or says something that
6 messages
01-14-06 07:28 PM
I tivo'd this show on Monday night and watched it last night. I'm posting to say, this show has shattered my NY resolution not to get sucked in
8 messages
01-18-06 02:04 PM
Survivorman is a new show on the Discovery channel on Wednesday nights. One man, all alone, no camera crew, no food, no water, no fire. He
10 messages
01-22-06 08:30 AM
Reality show crossover needed.
[b]Flavor of love[/b] and [b]Hell's Kitchen[/b]. No matter what it takes, we have to get Hottie in front of Gordon.
3 messages
01-23-06 05:10 PM
Extreme Makeover Home Edition 1/22
Did anyone see tonight's show about the Hebert family? It was in Sandpoint, Idaho, which is a hop, skip and a jump from Spokane, where I l
5 messages
01-23-06 01:12 PM
King of Vegas
Anyone catch this last night? I only saw the last half. Looks like an elimination-type reality show where each week the [s]DAWs[/s] cont
3 messages
01-28-06 06:28 AM
Where areyouareyouareyou? LOST! on Fox Reality
It looks like [link:|Fox Reality] has started showing reruns of the 2001 NBC reality game show
11 messages
01-30-06 09:46 AM
Intervention on A & E
Anyone else seen the show Intervention on A & E - 10PM Sundays ? They feature real life drug addicts, alcoholics, compulsive gamble
11 messages
01-31-06 01:44 PM
Fear Factor West Coast Warning Thread.
David Daskal is one of the contestants.
0 messages
02-07-06 08:45 PM
Cowboy U: Oklahoma
In an effort to bring attention to another obscure but entertaining reality show, [font color=blue]Cowboy U: Oklahoma [/font]just star
9 messages
02-09-06 05:15 PM
Jonathan Goes Apeshit On Joe Rogan
Jonathan Goes Apeshit On Joe Rogan Finally!!! After months of rumours and innuendoes without details, we get to see the scuffle be
1 messages
02-10-06 10:30 PM
The Next Food Network Star
Has anybody else seen the commercials for this? I think it seems like kind of an OK idea...I think I might try watching it. Hopefully the debut of R
Das Mole
6 messages
02-21-06 03:48 PM
hey there...anyone seen any new reality show??...
hey there...anyone seen any new reality show??...I've heard UFC have a new reality show and its the ultimate fighter?.....seen the show?...i
76 messages
02-23-06 01:21 AM
New reality show, kennyvsspenny
I love this show. Anyone had a chance to see it? Kenny Hotz is such an evil cheat you gotta love 'em. You can check out the pilot episode at ifilm
2 messages
02-25-06 01:30 AM
Pros vs. Joes
Spike TV is at it again! This will premiere on March 6, I believe. It will pit trash-talking joes vs. mostly ex-pros in sporting events. Some n
2 messages
02-25-06 10:59 PM
Gastineau Girls on E!
Anyone see this show? Couldn't help but watching the first episode. (Her daughter's a knockout!) It's on Tuesdays at 10, but the reru
12 messages
02-26-06 08:22 AM
Dr. 90210
New season of Dr. 90210 airs Mondays at 10 pm on E. I just watched some clips on their site and I can't believe the things they can show! eonlin
2 messages
02-27-06 03:03 AM
Celebrity Fit Club #3
The nervous breakdown train is leaving the station and Conway bought the only ticket. Even without the tell-almost-all previews that VH1 insists on l
39 messages
02-28-06 04:05 PM
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